[Below: Asians made to wear traditional dress at the Parisian World Fair. In 1931 it was so popular it drew 34 million people that year!]

[Below: A 'Negro village' exhibition ran by PT Barnum. One of Barnum's star attractions was Joice Heth, an enslaved African who was blind and almost completely paralyzed. Barnum lied to visitors, telling them that she was a 160-year-old nurse of President George Washington!]

[Below: Members of the Selk'Nam tribe on display somewhere in Europe.]

[Below: A 'Negro village' in France entitled 'The World Fair'. It showcased nude or semi-nude black women and children in cages.]

[Below: A mother and child kept behind a tall fence in France.]

[Below: European women being carried in hammocks by natives in Ouidah, Benin (French Dahomey).]

[Below: An Indian man serves as a horse in British colonial India. In the 20th century Winston Churchill instituted an artificial famine which killed millions of Indians.]

[Below: A shameful display of arrogance and laziness.]

[Below: Lazy missionaries who had come to enslave the people with a foreign religion.]

[Below: What hubris. Pathetic and foolish.]