[Above: 'Germania auf der Wacht am Rhein' by Lorenz Clasen, 1860]

[Below: This Austro-Hungarian Empire poster announces the seventh war bond drive.]

[Below: This shows the image above except utilized to show a National Socialist knight slaying the Jewish beast.]

[Below: This postcard shows the Treaty of Versailles being ripped in half.]

[Below: This picture shows a Valkyrie from a Wagnerian opera.]

[Below: Freya from a Wagnerian opera.]

[Below: Die Gartenlaube, 1879.]

[Below: A beautiful German bank note from 1920.]

[Below: A beautiful German bank note from 1906. Front.]

[Below: Back.]

[Below: 1 Krone from Moravia (Austro-Hungarian Monarchy), 1914.]

[Below: 5 Gulden from the Austrian Empire, 1859.]