[Above: A young Heinrich and Margarete with their family]

[Above: Heinrich and Margarete with Gudrun]

[Above: Heinrich and Margarete with daughter]

[Above: An early photo of Himmler in a suit, smoking a cigar! Tobbaco was later frowned upon in the SS and the Third Reich in general.]

[Above: The Himmler family]

[Above: Studio portrait of Gudrun Himmler from 1929]

[Above: Gudrun Himmler, the Queen of Cute]

[Above: Gudrun Himmler, the Queen of Cute]

[Above: Margarete with Gudrun and Gerhard Himmler]

[Above: Heinrich and Margarete and baby Gudrun being held in the background]

[Above: Heinrich, Margarete and Gudrun. Courtesy of the Bundesarchiv.]

[Above: Heinrich, Margarete and Gudrun collect wild flowers]

[Above: Heinrich and Gudren at Dachau, 1938. In the far right stands SS-Obergruppenführer Karl Wolff.]

[Above: Gudrun clutches her father, who stands in full SS regalia]

[Above: Heinrich and Margarete at breakfast, Schweinfurt, Germany, Spring 1934]

[Above: Margarete and Gudrun]

[Above: Heinrich and Margarete. Their love endured death.]

[Above: Heinrich Himmler during a lighter moment]

[Above: Margarete and Gudrun after their arrest at Bolzano, South Tyrol, Italy]

[Above: Margarete and Gudrun in an Allied detention camp near Rome, 1945. Is that the best picture the Allied thugs could take? With Margarete's eyes closed? Often the enemy likes to release photos that make people look awkward, such as with their mouths open in the middle of talking.]

[Above: Close-up]

[Above: Margarete (center) and Gudrun (right) with an unknown woman.]

[Above: Gudrun, many years later.]

[Above: Gudrun aged 81.]


[Above: Heinrich Himmler and his secretary Hedwig Potthast]

[Above: Hedwig Potthast, circa 1933. Courtesy of the Bundesarchiv.]

[Above: Hedwig Potthast]

[Above: This picture is so cool I had to throw it on -- Himmler is seen here inspecting an SS-Totenkopf drum! This is Untersturmführer Kurt Franke from the SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 6 'Theodor Eicke'.]