[Below: A German soldier proudly shows off his 'girlfriend'.]

[Below: Two Wehrmacht soldiers examine some amateur nudes.]

[Below: German soldiers take in the local sights at a French cabaret.]

[Below: Here is a German soldier's brass photo case from WWI featuring a series of French nudes. It is about an 1" tall x 1/2" wide.]

[Below: It opens with a little latch to reveal a fan of photos. 'Pose Plastique' is French for 'flexible pose' and is defined as 'A type of tableau vivant, usually featuring near-naked women.' Further, 'tableau vivanta' is defined as 'a silent and motionless group of people arranged to represent a scene or incident.']

[Below: Hmm... reminds me of the Japanese movie 'Ringu'!]

[Below: They've airbrushed out her 'offending parts'!]

[Below: How things have changed in 100 years... pornography has practically become an anatomy lesson in today's age.]