[Below: This says 'Don't leave us in the lurch'. I like this postcard a lot. It is as true today as it was then. We must always remember our POWs - like Matt Hale (if you don't know who he is, look him up. If you read his trial transcript you will be appalled at the injustice done to this man. His imprisonment shows there is no justice for those who don't toe the line.)]

[Below: 'German Dawn', Austria, 1931.]

[Below: The sale of this postcard was used to aid National Socialist prisoners and those injured during street battles with communists.]

[Below: 'Schaffendes Deutschland Schmiede die Freiheit! = 'Germany Creating the Forge of Freedom'.]

[Below: This poster is for a used clothing/textiles drive in 1942.]

[Below: This poster, released by the SS, states that a military victory is also a victory for the children.]

[Below: 'Pst'... the enemy is listening!]

[Below: This postcard celebrates the 1936 Landau summer festival]

[Below: This is the cover of a 1938 calendar.]

[Below: 'Junges Paar in BdM u. HJ Uniformen' by Werner Peiner (July 20, 1897 – August 19, 1984), 1944.]

[Below: A racial chart showing typical examples. The top row shows the Nordische Rasse (Nordic race), the middle row shows the Fälische type, which is a variety of the Nordic race and the last row shows the Westische Rasse, which is a mediterranean variety.]