*Signed 'Arno Breker' art book from the 1970s/1980s (in German and French).
It is interesting that this book was presented to Dr. Fritz Hellwig (August 3, 1912 - July 22, 2017), a German politician and European commissioner.
He was also a member of the NSDAP, SA and possibly the SS.
He even served in the Wehrmacht from 1943 and onward.
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[Below: This is called 'The Judgment of Paris'.]

[Below: This is from 1944 and is called 'Du und Ich'.]

[Below: This is from 1938 and is called 'Herault'.]

[Below: This is from 1939-1940 and is called 'Adler'.]

[Below: This is neat -- the handprint of the master himself.]