• Below are a variety of pictures that we've either collected over many years or people have contributed to the archive. There is a wide mix of quality and picture size, some higher resolution and some poor, but we decided to keep all of them regardless. It's my belief that every picture has worth, regardless of the quality each one tells an invaluable story. Like all of the pictures in this section, they are believed to be public domain, which all history should rightfully be. If you have pictures not found here, or better quality copies, PLEASE send them our way and we'll put them here. This site is an archive for all of us to use, and is only as good as all of us make it. So please contribute!

    [Above: This little girl is sitting on a marker on the side of the road outside Adolf Hitler's home in Obersalzberg in the Bavarian Alps near Berchtesgaden, Bavaria, Germany. This home was referred to as the Berghof.]

    [Above: Another girl at the same spot as that above.]

    [Above: This is a postcard showing BDM (Bund Deutscher Mädel, or League of German Girls) girls meeting Adolf Hitler.]

    [Above: Different postcard of the same image with a wider view.]

    [Above: Adolf Hitler shakes the hand of a boy while a little girl stands by with a bouquet of roses. In the background are Hermann Göring and Joseph Goebbels.]

    [Above: A few seconds later from the above photo.]

    [Above: A great early 1930s picture. I wonder what they are looking at?]

    [Above: Flowers for the Führer.]

    [Above: Same set as above.]

    [Above: More from the set above.]

    [Above: A nun gets an autograph.]

    [Above: Four brothers meet the Führer.]

    [Above: At the Berghof.]

    [Above: Adolf Hitler with a fan.]

    [Above: 'Unerwartete Begegnung' = 'Unexpected Encounter'.]

    [Above: The priceless look in a child's eyes as they are handed into that of the divine!]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: Same girl as above.]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: A really cool shot.]

    [Above & below: ...]

    [Above: Adolf Hitler with an athlete at the Olympics. She holds an oak sapling, given to the athletes as gifts from Germany. To the left are Hermann Göring and Albert Speer.]

    [Above: Another shot of Adolf Hitler during the Olympics.]

    [Above: A beautiful autographed picture.]

    [Above: 'Der Führer bei der Jugend' = 'The Leader of the Youth'.]

    [Above: Adolf Hitler with a Hitler Youth boy and BDM girls. Why is he pointing at the camera?]

    [Above: Here is a donation stamp using the above photo]

    [Above: Another beautiful picture of Adolf Hitler. I love the look on his face!]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: A great shot of the Führer squeezing the cheeks of an admirer.]

    [Above: Our future -- and I guess that could mean both the infant and Adolf Hitler!]

    [Above: The Führer and a little guest in his mountain home in the Alps.]

    [Above: Adolf Hitler leans over to his new friend while BDM girls look on with smiles.]

    [Above: These photos show without a shadow of a doubt Adolf Hitler's sincere love and respect for children.]

    [Above: An early picture showing a young National Socialist gripping the hand of her savior.]

    [Above: The Führer signing autographs for Hitler Youth boys and BDM girls.]

    [Above: A little girl presents Adolf Hitler with roses.]

    [Above: Not just another face in the crowd.]

    [Above: A beautiful Christmas picture. I wish I could see what picture he's looking at.]

    [Above: A variation of the above Christmas photo.]

    [Above: The coldest heart would warm to this shot of the Führer grasping the hand of a little boy.]

    [Above: Wow, another of my favorites! I love this photo, the look on the little girl's face in the front/left is pricelessly cute!]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: Another great shot and a great example of Adolf Hitler's signature.]

    [Above: Same girl as above.]

    [Above: A boy leans over a crowd of girls to grasp the hand of Adolf Hitler!]

    [Above: Adolf Hitler and a little fan in the rain.]

    [Above: A superb photo, one of my all-time favorites.]

    [Above: A variation of the above.]

    [Above: Girls in traditional dress reach toward the Light.]

    [Above: A BDM girl, in her cute BDM issue beret, leans forward and presents Adolf Hitler with a gift.]

    [Above: Showered in flowers and smiles.]

    [Above: 1/5.]

    [Above: 2/5.]

    [Above: 3/5.]

    [Above: 4/5.]

    [Above: 5/5.]

    [Above: This heavily colorized photo is from a period book. Rudolf Hess is behind his friend, Adolf Hitler.]

    [Above: Here is another shot of the same girl.]

    [Above: Wow, what a story to tell her friends!]

    [Above: This is a classic widely circulated photo. It was used in many books of the period and was a popular postcard. This particular example is from the period book 'Adolf Hitler'. It reads 'Immer wieder sicht man den Führer auf von Kindern umbegen. Rechts Baldur von Schirach' (Again and again one sees the Führer around children. Right Baldur von Schirach).]

    [Above: Apparently Adolf Hitler was told that a little girl in the crowd had the same birthday as him, so he had her and her mother invited to the Berghof! The lucky girl is Bernile Nienau. Afterwards she was always welcome at Adolf Hitler's mountain home in the Alps.]

    [Above: A colorized photo of Adolf Hitler and Bernile.]

    [Above: Adolf Hitler and Bernile go for a walk.]

    [Above: Bernile Nienau.]

    [Above: Adolf Hitler and his beloved Bernile Nienau.]

    [Above: Adolf Hitler and his beloved Bernile Nienau.]

    [Above: Bernile Nienau hugs Adolf Hitler. The caption reads 'Thanks for the birthday invitation'.]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: This is from the period book 'Adolf Hitler' with the caption 'Hier, mein Führer, ist mein Enkelkind' (Here, my Führer, is my grandchild).]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: Wider shot.]

    [Above: Vertical shot.]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: This is from the period book 'Adolf Hitler' with the caption 'Begegnung am Obersalzberg' (Meeting at the Obersalzberg).]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: Adolf Hitler with BDM girl.]

    [Above: Adolf Hitler with BDM girls.]

    [Above: Adolf Hitler with BDM girls and a Hitler Youth boy.]

    [Above: Adolf Hitler and a young fan.]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: This postcard is titled: 'Obersalzberg: Der große Kinderfreund!' ='Obersalzberg: The great friend of children!']

    [Above: Martin Bormann is standing next to the child.]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: Close-up.]

    [Above: Adolf Hitler and child in front of the Berghof.]

    [Above: A wider view.]

    [Above: A version with an inscription.]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: This is from the period book 'Adolf Hitler' with the caption 'Kinderhände' (Children's hands).]

    [Above: This picture was labeled 'Hitler's nieces', but I can't verify if it's right.]

    [Above: Enlargement of partial photo.]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: A few seconds later.]

    [Above: Probably the same as the two above.]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: This is from the period book 'Adolf Hitler' with the caption 'Sie sagt ihr Gedichtchen. Der Führer auf einem seiner Wahlfeldzüge im Jahre 1932' (She reads her poem. The Leader on one of his election campaigns in 1932).]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: ...]