[Above: 1938 pattern belt buckle. It is made from molded zinc.]

[Above: Ilse Schulz, April 1943]

[Above: Two nurses decorated with Iron Cross 2nd class medals (they are wearing the ribbons for the medal). Note the girl on the left has an Afrika Korps cuff band --'Korp' is visible.]

[Above & below: Note that this woman wears a Wound Badge and has the ribbons for an Iron Cross 2nd Cross and Eastern Front Medal.]

[Above: Somewhere on the Eastern Front, 1941.]

[Above: Wounded soldiers fight boredom with a bit of needlework.]

[Above: Red Cross nurses hand out hot drinks to passing soldiers in a Wehrmacht sorting station in Poland, September 1939.]

[Above: Geolinde Münch and Hanni Weber, both recipients of the Iron Cross 2nd Class.]

[Above: Adolf Hitler visiting the wounded on a train.]

[Above: Joseph Goebbels visiting the wounded.]

[Above: A graphic photo of a soldier who has lost his arm...]

[Above: A Red Cross ambulance shot to pieces by Soviet troops near the Dnieper River, 1941.]

[Above: Red Cross sisters in Greece.]

[Above: A Polish criminal in the Hannover-Ahlem concentration camp receives medicine from a German Red Cross worker.]

[Above: Auxiliary nurses tending the wounded in front of the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, 1945.]