[Above: A rain of swastikas falls during a rally]

[Above: This is taken from the period book 'Adolf Hitler'. The caption reads 'Seine Strassen führen Adolf Hitler zum Volk' (His streets lead Adolf Hitler to the people).]

[Above: Circa 1938]

[Above: During the Austrian Anschluss]

[Above: Close-up of the above]

[Above: Ecstatic joy]

[Above: A young girl pins flowers on a soldier's coat during the Austrian Anschluss]

[Above: Girls in traditional dress during the Austrian Anschluss]

[Above: Women on the march during the Austrian Anschluss]

[Above: Joseph Goebbels receives love from young fans.]

[Above: Adolf Hitler speaking at Bueckeberg, 1935. One million people attended the Harvest Festival for a chance to see and hear Adolf Hitler.]

[Above: Bad Harzburg, Germany, October 1931.]

[Above: Girls dance around the May Pole during a May Day festival.]

[Above: A magazine showing a Strength Through Joy (KdF) festival.]

[Above: A page within.]

[Above: Hermann Göring giving portraits of Adolf Hitler at a prewar charity ball.]

[Above: Young girls from Saar make garlands to decorate streets for Adolf Hitler's visit on March 1, 1935.]

[Above: Women in traditional dress.]

[Above: The mother of all rallies! Magical. Beautiful beyond words.]

[Above: Nuremberg. Note the sign: The Jews are our misfortune/bad luck!]

[Above: Hamburg, 1933. This is so awesome.]

[Above: This amazing torchlit procession was captured with a slow shutter.]

[Above: Some very cool, rare flags. Look at the skull in the middle of the swastika on the closest flag! The other flag is a swastika in the middle of a life preserver and an anchor behind it all (the flag is upside down).]

[Above: An early NSDAP indoor event - notice the high amount of women attending.]

[Above: These German women and children are carrying the flag of the Sudeten German Party. Within this political group were sub-groups, like a gymnastics group, which the card below involves.]

[Above: This is a festival indentification card for a 1933 Stuttgart gymnastics festival. Note the Sudeten German Party symbol on the flag.]