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[Below: National Socialist Racing Car Auto Union, founded in 1932, was an amalgamation of four German automobile manufacturers.]

[Below: National Socialist auto show.]

[Below: NSFK men adorn the side of a racing vehicle.]

[Below: Another view of the above.]

[Below: Bernd Rosemeyer 'The fastest of his generation'.]

[Below: Bernd Rosemeyer.]

[Below: Bernd Rosemeyer.]

[Below: Bernd Rosemeyer.]

[Below: Bernd Rosemeyer and Adolf Hühnlein. Adolf Hühnlein was Korpsführer (Corps Leader) of the National Socialist Motor Corps (NSKK) from 1931 until his tragic death in 1942. ]

[Below: This car was an aerodynamic beast! Like everything in National Socialist Germany, it was years ahead of its time.]

[Below: Rosemeyer's competitor car]

[Below: Wow, this is awesome. It's the W125 Rekordwagen with the DAB V-12 engine.]

[Below: 1994. The magical time so faded now. Nonetheless idiots gather to gasp at the beautiful past. This is a 1937 auto union v16 type c streamliner.]

[Below: And this, well... this is just because it's cool.]