*See below!

[Below: Inside. Meet Ludmilla Göttel, who was 19 years old when this book was issued. She is from Landstuhl Kaiserslautern (Landstuhl is a town in the Kaiserslautern district of Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany). She worked in Büchelberg (a municipality in the district of Passau in Bavaria), which is a little over 60 miles from her home. She also worked in Kalteck (Lower Bavaria).]

[Below: Here is a paper that was folded inside the book. At the top, typed up, it says:

'Die RAD Kleidung ist gegen Bestätigung auf diesem Schein bei der nächsten Dienst stelle im Heiamtort auzugeben.'

(The RAD clothing is to be handed over upon receipt of the certificate at the nearest service station in the town..)

Below this we learn what this certificate is:


(Reich Labor Service Discharge Certificate)

We learn that our girl, Ludmilla, was a 'RAD Flakwaffenhelferin', or a Flak Helper (Anti-aircraft weapon helper).

'Durch Angriff auf Nürnberg'

Which basically says 'Through Attack of Nuremberg'

She saw the war until the bitter end. On April 15, 1945 she was discharged in Regensburg (a city in eastern Bavaria).]

[Below: The back of the discharge paper show a variety of dates and stamps, including those as late as June 1945, made by the occupiers after the war.]

[Below: Here's a postcard of our girl. This is the same photo as on her ID from her workbook.]