*See below!

Below is the 1933 pattern dagger for S.A. Sturmmann thence N.S.K.K. Sturmmann Arthur Graueleg, for S.A. Gruppe Hansa (Ha stamped on rear of dagger crossguard).

Together with a pair of S.A. Gruppe Hansa musicians 'swallow's wings' which tantalizingly are either his or a family member's and were actually used by Ron Volstad to illustrate the Hansa S.A. Spielmann for the publication 'The S.A. 1921-45: Hitler's Stormtroopers'.

[Below: The 'swallow's wings' are the yellow striped devices seen on the shoulder of our SA man drawn below.]

[Below: Here we see the original 'swallow's wings' at the very top. We also see an N.S.K.K. dagger (with sheath and hanger) and the SA Ausweis opened.]

From research, Arthur probably transferred into the N.S.K.K. on secondment, thence re-transferred back into the S.A. whence this additional Ausweis was issued in 1938. His issue S.A. dagger has been painted black for the NSKK over the existing S.A. brown in accordance with the May 19th 1936 edict. It is one of the early S.A. types with the nickel silver fittings, but not a Roehm Honor type, which fully accords with his Ausweis details.

[Below: The SA Ausweis. At the bottom it says:
'Inhaber dieses Ausweises ist Angehöriger der SA. Alle Parteis und SA.=Dienststellen und sämtliche Behörden des Reiches, der Länder und Gemeinden werden ersucht ihm nötigensalls Schutz und Hilfe zu gewähren.

Der Chef des Stabes:

(The holder of this card is a member of the SA. All party and SA offices and all authorities of the Reich, the states and municipalities are requested to provide him with all necessary protection and assistance.

The Chief of Staff:

[Below: The SA Ausweis open.]

[Below: Close-up of the SA tax stamp.]

[Below: SA Ausweis reverse.]

Like all Ausweis they always only tell bits of a Sturmmann's story. This, for example, is a reissued Ausweis, nonetheless we can clearly see his Gruppe Hansa insignia and summary of his awards etc. The more eagle-eyed of you reading this will have noticed Arthur's repair to the lower grip of his dagger.]

[Below: Pretty cool, eh?]