[Below: Adolf Hitler opening the Museum of German Art.]

[Below: Adolf Hitler and Gerdy Troost before a sculpture by Josef Thorak (February 7, 1889 - February 26, 1952). With Arno Breker, Thorak was one of the most beloved sculptors of the Third Reich.]

[Below: Adolf Hitler and Gerdy Troost in front of the House of German Art, May 1937. Joseph Goebbels is standing to the far right. Courtesy of the Bundesarchiv.]

[Below: Adolf Hitler and Gerdy Troost in the House of German Art.]

  • The following photos are from the 1939 German Art Exhibition.

    [Below: Gerdy can be partially seen behind Adolf Hitler.]

    [Below: A Heinrich Hoffmann photograph of architect Albert Speer (far left), Gerdy Troost, Adolf Hitler, and others.]

    [Below: Troost's signature from May 3, 1938.]