[Above: General Leon Rupnik.]

[Above: General Leon Rupnik showing a richly adorned dagger.]

[Above: General Leon Rupnik working in his office.]

[Above: General Leon Rupnik speaking over the airwaves.]

[Above: General Leon Rupnik at a Domobranci swearing in ceremony.]

[Above: Bishop Rozman, Leon Rupnik and SS-General Erwin Rösener.]

[Above: Leon Rupnik, Bishop Rozman and SS-General Erwin Rösener reviewing Dombranci troops .]

[Above: Bishop Rozman and Leon Rupnik .]

[Above: Leon Rupnik speaking to the Dombranci.]

[Above: General Rupnik leads the way.]

[Above: Rupnik chatting with his Waffen-SS comrades.]

[Above: Leon Rupnik and Erwin Rösener.]

[Above: Domobranci anti-communist forces. Note they wear Italian uniforms with a mix of German and Italian equipment.]

[Above: Domobranci anti-communist forces.]

[Above: Slovenko Domobranstvo magazine.]

[Above: Slovenko Domobranstvo magazine.]