George Lincoln Rockwell

Brown University Speech

November 30, 1966

     Thank you very much, (unintelligible). Let me start off this speech by saying that I am very, very grateful, and deeply moved, to be addressing my old university after five years of speaking at colleges all over the country, and very grateful for the opportunity afforded to me by the academic community, it is the last, as far as I'm concerned, the last vestige of free speech left in our country. Sorry to say it's usually accorded to me by liberals, conservatives are usually too chicken to let me speak, and want to I again say how grateful I am regardless of the politics of the Open Mind Club, I am most grateful to them for the fight they put up to see that there is not only free speech for communists but also that there is free speech for anti-Communists. [clapping]

     I would like to also say that I am not here to abuse that privilege, I am not going to insult anybody or use any racial epithets or that sort of thing. When I operate in the streets I am not ashamed to say that I agitate, my opponents, they certainly agitate, they use every possible method of agitation, and in the street that's often the only way you can gain public attention and I do it all the time and go to jail for it. I am not here to agitate. You see no uniforms, there is no party buttons, there will be no attempt in any way to agitate, I am here to present to the best of my ability facts and ideas, which changed me from an ordinary student at Brown University, as many of you are, to the point where I am proud to stand before you as a National Socialist. And I'm going to try to give you some insight tonight into the facts which came to my attention, which I believe you've been denied, which caused me to make that change. All I can do, ladies and gentlemen, is to present to you a few, a very few samples of what I consider to be shocking facts, and ask you to do what I had to do after I found out these things and go check them out for yourselves.

     Now I understand, unlike any other speech that I've made around the country, and I make them every day, all over America and around Canada, I have a paragraph here from this mornings paper, says 'an ad hoc committee formed to educate the student body and the public at large about Rockwell's group, has been working ALL WEEK to nullify anything in advance the effect of anything Rockwell has to say.' Now, ladies and gentlemen, there is a concept known as prejudging things, when you judge something in advance before you'd heard or seen it, and it's called prejudice, and anybody who has walked into this hall [crowd laughs and claps, some boo] anybody who has walked into this hall and prejudged my speech on the basis of this weeks work of my opponents, who haven't got the guts to face me, they will never debate me, I have asked and asked and asked if they will, in a formal manner, stand up and debate me, and I will hereby again, if in an orderly manner at any time I will be reinvited here I will debate the head of the ADL, I will debate the B'nai Brith, the Halel Foundation, or anybody else who wants to stand up and challenge the facts that I'll present but they'll never do it, they talk behind my back and what a rat I am and show you movies and so forth, propaganda, they will not debate the facts. This is an unusual circumstance, it's always done at most colleges, I've never seen anybody spend a whole week trying to ruin what I can do with fifty minutes, and I think I'm gonna cream them anyway. [mixed laughter and booing]

     Now let me start of my regular presentation by saying this to you, ladies and gentlemen: to the best of my knowledge you've had at least three communists speak here at Brown University and at Pembroke in fact one of them, I think Mr. Jackson had tea with the girls here at Pembroke. I wonder - [laughter] He did and I think it was two years ago, he not only spoke but they had a tea for him. I wonder how many of the jews who have been raising the devil about me speaking here raised any fuss at all about this communist not only speaking but having tea with our Pembroke girls. I have never heard about any jew fussing about any communist coming to speak, the only time they fuss is when an anti-Communist comes to speak.

     Now I'll present that for your own judgment, you look back and see if you remember any fuss, any $700 worth of policemen necessary to protect any communist speaker. I haven't heard of it. Now the reason for it, ladies and gentlemen, is because the jews do not want certain facts to come to your attention. I maintain your not only the victims of what they call managed news, your the victims of suppressed news. News that you are not allowed to hear. I didn't hear it. When I was sitting out there where you are- in fact the last time I was at Alumni Hall, come to think of it, I wasn't sitting I was hanging onto a girl about half stewed at a dance. [laughter] In the times when I used to be sitting out there as a member of the Brown audience and they told me about Adolf Hitler and that he was out to conquer my country, I didn't just think about it or talk about it, I did something about it, I enlisted as a sailor in the United States Navy to go fight him, because I believed all that I had been told, and I found out that I was told a lot of lies, and I'm going to present some of them to you tonight.

     Now what I maintain, ladies and gentlemen, the whole thrust of my speech tonight will be that you cannot have an educated opinion, you cannot mange the affairs of a so called Democracy unless you are given all the facts. If you are denied some of the facts, or if the facts are twisted and misrepresented, then you cannot possibly guide the ship of state, any more than a navigator could guide a ship if you deprived him the information of his Latitude and Longitude, the speed of the ship and so forth. You have got to let people know the facts of the matter before they can judge correctly, and I maintain that most people who are liberals, and I have found that they are sincere, dedicated and sincere people are liberals and most of them in the academic community are liberals, the reason is that the facts that they are given leaves them no choice. Now the reason for it, ladies and gentlemen, I maintain as I've said is that you are deprived of facts. Your minds work in many ways like a computer. You are not exactly like a computer but your minds work like a computer in this respect: If you feed into a computer false information you know that you are not going to get good solutions out. If you feed lies into a computer you're going to get lies and false information out. If you neglect to put information into a computer, you can't get valid answers. Your minds work the same way. If they have some way of keeping from you knowledge that you must know, you cannot make valid discussions.

     Now I've said I cannot present all of the facts that changed me to the point where I am leading a Nazi movement around the world, I can present a few of the most shocking. And it is my hope, and it's been my experience throughout the country as I've spoken, in spite of all the prejudging, in spite of all the education as they call it before I speak, when I show you some of these facts, I think that you will have the same experience have had at other colleges, some of you will have the guts and integrity to go at least and check, and find out whether these things exist, whether they are what I say they are, and if they are you will begin to change your judgment. Now before I present my first document let me say this: I invariably run into the business they say 'Oh, well Rockwell's just waving a piece of paper up there, how do we know what it says on it or if he's taking it out of context?' Well, first, let me say this to you, every document that I am going to present to you, you can get from me for free, for nothing. All the address you need is George Lincoln Rockwell, Arlington Virginia, and I will send you the whole document, not the part I'm going to read, because I can't read all of the documents, all of the whole of them, I will read portions of them and you can send for and get the entire document. Before I made this speech I was required to submit the documents to the committee, they've seen them all. And I assure you that on the level I'll go further, if anybody, Jewish War Veteran or anybody else here can prove that I am lying about any of these documents, tht\at they don't exist, they're phony documents, I will go to work for Harry Golden and Martin Luther King for nothing, the NAACP. [laughter, clapping]

     Now, ladies and gentlemen, the first document I want to show you is by a man of unimpeachable credentials, a man I'm sure you cannot say is a bigot or a hatemonger or if there's anything wrong with him, a man that you cannot find fault with, and I think what he says you will find extremely shocking. This document right here, it's reduced, it's a full page newspaper article, the author of it is Winston Churchill, his picture is on it. I wonder if there's some people booing or hissing for Winston Churchill, that's a new one on me. Winston Churchill is the author of this article, I will give you the date, I got it out of the Library of Congress, February 8 1920 Illustrated London Sunday Herald. The Library of Congress made the copy from which I reproduced this copy here, it's called Zionism Vs Bolshevism, a Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People. And Winston Churchill says in this article the Jews are being torn, half of them want to be Zionists and half of them want to be Communists. And he suggests they should all be Zionists. But he does say something that I want you to listen to, he discusses the Russian Revolution.

     Now let me read you a paragraph in which Winston Churchill, in which he's first discussing the Zionists, now he's gonna take up the Communists and the Jews and here's what he says: "International Jewry, a violent opposition to all this sphere of Jewish effort, rides the schemes of the international Jews. The adherents of this sinister confederacy are mostly men made up among the unhappy populations of where they, the Jew, are persecuted on account of their race. Most, if not all of them, have forsaken the faith of their forefathers and divorced from their minds all spiritual hopes for the next world. This movement," talking about Communism, "This movement among the Jews is not new, from the days of Spartacus Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx-" And he was, parenthetically, Karl Marx, of course, was Jewish. "To those of Karl Marx and down to Trotsky-" and I think very few of you know that Trotsky's real Name was Bronstien, Leon Bronstien, not Trotsky. "to Trotsky in Russia, Bela Kuhn in Hungary, Rosa Lutzenberg in Germany and Emma Goldman in the United States, this world wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality has been steadily growing. It played, as the modern writer Mrs. Webster has so ably shown as an indefinitively recognizable part in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the main spring of every subversive movement in the 19th century." Now listen to this, ladies and gentlemen, this is Winston Churchill telling you about the Russian Revolution, "and now, at last, this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America, have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of this enormous empire."

     Now, you Jewish War Veterans, you just prove that Churchill didn't say that or you just prove that I misread it or you just prove that the Russian Revolution wasn't Russian - or rather that it wasn't Jewish, that it was Russian and I'll quit. What I'm telling you, ladies and gentlemen, is that you have not been told in your history classes that the Russian Revolution wasn't Russian, it was the capture of Russia by the Jews. That's the truth. (in the audience, someone yells something) Now you call me any name you want, if Winston Churchill said this (same person yells something) and if it's true, then you must ask yourself how come you haven't been told this, why are you not allowed to know this? (same interruption)

     Now yelling and hollering, I go through this all the time, nobodies gonna shut me up by yelling or it would have been done long ago. I'm just telling you that this is just ONE of the facts that I began to look in to. Then I began to discover there were more. Let me have the bag there. I want to show you some documents I got from the United States Archives, from the United States of America Archives in Washington, DC, sealed with the seal of the Untied States, they're sealed with ribbons here, here's one of them. These are reports- again, if there is anything fake about theses documents, you just stop me, put me out of business, this is a public statement, if this is phony you just prove it and I'll fold up and quit. In fact, I'll work for the Jewish War Veterans. [laughter] I'll put on a Star of David, if this is phony. Here we have a report, remember, I will send you a printed copy if you wish so you can check to see if this is on the level, it's gotten from the United States government, it would be forgery to fake it, and here is a report form the intelligence section of the United States Army, to the United States Army and the President of the United States, during the Russian Revolution, about the nature of the Russian Government. This is a table made up in 1918. The correspondent of the London Times shows that at that time there were 384 commissars in the top government of Russia, including 2 negroes, 13 Russians, 15 Chinamen, 22 Armenians and more than 300 Jews. This is the government of Russia. Now, here comes another report, in the same dossier here, he says "It is probably unwise to say this loudly in the United States, but the Bolshevik movement is, and has been made up since its beginning, and guided and controlled by Russian Jews of the greasiest type." [mixed reaction]

     That's the fact ladies and gentlemen. Now these documents, when I first saw these things, myself, I couldn't believe them, I felt 'How could I possibly not have heard this from all my history professors, from Professor Ducasse(sp?) in the philosophy department where I was a major, how come I didn't know about this?' What I first thought was somebody is pulling my leg. So I started studying the Jewish documents. I went to the San Diego Library and got the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, you must have it over here in the library. Go get it. And look up the Russian Revolution and you will find these Jews BOASTING how they put on the Russian Revolution. Who reads it? They don't assign that as a history course, this is for their boys to read so they can tell each other how good they're doing. You're not supposed to know about it. And I maintain that unless you do know it, unless you do know where Communism is coming from and you're willing to talk about it you'll never be ready to deal with it, whether you like it or not. I mean whether you like Communism or you don't like it, you ought at least to know that the Jewish people are behind it. And once you understand that, then you can deal realistically with it, whether you like it or not, one way or the other. Until you do know, until you can talk about it, you are deprived of information.

     Now let me point something out, ladies and gentlemen, in Russia, you have freedom of speech, you can criticize anybody you want except the Communists, in China, you have freedom of speech, you can criticize anybody you want except the Communists, in Cuba, you can criticize anybody you want except Castro, in the United States of America you can criticize Irishmen, Italians, Frenchmen, people from Brown, Pembrokers, but you can't criticize Jews, and if you think you can, try it tomorrow, go out and say 'You know, I think Rockwell is right, I think these Jews are pulling something rotten on us.' Try it! You'll be called an anti-semite, you'll be subjected to terrorism- (interruption) what the kids that have invited- (continuing interruption)

     You don't believe it, eh? (Mixed Chatter) I have spoken all over the country now for years, no difficulties at all, this is the first time when I have ever spoken where I have been treated so dishonorably, and the pressure comes from the Jewish War Veterans, all these jewish groups, who NEVER complain about the Communists! I had to come up here at my expense, no fee, and I had to pay to come here and talk here at Brown University because, first of all, my invitations were canceled by the college, and then, when a brave bunch of kids invited me again, they were subjected to every kind of pressure in the world. A good example is right here where you're sitting. I told them, every time I speak at a college I draw the biggest crowds of every speaker they've ever had, except possibly the president or somebody like that. Get a big hall. So what do they give me? Alumni Hall, and then they only let you have a few and then they charge you $700 for police protection. And then you tell me that there is not some pressure? Why hasn't this happened to the Communists? If these jews are not committing pressure to prevent you from hearing this, how come this all happens right here, right now, tonight, in front of your eyes? What's going on? I maintain there is nobody that has the right to tell you what you can hear and what you can't hear.

     Now I want to show you why you are not allowed to know these facts, and how the jews go about it. They don't burn books. They're much more clever than to burn them. They have a much better technique and we have a letter here that they sent out which will show you what their technique is, which is much viler than burning books. This is from the Anti Defamation League of B'nai Brith, to publishers all over America, again, send for this document, anybody who wants to challenge me, just send for it and I'll send you a copy of our original Photostat, you send for it and you read it for yourself. I'm going to read you some excerpts and show you how these jews operate so YOU can't find out what's going on. Listen to this: "Scribners and Sons has just published a book by Madison Grant entitled The Conquest of a Continent. It is extremely antagonistic to Jewish interests. Emphasized throughout is the Nordic Superiority theory and the utter negation of any melting pot philosophy in regard to America." The book, by the way, at no time criticizes jews, it simply says that the White man is a master race that created America. The jews don't want you to read about that or hear that. Now, listen to what they do about it, now think, I'm going to read about six words in the next sentence or seven words, you think what these words mean, and what they've done. Here's the beginning of the third paragraph, "We are interested in stifling the sale of this book." And they have. You can't get it. You can't buy it. They don't burn it, because then you'd know about it. They just quietly use their business genius, and I am not about to deny that they're business geniuses, they can rise to the top of almost any business, they get control, and they can simply say to booksellers 'if you sell any book that we don't like, you won't get any more books.' You can't buy books that they don't like. And I maintain that strongly. I told you, if I've written a book, maybe it's the worst book in the world, but don't you think that you should be able to decide that for yourself?

     Do you think that the Jewish War Veterans and the Anti Defamation League should be able to get together and say 'You will not read Rockwell's book, you won't hear him speak. If he does speak, he'll speak in a small hall. We'll cut off his money, we'll do anything to shut him up.' Well, I don't think you're so stupid that you can't judge, and you have to have a bunch of Jewish War Veterans tell you what you're gonna like and what you're not gonna like. This is what the whole thrust of my speech is, is that you are not only being denied information, but you are being TOLD what you will like and what you will not like, and, in case you rebel, in case you say 'oh, well, I won't go along with that,' they use plain old fashioned terrorism. If anybody thinks that they don't, try doing what I'm doing, do it yourself, get up and give a so-called anti-semetic speech, start talking about Churchill's paper out here on campus and unless you're very well organized and you've got proof, you'll find yourself with a bloody nose. [light laughter] I'm telling the truth, you simply have got to fight. These Jewish War Veterans will attack you. They have attacked me physically. [laughter] I'm not afraid of them, I'd be glad to walk out any place where they are, but they don't argue with you, they won't deny what you say, they just say 'we're gonna shut you up.' Now I don't think that's American. These people claim they're American. They don't want to shut up Communists, they want to shut up anti-Communists. And if that doesn't tell what they're doing, then I don't know what I have to show for proof.

     I'd like to show one more document here. This ones a hard one to get. This one's about by the American Jewish Committee, put out in secret, says not for publication. And they sent it all around to the editors and publishers of America, again, if you don't believe me, you're welcome to get a copy of this charming jewish document. It's called 'Bigot Seeking Buildup: The Newest Techniques of George Lincoln Rockwell.' And it's eight long pages, my fellow Brown and Pembroke students here, eight long pages on how to be sure that you never hear a word that I have to say. It says never argue with Rockwell, never refute his facts, just point out what a rat he is. That's the substance of this whole book. Just keep calling him a rat. A louse. Sick. Anything you can. Call him names, argumenum ad homonum, never argue his facts. Because they can't. They have no facts to argue. They just simply abuse me, and attack me physically, which is not argument, they have no facts to go on. (Someone yells from crowd) You can holler all you want. Everywhere people are getting fed up with what's called minority pressure. People are fed up with it. This is supposed to be a MAJORITY government, not a government by a bunch of minorities who say 'if you don't go the way we do we're going to urinate in the streets, we're gonna have demonstrations over here,' this government is supposed to go the way the majority wants it to go. But it ain't. This government goes the way the minority that's the loudest and the brassiest says it must go, and you know who that loud and brassy minority is. They get their way, and they've got to the point where- how many of you have the nerve anymore to come out and say an Italian, or a Frenchman, or an Irishman, how many have the nerve to just say the word 'jew'? When I was in college right here we used to say 'a nice jewish boy.' You never just say a jew. Your scared. You don't maybe realize it down deeply, but they've got us scared to death. And that's one of the reasons (heckling)

     Now any of you that think that you haven't just try criticizing them. Just try when you leave here, just as an experiment, whether you believe it or not, pick out the nearest jew and say 'You know, I think Rockwell is right, I think he's got something there,' you see what happens to you. [light laughter] If you're a professor here, get up in your classroom tomorrow and say 'I think Rockwell is right,' and see how long you're teaching at Brown University. This oughta show you something. This is supposed to be a free college, there are a lot of colleges in the country where people say 'I'm a Communist, let's send blood to the Viet Cong,' and if they try to fire him, the student go out and kidnap the dean, tear up the school and so forth, why couldn't a professor here be a Nazi? You just try it.

     This has resulted, ladies and gentlemen, this climate of terrorism against an idea, any idea against- the fact that there is not equality among the races, or any information about the jews is banned. If you mention anything about the races not being equal, or that the jews might be mixed up in Communism, or behind race mixing, if you talk about any of those things, you are silenced and shut up. And I don't think that's right. Maybe I'm wrong. I fully recognize that I could be wrong. But the way to show me that I'm wrong and get me to quit isn't to beat me over the head. Nobody will ever get me to beating on me. Nobody will ever get me to quit by hollering 'rat', like this man did. No matter what you call me, as long as I think I'm right in my heart I'm going to preach it. But not one of these people that yelled, not one of them, has ever got the guts to stand up in public and debate me, and say 'no, your facts are wrong, Mr. Rockwell. Here is the truth,' never. In six years of speaking at colleges will one of these people do it. They say they will. I've had them come up on stage and shake my hand, they're gonna debate next week, and when the next week comes they're gone, they're on a vacation. You can't find 'em.

     These people have no argument to stand by. They have no facts. I do. And I'm gonna believe them. As long as I have the documents; bagfuls, boxfuls, libraries full of them, I'm going to believe the facts and not somebody screaming at me or trying to punch me in the nose. This has resulted, ladies and gentlemen, this depravation you are suffering of, the lack of news, the lack of the facts, has resulted in what they call liberalism. I don't blame you a bit, given the facts that your told, the only difference between negroes and White people is that the negro is a White man with dark skin. If that's the truth, then we have no business discriminating one bit. We should marry them, we should mix with them, there should absolutely be no discrimination. If there is a difference other than the color of skin, then we ought to discuss it. But that you can't do. The minute you try to point out that there are differences, psychological differences, other than the color of their skin, then you're in trouble. You're a racist. You're a Nazi. You're a fascist. You're a hater. A bigot. All of these are names. Nobody discusses the facts. There's plenty of facts to prove exactly what the negroes are. I'm not going to go over them tonight, I'll be glad to debate that subject, too, formally, at any time anyone wants to set one up. Nobody will. They simply use name-calling. The result is this liberalism is spread throughout our country, as I said, I don't blame those who believe it, because the facts give you no choice. If the facts are as they say they are, the jews are wonderful, the negroes are even better, then we oughta mix, the jews oughta run the country, and we oughta just fold up, us White Christians, we got no business trying to run our country. We're too stupid. But that isn't the fact.And what's happened, ladies and gentlemen, is that the Roman Empire perished from senility, from old age. It decayed. It went rotten. America is not an old country. But it is decaying. It's getting rotten. And right with me, here in Providence, I have one of the Viet Cong flags that I tore down with my own hands, and I went to jail for doing it. The Communist traitor that was parading in front of our White House went on parading and I went to jail.

     Did you know that, ladies and gentlemen, when I was a student here at Brown University, right after that when we got in to World War II, if anybody had paraded around with a Jap flag or a Nazi flag, I would have strangled them, and so would have every student at Brown, and the cops would have helped us. Today, people parade around with the flag of the enemy that's killing American boys, might kill some of you kids sitting out here right now. And nobody will do anything. I try to get the VFW to go down and do something, the American Legion, the John Birch Society, ANYBODY, go down and help us stop this treason, they won't do it. Instead the American Legion passed a resolution saying that I'm mixed up with the Communists. And the Jewish War Veterans try to get me shut up. Treason is going on in our country, right in front of us, and nobody even gets indignant. Nobody cares anymore. But that's the least of it. Remember what Kruschev said? They asked him how come he thought he was going to take over the United States by 1972, he says 'you're all to liberal to fight'. Americans have become to liberal to fight and it's true. Americans just sit around and watch ANYTHING happen, absolutely anything goes, and nobody will do anything about it.

     And this is why I so much admire the Open Mind Committee, they just told me here that they got a little bit put out when they saw these Communists speaking and I couldn't speak, they didn't agree with me but they'd form a committee to give me the right to speak. And that's the kind of thing I did, that's why I became a Nazi. Because I got sick and tired of seeing people pushed and nobody doing anything about it. Everybody's whispering 'well, you know what the jews did now?' I was a conservative for years and everybody would whisper about the Eskimos and what all those people did and so forth. Well I think that's hypocrisy and cowardice. If you are a conservative and you know what the jews are doing you ought to tell people and discuss it in the open and not sneak around behind anybodys back about it. So I did something about it, and I'm trying to form a movement to create the vigor and the strength to stop the decay and the rot that is happening in America.

     Now, the reason America is decaying and is getting rotten isn't because we're old, it isn't because we're senile, either. It is because we are being purposely rotted. The soul of America is being rotted out by germs. At every point that you want to look, you will find it being consciously and purposely turned rotten.

     Let me take a few examples. Let's take art and culture. I majored in philosophy and I won first prize in the United States in 1948 for commercial art for a full page ad in the New York Times for the American Cancer Society, so I know something about what I'm talking about in art. And when I was studying art, they tried to get me to draw this crazy stuff, screwball paintings and so forth, and I just couldn't see it. It looked crazy to me. And it looked crazy to the other people but they just wouldn't admit it. I just sat this is screwy. I wouldn't do it. So I did good art and won first prize.

     So I began to wonder, years later when I got into this movement, ‘Where did this come from? Where did this screwy art begin? Who is the patron saint of this screwy stuff?’ It looks like an automobile accident. It looks like and automobile accident in paint. Well, the guy that did it, the patron saint is Picasso. And at first I thought he was a Spaniard, well I found out he was a communist and of course that’s not too new to anybody, he did the peace (inaudible) from Moscow and he’s a red so I thought it was communist art, then I found out the real secret. He’s one of the boys (audience laughter).

     And the next thing I began to examine was this screwy poetry. About seven years ago, two guys in Australia took the Australian Army manual for the control of mosquitoes and they took every seventh or eight word and they put them on the page, sprinkled it around like blank verse, and they won first prize in an international poetry contest. So I began examine who is the patron saint, where did this come from? Well, it turns out it was a queer jewess named Gertrude Stein (audience laughter). Remember ‘A rose is a rose is a rose,” and her whole club over there in Paris?

     Then they, at the Pratt institute where I studied art, they were going to teach me sculpture. So they took me down to study sculpture at the museum of modern art and you go into the museum of modern art and here is this big, uh, podium and they have pi... it looks like somebody went out into a pasture and scooped up three or four and piled up like this, and this (audience laughter) and this is sculpture! Well, who is the guy, Jacob Epstein is the patron saint of this thing (audience laughter).

     Well I could go on and on, any field you want to go, wherever you dig you find the rat, who is the guy who is going to the federal penitentiary for the rottenest filthy magazine that’s ever been printed? Ginsburg! Ralph Ginsburg! Who is the poet, the great beatnik poet who has the foulest dirtiest poetry you ever herd? Ralph Ginsburg! Not Ralph Ginsburg, what’s his name? You know the bearded crud there, the bum. But to me, to me ladies and gentlemen it’s bad enough that they are doing this to our culture. What they are doing is destroying all order in art. I know something about art, like I told you, and it is based on order and discipline. In fact, what they used to teach in colleges was called a discipline, the discipline of this and the discipline of that. Now, any discipline at all is considered some kind of treason. The students say, ‘We want to run the college’, out at Berkley and if they don’t, as I say, they kidnap the dean, kidnap the cops, push everybody around... and, uh, the negros want to run the country. And if they don’t they urinate all over the streets of Birmingham.

     And what they are doing, ladies and gentlemen, they are purposefully destroying order. You hear about law and order, the key thing is order. Without order, there is no society. And in order to have order, you got to have law. Now I just had a rally out in San Francisco, about three weeks ago, I had a permit; I had every right to be there, and the police told me when I went to go down there that there were three thousand longshoremen coming down to bust me up. So I said, ‘I only got twenty-six guys, maybe you ought to have some policemen there.’ He says, “No that will provoke them. We won’t have any police.’ (audience laughter).

     So as usual, I went down there anyway with my twenty-six guys, and sure enough there were no policemen and sure enough the longshoremen and the beatniks and the cruds and the bearded bums and all kind of queers and everything they had in San Francisco descended on us (Audience laughter and applause). Every skid in a thousand miles was there, screaming and hollering, ‘You’re a bum, Rockwell, your sick, listen Rockwell your sick.’ And so fourth screaming and they started throwing stuff and everything else. Finally, after a half an hour or so of this, two traffic cops showed up and try to pinch me for parking! (Audience laughter) So the cops almost got killed trying to push, they said ‘Now fellas please, please move back, you shouldn’t do this now. You shouldn’t be throwing those things at Rockwell, how about moving back?’ And then they socked the cops, so the cops radioed for help, more cops came, a few more cops and a few more, still no helmets, still no clubs. By this time, the mob was a real riot. Everything was going on, and then they had to bring in all the cops they could get. Riot helmets and sticks, beatings, teeth flying in every direction, what a fight that was.

     Now do you know what happened during this beating going on? Five guys attacked the police; five guys were arrested and put in the police patrol, for attacking police officers. So the crowd attacked the police, they forgot me for a while, they attacked the police van, and do you know what the cops did? Guess what? They let them out. Because it might provoke them to take them off to jail. So they let the five guys out, now do you know what that means, ladies and gentlemen only one thing; it means there is no law in San Francisco. If you got a big enough mob, you tell the police what to do, not the other way around. Those cops should have used every gun they had in the whole army, to keep those prisoners if they had to. If... once you allow law to break down, there is no end. You have no law unless it’s enforced. And in San Francisco, I with my own eyes I saw a mob take over San Francisco and run the cops out to do what they had a mind to, and the cops just ran away, they couldn’t do anything else. It’s not the cops fault, because politicians control police officers. And the first thing, (lone audience member laughs), oh here is somebody having a big ball, he enjoys hearing about the cops having a tough time.

     The first thing that happens, ladies and gentlemen, when you destroy law and order is that you become defenseless and this is what has happened in cities all over this country. Do you know that the girls in this auditorium could not, I don’t know how it is in Providence here; in my day you were safe, but in Washington D.C., right across from where I live, you could not walk along the streets of Washington D.C. day or night you will be picked up by the cops and be told you better get somebody to be with you cause you’ll be raped. You can’t walk along the streets because they are dropping out of trees; they are coming out of alleys (Audience laughter). No, I’m not exaggerating ladies and gentlemen; I’m telling you this is eg... they actually did drop out of a tree onto the daughter of one of the... one of the big State Department Officials. Of course, there was a time where when you drop on a State Department Official you might get suppressed, you know which sex you’re dropping on.

     And whal I’m on that subject, there is another example of what we have come to. This country has come to the point, when I was... when I was a kid you hardly ever herd of queers. Once in a while you would hear something about there was such a thing as queers, but I never... I don’t remember ever seeing one or knowing much about them. Now they have a lobby to get rid of us. They say we’re dirty minded. They have dances. They had a convention, and they got the biggest hotel, I think it was the Sheraton Park on the Shore, the biggest and best hotel in Washington they got for the queer’s convention. Now, it may sound funny, but my point is this ladies and gentlemen, our country has reached the point where we will tolerate anything. There is literally no limit to what will be tolerated.

     The time is gotta come when you draw the line at something, when you say, “This is immoral and wrong and we’re gonna put a stop to it.” Nobody will do it so long as law and order is gone and this is what I maintain is happening in this country. Law and order is being consciously destroyed. You know this holler you hear? “Police brutality”? [audience laughter] Police brutality – I’ve had a little of it myself. But police brutality is a myth. There are some mean cops but they’re very rare. Most police officers that I’ve met are professionals. Most of them are pretty damn good. The police brutality business is to destroy your police department because that’s the last thing between you and the takeover by the communists in the street. That’s what they’ve done all over the world.

     In order to do it, ladies and gentleman, they have a little technique they call, “helping the oppressed.” Now in China, they went over there in China and Mao Tse-tung was gonna help the peasants. You people are probably too young to remember. The professors and some of the older people will remember though. I remember what they told me right after World War II, after I got done fighting to preserve freedom. They told me that Mao Tse-tung wasn’t a Communist – he was an “agrarian reformer” – and he was trying to help the poor oppressed peasants of China because they had it tough. And when people like me said, well it looks to me like he’s a Communist, “Oh no, no, no – he’s just an agrarian reformer.” And then of course he took over and he killed millions of people – put their heads in...cut their heads off and hung them up in telephone poles dripping. They always talk about Nazi atrocities -- I wonder how many pictures they’ve shown you of Communist atrocities. Anybody take any trouble -- any Jewish war veterans ever show you what they did in Russia to Christians? Twenty million of them? Kruschev said they killed twenty million Christians. You hear about the six million all the time, how about the twenty million of us that they got? No movies, no tears, no violin music. [audience laughter] So Mao Tse-tung took over and killed everybody and he is a Communist and all the State Department and all the great geniuses and Eleanor [audience laughter] said, “Oh we can’t imagine how this could have happened. Who would have thought that he was a Communist?”

     The next guy that comes along – we did everything we could to get rid of Batista in Cuba. He was a Christian and a friend of the United States but he was a “dictator” so we got rid of him. We gave money and everything to help Mr. Castro. And Mr. Castro again – I was old enough and in the movement then and I said, well I think he’s a Communist. All the so-called right-wing nuts then were saying Castro is a Communist. And Eleanor and Dean Rusk and Atchison and Truman, everybody said why he couldn’t be a Communist – he’s helping the poor peasants. This is the truth. This is the second time around. And finally they took him to the United States and Ed Sullivan put his arm around Castro on television and said he’s the George Washington of Cuba for the American people and, of course, us nuts were still saying he’s a Red, [audience laughter] he’s a Communist and they’d, “Ah, Red baiter! You’re screaming, you’re nuts Rockwell, you’re sick!” So it turned out he was a Communist. The same technique, now notice the technique. They take a group of oppressed people -- they are genuinely oppressed, the peasants of Cuba and the peasants of China. Then the name of these oppressed people they take over the government and then they set up a dictatorship, a tyranny.

     Now, ladies and gentlemen, you have it going on right here, right under your noses, right here in America, and many of you are helping without knowing what you’re doing. The oppressed here are Black – I won’t argue with that. They got a tough life and they need help but the Commies have moved in and said now we’re going to help you good people and we’re gonna have marches and lie-ins and crawl-ins and squirm-ins and wet-ins and everything we can [audience laughter] all these things going on and they get you people to go down to Selma and help them. And the guy that’s leading it is Martin Luther King Jr. and I keep saying yeah, but look at all the Red organizations he’s joined. He’s got a Communist assistant. He’s a Red! “Why how can you say that! He’s for the colored people. He’s for the oppressed. He couldn’t be a Communist!”

     Same people that told you Mao Tse-tung wasn’t a Communist, couldn’t be. Same people that told you Castro couldn’t be a Communist. Now they say Rockwell you’re sick. Martin Luther King couldn’t be a Communist. And yet I could show you the manuals where they show how they’re going to overcome police departments, exactly how they’re going to do it, and they’re doing it. Step-by-step they’re doing here just what they did in China, just what they did in Cuba and you’re helping them. And the first thing you got to do to do it is to destroy law and order. Destroy your police departments. We have the manuals where they show how they will actually overcome the riot control police officers. They holler “police brutality!” Every time a police officer arrests a Black man he is in danger of losing his job, maybe his life, maybe being electrocuted because he killed a...last time in San Francisco the last riot when I was out there was one of these colored brothers was robbing a place and he was running off with the loot and a police officer told him to stop and he wouldn’t. He shot over his head twice and he still wouldn’t stop so he shot him. So they had the San Francisco riots over this and the police officer lost his job. He got it back but he lost it for a while and he almost lost it permanently. He had to fight like the devil to keep it.

     Now this, ladies and gentlemen, is going to destroy your country. You say how come could you go from a Brown [University] man who did pretty little cartoons for Sir Brown to a Nazi? Well because I found out that the Communists are doing to my country just what they did to Germany in the 20s, exactly the same, the same inflation, the same insanity, the same destruction of law and order, the same inflation is almost here. The same riots, the same bedlam, and the same Jews operating it, even the same Jews. The same people that were over there are here now. The gassed six million? Most of them are over here running the Civil Rights Movement. Same people. I found this out to be a fact. There’s no argument about it, it is a fact! And when you look at it as a fact – what are you going to do about it? Just let it go? Well I don’t...they only thing I could see to do was first I became a Conservative and I promptly became thoroughly and totally disenchanted and disgusted with Conservatives. They are the most cowardly bunch of finks that I ever had to deal with. They are all busy calling me a Communist now so as to prove that they’re not Nazis.

     This is what the Birch Society says, this is what Haggis says. All these nicey, nicey, sweetie pants are all busy saying, “Oh Rockwell, he’s a Commie. Don’t go near him.” They’re absolutely disgusting so I gave up being a Conservative and I said I’m going to fight. I’m going to tell the truth , the whole truth, every bit of it I know. And I have been. And ever since then, in spite of the toughness of the fight, I have been winning some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met. People who are no cowards. People who are no hypocrites. Our country is drowning in hypocrisy and cowardice. Now will you tell me how a cowardly, hypocritical Conservative who says I love Jews and Negroes are my best friends, how is he going to save our country from hypocrisy doing that?

     So I became a Nazi! Because I found out what a Nazi is. A Nazi is a man who believes in the White race above all things. Adolf Hitler said the White race is a master race. That doesn’t mean we have to persecute anybody else but it means we got to keep our country White.

     If Israel is a Jewish country and has the right to be Jewish! If Ghana is a Black country and has the right to be Black! WHY DON’T WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO KEEP A WHITE COUNTRY WHITE!! And Christian!

     Well how long do you people think you’d last if you went over there to Israel and campaigned in the Jewish schools in Israel against singing Jewish songs? And yet they’re over here campaigning against us singing Christmas carols in ours! And in school after school, state after state, they get them stopped. You can’t sing Christmas carols in school anymore!

     THEY won’t tolerate it! But WE must!

     I’m just simply saying Hitler discovered that this has gone far enough and he stopped it in Germany. There’s only three places on the face of the earth that have ever whipped Communism. Not talked about it like Rabbit Welch or Billy James Haggis, but have actually whipped it. Those three places are Spain (and they hate Spain), Italy, and Germany. They whipped Communism and got rid of it. And to do it, of course, they had a little difficulty with the Jews because the minute you go after Communists you’re going to run into the Jews. Which is why the Birch Society can never get any place because they keep saying how they love Jews and they hate Communism. It’s like saying you love to go swimming but you hate to get wet. You can’t do it.

     The result of all this ladies and gentlemen, they are destroying law and order. They are destroying our culture, destroying our civilization and they have got millions of good sincere Americans like many of you out here helping them to do it because you really believe you are helping to build a better world. This is the way they work all over the world. They tell you they are helping to build a better world and they play the violin and they tell you about these poor Jews in Germany and all the terrible things that happened. They DON’T tell you what the Jews did to Germany and what they’re doing to our country here and anybody who tries to tell you then they use terrorism to shut him up. Anyway at all – cut down his audience, raise hell, do anything you can but don’t let him get to the people. Because I know in my heart I’m telling the truth as well as I know how to do it, and I can reach yours. I do it at every school I go to. I’ll get letters from Brown University starting tomorrow telling me “I didn’t dare say anything but I’m with you.” Every time I speak this happens but you’re all scared to come up here as a body and say, “I think you’re right” because of this terrorism and this, ladies and gentlemen, has got to stop. No man in America should be afraid to say what’s in his heart...and we are! That’s why I’m a Nazi – because I am not any longer going to be a slave to fear, be afraid to say what I believe is the truth. As I’ve said, if I’m wrong, show me and I’ll quit. But quit calling me sick and calling me names and trying to punch me in the face. It will never stop me! It has never stopped our Forefathers! No American in the history of this country has ever backed down because somebody beat on him, or called him sick, or threw stuff at him! No American worthy of the name and I’m not about to!

     I’m going to wind this up ladies and gentlemen by saying this. The Conservatives have a slogan which I think is despicable and defeatist. They say it’s better to be dead than Red. And the Commies and the Liberals have a slogan which I think is even worse, it’s treason. They say it’s better to be Red than dead. We say this: You don’t have to be Red and you don’t have to be dead. Not dead, not red – dead Reds!

     I thank you all very much. You’ve been most courteous and I’ve certainly enjoyed deeply talking to you and I’ll be glad to answer questions. [audience applause]

     All right ladies and gentlemen, we have the first question.

     Q: Mr. Rockwell, will you please give us a brief definition of Communism (not Judaism)?

     A: In my opinion, Communism is the organized mutiny...I’m gonna say this slow because it’s a lot packed into a few words. In my opinion, Communism is the mutiny of quantity versus quality. Communism is the organized mutiny of the inferior biological people in the world led by the Jews against the people who have built civilization. That’s what I think it is.

     Q: If the Russian revolution was a Jewish takeover, why were so many Jews there persecuted? Why did so many emigrate?

     A: Do you know the name of the Deputy Premier of the Soviet Union right now? His name is Dimschitz[?] and he’s a Jew. The name of the head of propaganda is Ilya Ehrenberg and he’s a Jew. The Soviet Union army, the Red army, is full of Jews. The Jewish Examiner for two weeks ago had a big article about how some Russian general was a Jew and was the top most honored general in the Russian army. Do you know what they’re persecuting in Russia? Not Jews. They are persecuting religion. Anybody who believes in religion they’re going after him. If you’re a Protestant – you’re getting it. If you’re a Catholic – you’re getting it. Whatever you’re...Buddhist...any religion is getting it. The Jews just holler louder than anybody else so we hear about it more.

     Now you may say to me yes but you can’t be a Jew unless you’re religious. I happen to have with me a book here to show you how foolish that argument is. A lot of Jews will tell you it’s impossible for Communism to be Jewish because a Jew believes in God and a Communist is an atheist. Well true. Well then I would like the Jews to explain something. Here is a book just out – cost $35 – Who’s Who in World Jewry. At the front of it it says that this is an honor roll of the world’s great Jews – finest Jews in the world. Listen to the list of people that put it out. The American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Congress, American Jewish Historical Society, Anti-Defamation League, B’nai B’rith, B’nai B’rith Hillel Foundation, Canadian Jewish Congress, and there’s about 25 or 30 of them here, a lot more of them. Every...ah...great Jewish organization in the world is listed here as a sponsor of this book.

     Now I want to show you what the list in the honor roll as one of the great Jews that they’re so proud of. Page 29, here we are. On page 29 of Who’s Who in World Jewry, which is suppose to be a religious group, here’s Herbert Aptheker, the chief theoretician of the Communist Party on the roll of honor of world Jews. Now doesn’t this show you something whether the Jews consider themselves a religion – or are they a race? And the answer is, ladies and gentlemen, they are a group of people that you can recognize, some of them anyway, by their face. Not all, but most Jews...if I had a blackboard here, as an artist I could draw you a picture with a big long nose and you’d all giggle because it looked like a Jew [audience laughter]. I can’t draw a picture of a Protestant, I can’t draw a picture of a Catholic, I couldn’t even draw a picture of a Baptist, except maybe Martin Luther King [audience laughter] but you wouldn’ fact there’s one Jew I could think of I could draw you, you’d make a mistake, Sammy Davis Jr., you’d never think I was drawing a Jew [audience laughter and hecklers].

     My point is [hecklers from a Jewish group], my point, ladies and gentlemen, the Jews keep putting out that they are just a religion and yet they themselves list the top Communist in America as a Jew. And he doesn’t object...He’s very proudly in the book. So what’s going on in Russia, ladies and gentlemen, they are persecuting all people who have a religious belief and the Russian atheist Jews are doing this to them. It’s one bunch of Jews after the other bunch. And this is not anti-Semitism. So much for that question. [more Jewish hecklers].

     Q: Mr. Rockwell, if a Negro, Jew, Italian, or Irishman came up to you or spoke before you saying that all White Anglo-Saxon Protestants are filthy subversives, wouldn’t you want to hit him?

     A: Yes. [pause...audience laughter, applause.]

     Q: Could you please discuss and enumerate any positive feelings you have toward the Negro and Jew. That is, any characteristics they have which you don’t object to.

     A: I have no objection to the fact that the Negroes, in my opinion, and this of course is the thing everybody gets so excited, you’re not suppose to say this but I think they’re biologically inferior. Not all of them. You may have some here who are smarter than I am. I’m talking about the average ghetto Negro, the great mass of Negroes, just can’t make it in a modern urban society. That’s not their fault and it’s not mine but the way to remedy it is not to take your rights away and give it to the Negroes because it won’t help either one of you. It pulls everybody down. I, however, will say this: The Negroes have a tremendous sense of rhythm, they’re great singers, they’re great dancers, they got a lot of positive things you can say for them. This is what the guy asked me, what positive things can you say. I think the Negroes in their own country would be, could be, very happy and the Muslims for a while wanted to do that and I’ve gone this far – if we have to do it to solve the problem, I want to separate. I don’t believe segregation will work and I don’t think, I know integration won’t work. The only solution I see is separation and if we can’t get them to Africa, I’m willing to give them part of the United States, namely Miami Beach and Brooklyn. [laughter and applause]

     Now as to the Jews, my favorite subject [more laughter] as to the Jews, my dear friends, they ask me what positive things can you say about them. I will say this: I will not deny for ten minutes that I think Jews are superior, on the average – I’m not saying all Jews are – but the average Jew is superior to the average Gentile in business. I think they’re damn good business men. And there’s no getting around it, they succeed time and time again where our people fail. They’re good business men. What I object to is the way they use it and let me give you an example. Through the Jewish business genius they have managed to rise to the top of an industry which now controls the minds of America. The most powerful medium in the world is television. And you have only three television networks, just three. NBC, CBS, and ABC. NBC the chairman is Robert Sarnoff, a Russian Jew. ABC the chairman is Leonard Goldenson, a Russian Jew. CBS the chairman is William Paley, he’s listed in here as William Palinsky, another Russian Jew. You got three Jews that control everything you see on the television and as a result even though 85% of the serious crime in this country is committed by Negroes , have you ever seen a Negro criminal on the TV? I never have. Every time you see a Negro he’s a judge or a lawyer or a very great man. And on the contrary, on the opposite hand, whenever I see a “who done it”, one of these things like Perry Mason, and you’re trying to figure out who’s the dirty rat that did it, I wait till I hear a guy come along says, “Ah, hi y’all, I’m from Alabama,” – he done it! That’s the guy. [laughter] He’s usually unshaven and dirty and filthy, Southern White Christian Protestant – no good!

     That’s what’s happened to your television because what I’m getting out, the Jewish business men, have used their genius to get to the top which is their privilege because I believe in free competition. But then they have used...or misused it, abused their power to brainwash our country so that you don’t know anymore what’s going on.

     They have every national figure on the television, even Roy Jones I saw him on, the man who produced “The Toilet” with a bunch of Negro boys urinating on a White boy’s face in a urinal. They had him on television the other night with...uh...Norman Mailer who is they use to have in Rome – they had guys who divined the future by looking at birds’ entrails. Norman Mailer is a bowel movement investigator [laughter] and he says that if he can examine a mans stools for color and size and odor and movement, he can tell you the color and the nature of the man. This is what they had on television but not once have they ever let any of the tapes they’ve made of me get on this national television so you could judge me for yourselves. These Jews don’t want people to listen to Rockwell. They want you to read Playboy magazine and read what some guy says I said. They don’t want you to hear George Lincoln Rockwell or see him.

     So my answer is to those two things, the Negroes are good singers and runners and fighters and a lot of other things like that. The Jews are good business men.

     Q: If the Jews are the leaders of the Communist movement why do the Communists support the Arabs against Israel?

     A: The man says if [interrupted by Jewish hecklers] – I’m either going to run this orderly or I’m not going to speak [Heckler: “Don’t speak!”] If the Jews...[hecklers begin yelling and shouting]...Would you like me to quit? I’ll be glad to quit... [hecklers continue] All right. [audience yells, “No! No!”] WELL THEN TELL THESE JEWS TO SHUT UP AND I’LL GO AHEAD! [cheers from audience. Hecklers stop.] Thank you. I’m not going to speak in the middle of disorder. When the Jews are quiet I’m going to continue.

     If the Jews are leaders of the Communist movement, why do the Communists support the Arabs against Israel? Well first of all not all the Communists do support the Arabs against Israel. The largest Communist party in the whole Middle East is in Israel. Twenty-five percent of Israel is Communist. So this question answers itself on its face. The Communists do not support the Arabs against Israel EXCEPT Red China and I might say this: I believe Communism is rapidly disappearing from the world as an issue. I think the issue is rapidly going to become race. The Red Chinese are not half as much Communists as they are colored nationalists. Our colored people are saying, we don’t want to go over and kill colored Vietnamese. Red China and Red Chinese strategy is to go to Africa and Asia and put all the colored people together and the Russians have said so. The ambassador to France when France recognized Peking, the Russian ambassador to France said, “Do not the French realize that Mao Tse- tung wants to put Africa, Asia, and China together against all Whites including Russia?

     So that, I think, what’s happening when you say Communism is supporting the Arabs. It’s Red China that’s supporting the Arabs because the Arabs and that whole colored community there considers themselves colored much more than Arab. When they talk about imperialists , they mean White imperialists. When they talk about colonialists, they mean White people.

     Do you realize how many Negroes the Russians have been throwing into snow banks and deep freezing up there in Moscow? You don’t hear too much about it but the last Negroes from Africa and the last Red Chinese are being kicked out of Russia. Their colored. They’re having the same problem that we are. So when you say Communism is supporting the Arabs it is not Communism. It’s the Red Chinese. Next question.

     This will be the last question I’m told.

     Q: How is your presidential campaign for 1972 coming along? Getting a lot of senators and congressman elected with the open title of “Nazi” as you promised in your interview of 1960 with a New York radio station.

     A: I would say this to you: You have only to look around the world and see what’s happening – my kind of people are getting elected. Whether they have my title or not doesn’t make too much difference at this point. Lester Maddox either has made it or came close to it and he’s a friend of mine. I know him and he’s a great man. All over this country people are beginning to get fed up with forced race-mixing. People are getting fed up with just what I said they would.

     Now you say how’s my campaign coming. My campaign depends on two things that I predicted back in 1960. Race riots – in 1960 there hadn’t been any and I said they would be all over this country. They are. Now I tell you the next thing I need and the only thing I need now to win is inflation. They have already taken the gold from your paper money. Then they took the silver from your paper money. Now they’ve taken the silver from your silver and you’ve got phony money. This is just what they did in Germany, ladies and gentlemen, and catastrophic inflation is not far ahead and as I’ve told you, when you finally get a good dose of it, when you get all you’re gonna take of Negroes pushing you, and when you get all you’re going to take of rotten, phony money that’s worthless, then you’re going to be looking for someone to put a stop to it. You’re not going to be looking for talk, you’re going to be looking for someone to fight and this is what I’m going to do for my country. I did it in World War II and Korea and I’m going to do it again!

     Thank you very much.