• These stamps are from the 1941 Italian occupation of Yugoslavian territory. The overprint reads 'Co. Ci' which stands for 'Commissariato Civile'. Some of them are extremely rare!]

    [Below: Overprinted set values 025 - 30.]

    [Below: Canceled envelope.]

    [Below: Overprinted set values 50 P - 10 D, 1941.]

    [Below: 1 D carmine rose, double overprint error, 1941.]

    [Below: Overprinted set values 10 - 15.]

    [Below: Used examples]

    [Below: Sideways overprint error.]

    [Below: Overprinted set values 025 - 6.]

    [Below: This value is an extremely rare stamp - only 300 printed!]

    [Below: Overprinted set value 2 D]

    [Below: Circa 1941]

    [Below: Envelope featuring one of the above stamps.]

    [Below: Rare airmail canceled stamps from 1941 (MI IIIa-IIId), only 1100 sets were produced!]

    [Below: Rare inverted overprint of Italian Occupation of Lubliana Air Post, 1941]

  • Very rare sheets of tax revenue stamps...

    [Below: Sheet of 10 cent stamps.]

    [Below: Sheet of 50 cent stamps.]

    [Below: Close-up.]

    [Below: Sheet of 20 cent stamps.]

    [Below: Block of four.]

    [Below: Two envelopes from Italian administered Laibach (using Italian stamps), 1941.]