[Below: Official cover]

[Below: 1944 money order]

[Below: Back of money order]

[Below: Overprinted Italian preprinted envelope]

[Below: Overprinted Italian postcard]

[Below: Overprinted Italian postcard]

[Below: Overprinted Italian postcard]

[Below: Document - front]

[Below: Document - back]

[Below: Laibach postage stamps. Overprinted on existing Italian stamps. Circa 1944.]

[Below: Laibach airmail postage stamps. Circa 1944.]

[Below: (first row) Laibach special delivery postage stamps with surcharge to benefit the homeless. (second row) Red cross surcharged special delivery stamps. Circa 1944.]

[Below: Laibach postage due stamps. Circa 1944.]

[Below: 5c brown, rare trial overprint in dark brown instead of black.]

[Below: 30 on 50c violet, rare trial overprint in red instead of black.]

[Below: 1 Lira orange, another rare trial overprint in orange instead of black.]

[Below: Very rare double overprint error, valued at a few thousand dollars. October 1944.]

[Below: Another extremely rare overprint in which very few are known.]

[Below: Late war Laibach postage stamps. Circa March/May 1945.]

[Below: Very rare partial sheet.]

[Below: Another, even rarer partial sheet. This block of six has an error known as a 'shadow steeple'. Look at the top middle stamp and you'll see a steeple off to the side.]

[Below: Philatelic postcard featuring late-war Laibach stamp set on Italian occupation of Laibach postcard. The cancels were done one day after Allied 'VE Day' (Victory in Europe). Front/back.]

[Below: Never issued Laibach postage stamps. Very rare. Beware of very good counterfeits! Circa 1945.]

[Below: Here is a close-up of the brown set.]

[Below: Very rare imperforate versions. Circa 1945.]

[Below: This is a strip like the stamps above except this is am imperforate proof printed on card stock.]

[Below: Laibach cancels on German stamps. Note this is sent to 'Karl Hennig' a famous stamp dealer of the era. He had massive amounts of philatelic material sent to him from various locations to resell later. Often times these items contained rare variations, like stamps of two or even three different countries on the same envelope. There is a lot of controversy that some of this material was even created AFTER the war, and that he used authentic post office ink stampers! For these reasons and the sheer volume of his material still on the market, items addressed to 'Karl Hennig' usually sell for less.]

[Below: Note the German and Italian stamp together!]

[Below: Here is a clumsy fake/fantasy. Some scumbag with the intent of ripping unaware people off stamped this fraudulent overprint on German stamps of the period. No stamps like this exist in reality - whoever did this tried to make it appear even rarer by inverting one of the overprints!]

[Below: Here is a selection of postwar overprints from May 1945 by communist occupiers. The overprints are on Hungarian postage stamps and overprinted SLOVENIA.]

[Below: Another postwar overprint from May 1945 by communist occupiers. This overprint is done on LAIBACH stamps.]