Leslie Fry
Waters Flowing Eastward
Leslie Fry
(From the 7th Edition 1998)

As a friend and coworker of the late Paquita "Mady" de Shishmareff, or Leslie (L.) Fry, as she signed her documents and books, it is heartening to see yet another edition of her timeless, masterful research for the beneficial use of mankind.

Her unique life made Mady the only person in the world both able and willing to authenticate the true nature of The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion, erasing all doubt concerning their origin and purpose.

Mady was a "late" born baby, born into a San Francisco banking family. An uncle was the banker we read of in our American history books who was cheating by the "salting" of a failed gold mine with a gold-dust-loaded shotgun.

A child of extraordinary mental capacities, she was educated in French convents and English private schools. Her marriage was to a Russian military man of rank in the Czar's Army. The couple spent a vacation each year in a country where they could master some new language. Mady spoke and read a handful of them.

When the Bolshevik revolution was evident, her husband sent Mady and their two sons to America along with the family fortune. He was soon killed by the Bolsheviks. His death and the destruction of Christian Russia motivated Mady to understand the politics behind such a catastrophe. She began political, occult and monetary research which never stopped until her death in the fall of 1970.

Always willing to let others step forward to accept credit, Mady's influence as L. Fry was far greater than all but a few living today realize. She sat on the stage of America First rallies and was a first name acquaintance with such patriots as Charles Lindbergh and Gen. Pedro del Valle. She also sat for a time in a federal court in Washington, DC as a defendant in the infamous, FDR instigated "sedition trial."

When Henry Ford demanded of his editor of the Dearborn Independent, that he "start writing about the Jewish question," editor Cameron didn't know what Ford meant. At the time, Mady was operating, from a mansion in New York City, a "halfway house" for Russian nobility who managed to escape the Bolsheviks with their lives, but not their confiscated fortunes. She was also engaged in writing and publishing a broadsheet, applied to America's future, the political, financial and occult facts she had already learned. After it came to her attention that Ford's frustrated editor didn't have the information requested, she furnished him with the research that eventually became famous in Ford's book The International Jew.

She and Elizabeth Starr Miller (Lady Queenborough by marriage to an English Lord) were fast friends. They read Nesta Webster's books on the occult which excused British Grand Lodge masonry from the evils of other occultism. Knowing this was not so, the two spent 10 years together researching the occult from first recordings of history to date at the time. The result was the invaluable encyclopedia on occultism, Occult Theocrasy, also in reprint.

This lady of quality, with the strength of her wisdom and superior knowledge, could send words that would cut steel in a letter directly to the "Presidents of the Jewish Agency of International Order of B'nai Brith of Universal Jewish Alliance of World Zionism." Yet she had great compassion for the Amheretz, the non-political, small Jewish merchant who historically bears the brunt for the crimes of the moneyed Pharisees who would enslave us all.

Mady had an unending sense of humor and the sharp wit of high intelligence. Yet she was as humble as a human being can be. When we worked together in the early 1960s at Laguna Beach, California, as The California League of Christian Parents, it was a great lesson to me, then a young man, to watch this mental titan, who influenced world leaders without them ever sensing it, carefully and lovingly tutoring my almost school-age children in the most basic concepts.

Her books and bulletins, especially this book, were labors of love; frontal attacks on the devil's offensive, and, at the same time, factual warnings for all people of the true nature and agentry of mankind's enemy.

- Tony Blizzard
Washington, D.C.
July, 1998