• Note: The Reichsadler, or National Eagle, was originally intended to face the right when used as a national symbol, and to the left when used for a NSDAP symbol, but somewhere along the line, they abandoned this concept, as you will see below.

    [Below: International Automobile Exhibition, Berlin, 1939]

    [Below: Somewhere in Berlin...]

    [Below: An eagle from a women's BDM armband. I love this design!]

    [Below: Here's the eagle above on the cover of a 1936 BDM magazine.]

    [Below: The German pavilion on the Belgrade Exhibition Grounds.]

    [Below: This is cool, it shows the Treaty of Versailles being ripped in half. This 'treaty' was perhaps the most unfair thing ever written. It was rape, pillage and indefinite slavery.]

    [Below: Adolf Hitler in Austria.]

    [Below: This eagle is taken from the 'Deutsche Soldatenbund Stanndarn'.]

    [Below: The German Pavilion in France, 1937.]

    [Below: The German Pavilion in France, 1937.]

    [Below: The German Pavilion in France, 1937.]

    [Below: A ground view of the German Pavilion in France.]

    [Below: Distance shot of the German and Russian Pavilions, 1937.]

    [Below: No swastika on this set of eagles, but a beautiful mosaic nonetheless. It is from the Reich Chancellery.]

    [Below: SS training barracks, 1939.]

    [Below: Organization Todt work book.]

    [Below: Das Braune Haus (The Brown House), Munich.]

    [Below: Amazing, it looks like a church!]

    [Below: An armband of unknown origin]

    [Below: 'Die Wiege der Partei' (The Cradle of the Party) - 'Nebenzimmer des Sterneckerbräu, Munich' (this references the Sterneckerbräu brewery, which was an early meeting place for the German Workers' Party, which later became the NSDAP. It later became a place of pilgrimage for National Socialists.)]

    [Below: Close-up.]

    [Below: The center of an N.S.K.K. flag]

    [Below: 'Sie Fielen auf dass Deutschland Lebe' (They fell so that Germany may live). A cemetery monument dedicated to the 2nd Fallschirmjäger (paratrooper) Division.]

    [Below: An eagle from the handle of a silver spoon. As you'll see below, it is some sort of NSDAP political eagle.]

    [Below: 'Für Treue und in Anerkennung der Verdienste im kampf für das dritte Reich verleihe ich...'

    (For loyalty and in recognition of services rendered in the struggle for the Third Reich, I award...)]

    [Below: This is a tapestry.]

    [Below: The German war cemetery at Ekeberg, Oslo.]

    [Below: An official postage stamp.]

    [Below: The entrance to Dachau concentration camp. This was taken after the American occupation.]

    [Below: The entrance to Dachau concentration camp. This was taken after the American occupation.]

    [Below: The entrance to Mauthausen concentration camp.]

    [Below: Close-up.]

    [Below: The entrance to Mauthausen concentration camp.]

    [Below: The inmates have taken over the asylum. After the war, communists and criminals were set free all over Germany. Here in Mauthausen concentration camp they are attempting to pull down the eagle with ropes.]

    [Below: Closer shot.]

    [Below: Wehrmacht cigarette ration stamps.]

    [Below: As above, but with a slightly different shade, in sheet form. 'zehn Tage' means 'ten days'. Click to enlarge.]

    [Below: Another Wehrmacht cigarette ration stamp sheet. 'Ein Tag' means 'one day'.]

    [Below: The entrance to soldier barracks.]

    [Below: Tager der Wehrmacht (Day of the Army) - Reichsparteitag 1937.]

    [Below: National Socialist martyr Albert Leo Schlageter.]

    [Below: 'Berlin 1937 - Ausstellung Gebt mir vier jahre Zeit - Ehrenhalle' (Berlin 1937 Exhibition "Give me four years time" Honor hall')]

    [Below: 'Sie Starben für Deutschland' (They Died for Germany)]

    [Below: Enameled NSDAP metal sign: 'Zur herstellung von Deinstkleidung für alle Verbände der Nationalsozialistischen Deutschen Arbeiterpartei...'

    (For the production of uniforms for all associations of the National Socialist German Workers' Party...)]

    [Below: Enameled NSDAP metal sign.]

    [Below: Enameled metal sign - 'Preussisches Standesamt' = 'Prussian Registry']

    [Below: Enameled metal sign from the Reichsnährstand, a farming/griculture branch of the NSDAP.]

    [Below: Enameled metal sign from the Preußischer Amtsvorsteher (Prussian Head Office).]

    [Below: Enameled metal sign "Amt Jänschwalde" (Office of Jänschwalde - a municipality in Germany).]

    [Below: Enameled metal sign "Amt des Schiedsmanns" (Office of Arbitrator).]

    [Below: Enameled metal sign "Eingang Verboten" (Entrance Forbidden).]

    [Below: Enameled metal sign "SA of NSDAP Sturm 1/95".]

    [Below: Close-up.]

    [Below: Enameled metal sign "Deutsches Rotes Kreuz" (German Red Cross).]

    [Below: Close-up.]

    [Below: Here's an odd one: 'Wohnung des Beigeordneten' (Apartment of the Deputy).]

    [Below: In the great expanse of Poland]

    [Below: This is the front of an athletic shirt for the Water Police. One of the rarer athletic shirts!]

    [Below: Somewhere on Wilhelmstrasse]

    [Below: Here is the handle of a rare Postal Official's Dagger]

    [Below: Ceramic plate 'Grossdeutschlands Erwachen - Freiheit U. Brot' (Greater Germany Awaken - Freedom and Bread)]

    [Below: 'Ewig ist der Toten Tatenruhm!' (Eternally the Dead's Deeds are Glorious)]

    [Below: Close-up]

    [Below: Here's a color picture of a tapestry very similar! You can really see the SS and skulls in this example. I'm unsure if this is a reproduction or what?]

    [Below: The book plate of Adolf Hitler!]

    [Below: Another book plate, but different color. Maybe this is a scanning irregularity, but I we better keep it just in case it's not.]

    [Below: Here is a picture of the book plate in a book.]

    [Below: Here is an interesting variety of the book plate. Note that this version has two acorns and the one above has only one.]

    [Below: The dedication of a train station]

    [Below: The Reich Cabinet - look at those chairs!!!]

    [Below: Hermann Göring and Joseph Goebbels - look at Göring's chair! Wow, the chairs just keep getting better!]

    [Below: Speaking of chairs getting better, check out this SS chair! But we can't let this distract us here, since it doesn't have an eagle!]

    [Below: And let's not forget this beauty! Check out the eagle and the '1933'.]

    [Below: Is this the chair seen above?]

    [Below: Postal cancel]

    [Below: A pillow! Ah the dreams that have been dreamt upon it...]

    [Below: A Zeppelin belt buckle!]

    [Below: Symbol used for the Zeppelin.]

    [Below: Silver Zeppelin hallmark from a platter.]

    [Below: This is by Hanns Goebl, 'Hoheitsadler' (National Eagle) and was presented in the House of German Art in 1941.]

    [Below: Eagle from a National Socialist leader calendar]

    [Below: 1941 NSDAP year book ]

    [Below: A giant eagle on a ship]

    [Below: Veterans Day, 1939]

    [Below: Winterhilfswerk postcard]

    [Below: 'Führer Befiehl - Wir Folgen!' = 'Führer Leads - We Follow!']

    [Below: Kriegs-WHW (Winterhilfswerk) 1942-1943 postal cancel]

    [Below: An odd eagle missing its swastika from a postcard, 1936.]

    [Below: You'll notice the fasces in this picture, this was decoration for Mussolini's state visit to Germany. Click to enlarge!]

    [Below: Die Wehrmacht was a German military magazine, which was published from 1936 to 1944]

    [Below: The Putsch martyrs.]

    [Below: Postcard with Hitler Youth cancel from 1939.]

    [Below: Close-up.]

    [Below: 'Du Gabst Dem Führer Dein Ja' (You Gave Your Yes to the Führer)]

    [Below: 1936 'Glaube und Schwert' (Faith and Sword)]

    [Below: 'Das Buch - Ein Kraftquell der Nation' = 'The Book - A Power Source of the Nation']

    [Below: Reichs Party Day 1933, Zeppelin Field]

    [Below: Reichs Party Day 1933 - night version]

    [Below: Reichs Party Day 1933 - night version - a slightly different picture if you look closely.]

    [Below: Here's a still from a video to show you the immense size of the eagle.]

    [Below: The lighting was dramatic and superbly done.]

    [Below: A similar eagle design as those above. Note this is a Christmas photo.]

    [Below: A Luftshutz (air protection) eagle from an award document]

    [Below: The mighty Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler barracks.]

    [Below: Distance shot, except this day it is decorated with flags.]

    [Below: A beautiful shot from outside the gates. Check out those statues!]

    [Below: Here is a tapestry version of the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler eagle seen in the photos above.]

    [Below: Another shot of the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler eagle.]

    [Below: International Hunting Exhibition, Berlin, 1937, Ehrenhalle]

    [Below: A telegram from March, 1933]

    [Below: A much better shot of the eagle, but of lower quality...]

    [Below: Another shot from the parade.]

    [Below: The parlor in Ordensburg (elite NS school) in the town of Sonthofen. Click to enlarge!]

    [Below: 'Germany - The Land of Music]

    [Below: "Deutsche Führer Deutsches Schicksal" (German Leaders - German Destiny)]

    [Below: This magnificent work of art was given to Albert Speer for his Nuremburg Rally work]

    [Below: Inscription]

    [Below: Stuttgart's Defense Area 5 - 'Fearless and True']

    [Below: Hitler Youth camp, 1938]

    [Below: Hall of Honor, Ministry of Aviation, Berlin - (eagle designed by Douglas Hill - architect Ernst Sagebiel). Click to Enlarge!]

    [Below: Austian Hitler Youth postcard with eagle over the Austrian flag. At the time the NSDAP was banned in Austria, so this card was no doubt done in defiance. 'Unsere Fahne Flattert Uns Voran!' = 'Our Flag Waves Us On!']

    [Below: The front of an UFA building. UFA is a German film and television production company]

    [Below: A very rare armband, unknown usage, perhaps a youth organization.]

    [Below: An SS barracks - 'Meine Ehre Heisst Treue' = 'Loyalty is My Honor']

    [Below: Wow, look at that stained glass mosaic... this is from the German Hall at the 1937 International Exposition in Paris. It was called The Platform of Honor (Ehrenpodium).]

    [Below: A different angle of the stained glass mosaic...]

    [Below: And a gorgeous close-up of the stained glass mosaic...]

    [Below: Artist working on the stained glass mosaic...]

    [Below: This shot shows a set-up of strange little wooden figures. On the little house it says 'Gaststatte Strandbad' (Restaurant public swimming pool)]

    [Below: Another shot of the stained glass mosaic.]

    [Below: Left corner close-up of The Platform of Honor .]

    [Below: Center area close-up of The Platform of Honor .]