•The putsch also was the origin of the Blutfahne (blood-flag), one of the most holy artifacts of the Third Reich. This flag was stained with the blood of two SA members who had been shot during the putsch: the flagbearer Heinrich Trambauer, who was badly wounded, and Andreas Bauriedl, who fell dead onto the fallen flag. Adolf Hitler would later touch other National Socialist flags with the Blood Flag to bless them during rallies. The man in charge of carrying the Blood Flag during rallies was Jacob Grimminger, who also took part in the putsch. After the war the Blood Flag was never found. No doubt it is somewhere out there, faithfully cared for and treasured by a National Socialist.

[Below: 'Und ihr habt doch gesiegt!' (And you still won!)]

[Below: Postage stamps were released honoring the sixteen martyrs of the putsch. Released on November 5, 1943 for the 20th anniversary.]

[Below: Released on November 5, 1935 for the 12th anniversary.]

[Below: November 1936.]

[Below: Annual midnight swearing-in at the Feldherrnhalle of SS men, Munich, 1938]