'Mr. and Mrs. America and the oncoming generation of young Americans, the generation of Americans whom Roseman [Samuel Rosenman, a senior advisor to President Roosevelt. The name is mispelled in the FBI's transcription.] and Roosevelt are trying to train as murderers and as the accomplices of murderers.

Friends, fellow-Christocrats, fellow-crusaders for civilization and fellow-Americans. As your self-appointed correspondent for Europe's New Order and for the progress of civilization's crusade in a rejuvenated old world, my task is tell you facts and not to ask questions. And this fact I fully appreciate.

Tonight, however, I am forced to put a few questions to you—this for several reasons. I must put some questions to you, because I wish that you put them first to yourself, then to your friends and relatives and finally, to Franklin D. Roosevelt and to the men who are today so vilely misrepresenting you in Washington, both as Senators and as members of the House of Representatives.

As questions number one for you and for you to pass on to them, as question number one, I repeat-- I should like to ask you whether or not the American flyers who bombed Paris and Antwerp last Sunday and Monday deliberately threw their bombs at the objects which they hit and destroyed or whether they merely hit by chance a Sunday holiday crowd on the Longchamps racetrack and on an athletic grounds where a field day was being held for the benefit of French war relief. In other words, did they deliberately throw their bombs thus or were they so badly trained that they cannot hit what they wish to hit? One or the other must be the case.

Also I should like to ask whether these unthinking men and boys of American mothers deliberately bombed several school buildings in Antwerp and killed in these buildings some 250 Belgian schoolchildren, 180 schoolgirls in one building aline, as well as a hostel in Paris, in which, by chance, that famous American woman philanthropist, Mrs. [inaudible] was lying ill, after so many years of sacrifice in behalf of the American veterans of the war of 1914-1915.

Furthermore, did these same men and boys deliberately bomb so many hundreds of homes of Belgians and French civilians out of a lust for murder, out of criminal carelessness or on the orders of some Jewish or Jewed-up Talmudian maniac in London and Washington?

And finally, were these bombs [inaudible]? And, if not, what are you doing to... [inaudible] the [inaudible] to [inaudible] and to made sure that crimes are not committed again in your name?

Make no mistake on this issue, please. The men and boys who committed those dastardly deeds of murder and arson in Antwerp and Paris last Sunday and Monday did so officially in your name and in the name of every man, woman and child in the United States or American. They were flying in American-made machines and in machines which dared to flount our American flag, as they loosed their American-made bombs upon French and Belgian families. French and Belgian families who, on only a few months ago, were making all kinds of sacrifices at the behest of Paris government, which was still in the service of the present rulers of America and Britain.

That a number of British men and machines also took part in these raids does not remove or even minimise one iota of the stain which the raiders have placed upon you and upon me, as American citizens, and upon Old Glory, as our national flag.

The instigators of such ruthless raids as those on Antwerp and Paris were, of course, those Talmudian terrorists who instigated the war as a whole. For the fact that they were carried out, however, the responsibility rests primarily on Franklin D. Roosevelt, as the Commander in Chief of all of America's armed forces, and on the General whom he has appointed to carry out the detailed phases of Judah's war against civilization and against humanity.

But if you yourself, if you do not protest them, then the responsibility is yours as well. What goal Samuel Rosenman and Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill hope or expect to achieve through such Talmudian terrorism is beyond my powers of comprehension. This I must confess, frankly, and bluntly. And this I do confess without any feeling of shame-- nay, even with a feeling of pride, because it is impossible for me to stoop sufficiently to discover anything so low as the motives of the men who can devise such devilry.'