Here you will find ticket stubs, tour merchandise to that specific tour, posters and flyers. We've been pretty broad on what is shown here, from Motley Crue to Deicide. Some shows we saw, some we didn't. If you have anything to contribute, contact us.


May 28, 1997


August 19, 1998


July 6, 1986

[Note: Green and red variatons. Red was day of show, green advance. Ultimate Sin Tour. You'll notice that the green ticket stub is ripped on both sides -- that's because a friend of mine was kicked out of the show, thrown out a side door of the auditorium, and then boldly went back through the ticket line! He held on to the ripped side of the ticket stub, cupping it in his hand so they couldn't see it, and then ripped the other side himself and handed it to them! And it actually worked! Haha...]



January 12, 1982

[Note: Bark at the Moon tour.]


March 16, 1992

[tour pin]

Obituary/Agnostic Front/Cannibal Corpse/Malevolent Creation

August 20

[Note: Chris Barnes of Cannibal Corpse initialed this one... This was a great show!]

[advertising flyer]

Nuclear Assault

April 7,1993

[Note: Signed by the lead vocalist...]

Motley Crue

September 8, 1985

[Note: Shout at the Devil tour.]

[An incredibly lame montage.
When did it become cool for metal bands to look like girls? Many of these so-called 'glam' bands would make transvestites jealous.]

[Tour headband. Did anyone actually wear these things?!]



June 14, 1989


April 4, 1990

[Note: Morgoth was the opening band at this show.
The above patch was sold at the show, although the 'Out of the Dark...' release had been out for many years.]

Iron Maiden

March 5, 1987

[Note: Somewhere in Time Tour.]

[Another tour headband. Even being Iron Maiden doesn't make this thing cool. These were so bad...]


[longsleeve sweatshirt]

Iron Maiden

June 19, 1988

[Note: Seventh Son of a Seventh Son Tour.]

Judas Priest

November 25, 1990


December 3, 1998

[Note: Deicide had no knowledge of what local band was scheduled to open up for them for this show.
Ironically, it was a Christian band.
When Glen Benton learned of this before the show, he wanted to cancel. But alas, the show must go on. And it did.]

[tour longsleeve, front]


[tour hoodie, front/back]

Clash of the Titans


June 6, 1991

[advertising poster ripped off a light pole]

Cannibal Corpse/Samael/Immolation

December 6, 1996

[Note: Although Samael was billed to play, they never showed.]

Cannibal Corpse

February 11, 1997

[advertising poster]

[Immolation tour shirt, front/back, notice that on the inside of the front are the words 'Christ Denied.']


August 12, 2001

Darkness and Hate - Drakkar Hellfest 2000

May 20, 2000

[Note: Looks like it was a great show!]

Morbid Angel/Disgorge

March 17, ?

[Note: Ventura Theater, no idea when and where this was...]

Celtic Frost

Friday the 13th

[Note: 'Fenders' in Long Beach, California...]

Ordo Equitum Solis

November 6, 1993

[Note: This ticket stub was included in a wooden boxset released by Musica Maxima Magnetica. One of my all-time favorite bands, but I've never seen them live, and sadly probably never will!]

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