[Above: Slipcase cover (front)]

Demon Entrails
[Century Media 1983/2007]

-Format-CD boxset-

      Century Media went all out on this release. Very high quality.

[Above: Slipcase cover (back)]

[Above: Front/back/spine inner CD book]

[Above: Inside disc 1]

[Above: Inside disc 2]

[Above: Example of the 36 page booklet within]

[Above: Poster]


[Above: Front]

Nights in Hell
[Warhammer Records 2001]


      This is an unofficial release from Colombia containing live tracks.

[Above: Back of cover]

[Above: CD back]

[Above: CD]

Marches of the Iron Guard

[Above: Front/inner]

In Marcia Guardie di Ferro


      A cool CD representing one of the most awesome chapters of Romanian history - The Iron Guard. The Iron Guard was formed by a true saint - Corneliu Zelea Codreanu.

[Above: CD Back (the inside is blank)]

[Above: CD]

Dark Throne

[Above: Front]

Dark Essence
[Amarillo Records/Renatio Records 2010]


      I'm not really sure if this is licensed or not. It is a professional-looking release, so who knows? It also comes with a poster (not pictured). Track six omits 'Northern Sky' and instead just says 'A Blaze in the'. Number nine should say 'Where Cold Winds Blow' instead of 'Where Gold Winds Blow'.

[Above: Glossy booklet]

[Above: Inside five page booklet]

[Above: CD]



[Above: Cover/back]

Figures of Chained Spirits
[Satanic Hateful Warskin]

  • Cassette

          This limited edition (200 copies) release is basically a cassette and pin in a long plastic bag, with a paper which serves as front and back. The guy above in the glasses and sideburns looks like Jim Morrison. So this proves it, he didn't die, he just moved on to Black Metal!

    [Above: Antinom (drums)]

    [Above: Cassette side A]

    [Above: Cassette side B]

    [Above: Small pin]


    Lord Blasphemer

    [Above: Cover/back]

    Visions of Hatred
    [self-released 2000]

  • CD

          This release contains a CD tucked inside a 22 page booklet, containing band pictures, lyrics and art.

    [Above: First page - the CD pouch is seen on the left]

    [Above: CD and middle of booklet]

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