Iron Maiden


Twilight Zone

-Format-12" LP-

      'Twilight Zone' bears one of my favorite Iron Maiden album covers. This 'maxi single' contains the tracks 'Twilight Zone' and 'Wrathchild.'


At the Devil's Studio 1990
[Hells Headbangers]


      Here is a 2011 Beherit bootleg from a label called Hells Headbangers. Included here are the following very raw, but very interesting tracks from this black metal legend. These versions are fairly different than the material that made it to the albums. Very cool for a rabid Beherit fan such as myself to hear. The tracks are:

Grave Desecration Vengeance
At the Devil's Churns
Nocturnal Evil
Whores of Belial
The Oath of Black Blood
Six Days with Sadistic Slayer


[Below: CD case back]

[Below: CD inlay]

[Below: CD inlay inside]

[Below: CD]

Bestial Summoning

'live: Dingus, Venray, Holland'
[New Era Productions]

-Format-Seven inch-

      Advertised as a band that Euronymous of Mayhem hated... This is a 2012 re-issue of a 1992 live release by Bestial Summoning. The tracks can be viewed below.

[Below: 7" back]

[Below: inlay]


[Neat Records]

-Format-12" LP-

      This is a Warhead single from 1983. It contains an extended version of Warhead, Lady Lust and the track The 7 Gates of Hell.

[Below: LP back]

[Below: LP back close-up]

[Below: LP side A]

[Below: LP side A close-up]

[Below: LP side B]


Of Lord Satans Mysteries


      This high quality bootleg CD contains tracks derived from cassettes Dead sent out back in 1989. The quality of the tracks isn't too bad, some better than others. The interesting part of these tracks are that some of them are different versions than what most people have heard. The 'Freezing Moon' track for example is a very SUPERB early iteration (worth the price of the CD itself!). Also of note are the charming drawings by Dead found throughout the packaging. Fuck Van Gogh, I'd take Dead any day!

[Below: Back]

[Below: tray inlay]

[Below: One of the booklet panes]

[Below: CD]


Come to the Sabbat/Way to Power

-Format-Seven inch-

      This seven inch, containing the track Come to the Sabbat and Way to Power, was released in 2006. It doesn't get much more awesome than the song Come to the Sabbat on vinyl!

[Above: 7" back]

[Above: 7" side A]

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