Wings of Antichrist
[Merciless/Necropolis Records]


      This eight track LP is a gate-fold, with a booklet with pictures and lyrics. 2000 It's interesting to note that the girl who posed for these pictures, Melissa, was murdered a few years after this picture was taken. I believe she was killed by her boyfriend and her body thrown in a lake.


[Below: The CD version isn't rare, but since it is very different looking than the LP, here it is... Below is the cover]

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[Below: CD]

Dark Throne

Return to Ultima Thule


      This bootleg LP is hand-numbered and limited to 315 copies. It contains the following tracks from the 'Thulcandra' demo of 1988 'Eon/Thulcandra' and 'Archipelago.' It also contains the tracks 'Snowfall' (New Dimension demo 1988),' 'Life' and 'Untitled live songs' (Finland 1991).

Mephisto Walz

Self titled
[Supporti Fonografici]


      This very early LP contains a male vocalist and looks and sounds nothing like the dark female vocal driven sounds of later days. The Tracks are 'Trible Conflict' 'Spoken Word,' 'Oh Fallen Angel,' 'Aboriginee Requiem,' 'Porcelan Gods' and 'Eternal Deep.'

Thor's Hammer

Fidelity Shall Triumph/May the Hammer Smash the Cross
[Vinland Winds]


      This is a double gatefold, 2 LP release. It contains all the songs of 'Fidelity Shall Triumph/May the Hammer Smash the Cross' CD releases.

Ad Hominem

Planet Zog - The End
[Undercover Records]


      This is a double gatefold limited edition to 500 copies release. It contains all the songs of the CD release.

Black Sabbath

Die Young
[Vertigo Records]


      This single featuring Ronnie James Dio contains two tracks 'Die Young' and 'Heaven and Hell (live version).'

Ozzy Ozbourne

Live Mr. Crowley picture vinyl
[Jet Records]


      This live EP picture vinyl contains the following tracks 'Mr. Crowley,' 'You Said it All' and 'Suicide Solution.' 1982

Ozzy Ozbourne

Captured Live! bootleg vinyl


      This bootleg double LP contains the following tracks, which were recorded live in LA in 1982 and feature Randy Rhoads. They are, typos and all, 'Over the Mountain,' 'Mr. Crowley,' 'Crazy Train,' 'Suicide Solutions,' 'Guitar solo Randy Rhoads,' 'Drum solo Tommy Alridge,' 'Revelation (Mother Earth),' 'Steal Away (The Night),' 'Goodbye to Romance,' 'Iron Man' and 'Children of the Grave.'


Mystery - single


      This single contains the following tracks, the first of which is the studio version of 'Mystery' and 'Eat Your Heart Out' and Don't Talk to Strangers' which are both live, from 1984, Washington, USA.


Demos #3 #4 #5'


      This bootleg CD contains three demos and two rehearsals. First is the 'Infernal Death' demo with the tracks 'Baptized in Blood,' 'Archangel' and 'Infernal Death.' Next is the 'Back from the Dead' demo with the tracks 'Intro./Back from the Dead,' 'Mutilation,' 'Reign of Terror,' 'Beyond the Unholy Grave,' 'Baptized in Blood,' 'Legion of Doom' and 'Skill to Kill.' The last demo 'Mutilation' the tracks are 'Land of No Return,' 'Zombie Ritual' and 'Mutilation.' Next is 'August 20th 1986 Rehearsal' which contains the following tracks 'Regurgitated Guts,' Sacrificial Cunt' and 'Torn to Pieces.' Lastly is '12-31-84 Brandon Florida Rehearsal' with the track 'Curse the Priest.'


Demos 88-90


      This bootleg CD contains four demos. They are, typos intact, 'Dismembered' demo 1988, with the tracks 'Deathevokation,' 'Substantually Dead' and 'Defective Decay.' Next is 'Rehearsal demo 1989,' the tracks are 'Deranged from Blood,' 'Blashemies of the Flesh,' 'Selfdissection' and 'Deathevokation.' Next is 'Demo II 1989,' the tracks are 'Deranged from Blood,' 'Blashemies of the Flesh' and 'Selfdissection.' Lastly is the demo 'Reborn in Blashpemy demo 1990,' with the tracks 'Intro,' 'Dismembered,' 'Sickening Art' and 'Defective Decay.'

Cannibal Corpse

Single/previously unreleased
[Metal Blade]


      This single CD contains the track 'Hammer Smashed Face' and the cover songs 'The Exorcist' and 'Zero the Hero.'


Satan's Children


      This poor quality bootleg a handful of rare and unreleased tracks. They are 'Unguarded Instinct,' 'Die by the Sword,' 'Tormentor,' 'Simple Aggression,' 'The Final Command,' 'Ice Titan,' 'Assasin' (misspelled), 'Night Rider,' 'Crionics,' 'Aggressive Perfector' and 'Witching Hour (Venom cover w/Robb Flynn).'


'Obedience' Picture LP
[Regain Records]


      This picture vinyl is limited to 500 copies.


Morbid Rehearsals


      This cassette contains very early rehearsals from 1990.

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