Leve Vikinganden

Leve Vikinganden
[Damnation Records]

-Format-seven inch-

      Recorded in October 1994, this seven inch contains the following two tracks: 'Nar Hammeren Heves' and 'Nar Aftensolen Rinner.'


The Last Tormentor
[Malicious Records]

-Format-Seven inch vinyl-

      Live in Bergen, on 5-23-96, this seven inch contains the following two tracks: 'Revelation of Doom' and 'Ritual.'


Intrantment of Evil
[Relapse Records]

-Format-Seven inch vinyl-

      Recorded in 1990 and released in 1991 by Relapse Records, all vocals on this record were done by Will Rahmer of Mortician. This seven inch contains the following four tracks: 'Entrantment of Evil,' 'Eternal Torture,' 'Devoured Death' and 'Unholy Massacre.'


Obsessed by Cruelty
[Metal Blade Records]

-Format-12 inch vinyl-

      This LP was released by Metal Blade in 1986, and contains the following eleven tracks: 'Deathlike Silence,' 'Brandish the Sceptre,' 'Proselytism Real,' 'Equinox,' 'After the Deluge,' 'Obsessed by Cruelty,' 'Fall of Majesty Town,' 'Nuctemeron,' 'Pretenders to the Throne,' 'Witchhammer' and 'Volcanic Slut.'

King Diamond

Come to the Edge


      This double CD live bootleg was recorded on April 20th, 1998 in Polo Alto, California. It contians the following tracks: 'Welcome Home,' 'The Invisible Guest,' 'Spider's Lullabye,' 'Sleepless Nights* ('s' omitted on sleeve),' 'Eye of the Witch,' 'The Witch,' 'The Candle,' 'Up from the Grave,' 'Family Ghost,' 'Voodoo,' 'Salem,' 'One down, Two to go,' 'Sarah's Night,' 'The Exorcist,' 'Unclean Spirits,' 'Abigail,' 'Holloween' and 'Come to the Sabbath.'

Cradle of Filth

Total Fucking Darkness


      Back in the days of Cradle of Filth sounding death metal, this demo contains the originals of the following songs: 'The Black Goddess Rises,' 'Unbridled at Dusk,' 'The Raping of Faith,' 'As Deep as any Burial' and 'Fraternally Yours, 666 (outro).'

Mercyful Fate

Return of the Living Dead
[Metal Memory-BOOTLEG]


      This live bootleg was recorded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1982. It contains the following nine tracks: 'Black Funeral,' 'Curse of the Pharaohs,' 'Into the Coven,' 'A Corpse without a Soul* (omitted 'a' in track listing),' 'Return of the Vampire,' 'Devil Eyes,' 'Nightmare,' 'Nun's Have no Fun' and 'Satan's Fall.'

Dark Tranquility

Trail of Life Decayed [demo 1991]


      This rare demo contains the following early tracks from this now quite well-known band. Tracks are: 'Midwinter (intro),' 'Beyond Enlightement,' 'Vernal Awakening' and 'Void of Tranquillity.'


Ragnarok (A New Beginning)
[Aske Records -BOOTLEG]


      Limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies, this eight track Norwegian bootleg boasts the following tracks: 'Et Hivitt Lys Over Skogen (1992),' 'Lost Wisdom (demo version)' 'Spell of Destruction (demo version),' 'Channeling the Power of Souls into a New God (demo version),' 'Outro (demo),' 'A Lost and Forgotten Sad Spirit (1992 original version taken from the Aske release on DSP),' 'Duet with Mayhem (Varg sings a comical duet with Mayhem)' and 'Havamal (The head of the Asatru religion Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson (died in 1993) sings Havamal (words of Odin) accompanied by the music of Burzum's 'Han Som Reiste'.'

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