Black Tears of Death

Black Tears of Death-Volume V Comp

Black Tears of Death-Volume V Comp
[Black Tears Records]

      Here is a quite an underground CDR compilation containing 13 bands. I've never heard of any of them besides Immemorial of Sweden (even the label Black Tears was unknown to me before this CD.) Almost all of the remaining bands are from various parts of Italy. Some of the better, more memorable acts include Korozy from Bulgaria, Abhor (for their non-typical sound, the vocals kinda reminded me of the original Thorns, a rhythmic chant of sorts accompanied by slow atmospheric music), Flayel Svart (quite a strange sounding name for a band, to English speaking ears at least!), Ater (Very strange sounding also...), Immemorial (extremely fast and intense at times, a band destined to get signed to a label do the popular style they play... proficient song writers/musicians, but been done many times before), VII Arcano (a sort of death/black mix, some very brutal moments). The others... well, some had potential, others well... didn't. Overall this is an interesting compilation, with a handful of unknown and interesting bands. Definitely not your typical comp., and this shows once again that Italy has some great overlooked talent.


Namtaru-The Plagues of Namtar

The Plagues of Namtar
[Gothic Records]

      Here is a four song black metal CD on Gothic records, of which I knew nothing about this band before being sent this CD. The sound is fairly fast at times, sometimes also chaotic and disorganized sounding. Of the four members, two are vocalists, and the drummer and bassist are also backing vocalists. The main vocals are sung in a perhaps slower than usual black metal style voice... This isn't really too interesting, but it has its moments.

Black Pentecost

Black Pentecost-Funeral Winds in Paradise

Funeral Winds in Paradise
[Gothic Records]

      The CD starts and ends very bizarre... it reminds me of some kind of Halloween music... sort of ghostly at times, then this insane screaming accompanied by drums. It's a very weird release, and I can't say I've heard anything quite like it before. This has very few actual lyrics...There are two very long tracks that make up this CD, titled simply as Passage 1 (running 28:01) and Passage 2 (running 25:48.) I'm not too sure if most of this was even practiced, it sounds probable that most of the hysterical screams and various beats/sounds are done at the moment. And further, these two tracks are so long and without pattern that I'm sure they could never do them twice exactly the same. You could compare this to some of Abruptum's material... but with more energy. This is the soundtrack to utter insanity. At times it sounds as if this guy is being ripped apart... needless to say, this is recommended!

Forest of Impaled

Forest of Impaled-Demonvoid

[Red Stream Records]

      Probably what sticks out most about this black metal band are the guitars, a cleaner, metallic rhythmic sound. The guitars on the first track, 'For Ours is the Kingdom,' are semi-reminiscent of old Immolation in a way. While there isn't too much out of the ordinary, this is a pretty solid band. Worth a listen.

Judas Iscariot

Judas Iscariot-Distant in Solitary Night

Distant in Solitary Night
[Moribund Records]

      The initial vocals on this remind me of the masterpiece of Bathory-The Return. Musically, some of it is also very Burzum-sounding. It's a pretty good release, but offers nothing new to the genre. This release in particular, is melodic and well constructed, with many memorable chords and arrangements. All in all a good release.



[Napalm Records]

      First, I'd like to say this is a very good release. If you've enjoyed the past Summoning releases, you will thoroughly enjoy this. Summoning creates fascinating keyboard atmospheres... but the black metal elements are equally well done. This is a very tight, focused band and probably one of the best more well-known acts out there.

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