Torch of Darkness

His Infernal Smile

      I don't know much about this band, where they come from, who they are, etc.. beyond the title and track names, but let me tell you, this is some extremely great sounding stuff. Very dark and atmospheric. It carries an old school black metal sound and vibe, with one of the most tortured vocalists I've heard in a while. The last two tracks of this five song CD-R are a Von and Burzum cover. Blood Angel and EA, Lord of the Depths, respectively. The Burzum cover is unique and cool. Very insane sounding stuff, recommended!


Unending Carnage
[professional self-release]

      Oshiego play some pretty solid death metal, with some black metal backing vocals, which I could do without. Personally I think the mixing of these two vocal styles hardly ever works and it's a trend I'd like to see die. That aside, both of this bands vocal styles alone are quite good. Instrumentally they are very technically efficient, more so than the average band.

Band Homepage


De Rerum Natura
[Bleak Art Records 2009]

      Despite the strange name, this band play some pretty straight forward, highly proficient black metal. Yet, something is missing. Despite having a good flow and atmosphere, it lacks feeling to me. There's nothing really new here and not much else to say.

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Dark Vision

Bestial Remedy
[self release]

      Although this band has been around since 1996, this is my first encounter with them. This five song black/death release comes after a few years of inactivity and line-up changes. Was it worth it...? I'd say it is. While not a masterpiece, it has the seeds of something good, and shows a lot of potential. Sometimes it is your typical sound, other times it shows promise of something more unique. Time shall tell.

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Destini Beard & Midnight Syndicate

The Dark Masquerade
[Linfaldia Records]

      Midnight Syndicate, the long time masters of symphonic atmosphere return. Unlike previous, mostly instrumental releases, here they have teamed up with a female vocalist named 'Destini Beard.' First, Midnight Syndicate is in top form, once again. The music is beautiful, dark and flowing, and really fits the vocals. Which speaking of, are very, very good. Destini is truly a great vocalist. Her voice is everything it needs to be here, passionate and sorrowful, strong and delicate. An extremely recommended release, you will not be disappointed. We can only wait for another release uniting these superb artists.

Midnight Syndicate Homepage

Destini Beard Homepage

Solace of Requiem

The Great Awakening

      Solace of Requiem are a good slab of old school sounding death metal. Chaotic at times, but extremely brutal and violent. Track six is a soft sounding instrumental, which is extremely out of place. But alas, track seven brings back the unrelenting audio violence! Good stuff and a good nine song release.

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[Bleak Art Records 2009]

      Aenaon found its beginning in 2005 and hails from Greece. While most of its members are from various other bands, the only one familiar to me is Varathron. Remember them? Good stuff. Well, on to Aenaon... they are extremely fast for the most part and very skilled yet with all this speed and brutality sometimes any sort of feeling is lost. It's very competent black metal, and at times captures a cool vibe, like track four and five, but other times it might be a bit too chaotic for my tastes.

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Requiem Aeternam


      Destiny Man? Is this broken English or did this band really choose this name? I'm not sure where they are from, but their names 'Jose' and 'Fabian' lend me to believe that English isn't their first language, so I'll forgive them for the lame sounding album name. Well, anyway, names aren't too important when the music is quality, which this is, but unfortunately, it is a jumble of styles. Clean guitars and brutal fast drums and vocals don't seem to mix well to me. Some songs have some clean vocals as well that didn't greet my ears too well. I think the band should make up their minds on what style they want to play. Perhaps then something good may come, because they are able musicians... nothing here for me though.

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Teutoburg Forest

Anti-Subhuman Scum
[self release]

      Wow, here is yesterday, today. This is the second release of Teutoburg Forest. Listening to this divine work of black metal takes one back to its glory days. Extremely dark and atmospheric, simple and straightforward, with vocals to match any of yesterday's greats. The tortured vocals are truly something great. Darkly divine... -2nd

Band page

Teutoburg Forest

Chao Ab Ordo
[self release]

      First, you gotta love the name of this one, since Teutoburg Forest is where the ancient Germanic tribes defeated three Roman legions! This is the original release by this band and it is a lot rawer sounding, although I believe all three releases were done in a very short time together. Its a good start for even better things to come.

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Teutoburg Forest

Cult of the Individual
[self release]

      The third release from Teutoburg Forest, and quite a good one. Like the first two, it possesses both chaos and atmosphere. Primitive and angry, it captures the black metal spirit well. Although I might have liked the second release, 'Anti-Subhuman Scum' slighting better overall, track eight 'As the Ego Dissolves' is one hell of an angry slab of darkness and chaos. Some of the best tortured screaming ever. An easy favorite for me. Again, a great release.

Band page


Wake Up
[Quassam Rockets Records]

      This is a good release by RAC German band. The songs are pretty catchy and heavy. My personal fave is 'The Core of Hate.' This song is rockin'! Most of the lyrics on the CD are in English with death metal vocals.

Blue Max


      This eleven track CD was recorded in late 2006, in Germany. It is described as 'street rock 'n roll,' and indeed this is some catchy, rockin stuff. The song 'can you hear us' shines the brightest, it's an awesome song and makes the whole CD worthwhile!



Endlosung Final Solution Demo - The Early Years
[Thule Publications]

      Landser is by far one of the most well known and respected bands in the NS music scene. Some of its members have even done prison time for their music. Say the wrong thing in Germany or other certain parts of this world and you can go to jail! Is that Democracy? I guess so... But it makes their music all the stronger, knowing that they've suffered for it, fearlessly. This CD was a benefit CD I would presume to help with their legal troubles. It features 16 tracks from their early demos. They are raw and not nearly as catchy as the later stuff, but it is always interesting to hear a band's beginnings.

Thule Publications


Rock Gegen Oben - Deutsche
[Rebell Records]

      I think this CD was done in 1997. This Release contains what I think to be the best Landser song ever 'Rudolf Hess.' A stirring ballad of this great man. The feeling and love captured here are rare in any genre. This song has been remade by various bands, including the folk artist Griffin. This CD also has a few other gems, like 'Kreuzberg' and the CD finale 'Rebell.'


Republik der Strolche

      I don't have much information on this band, and unfortunately the inlay is written in German. This release contains the legendary track 'Ian Stuart' which is a fantastic tribute song. The flow and sound of this song is amazing. There are a few covers of this song available, including a great one by the female artist 'Saga.' There are also a few other great songs on this CD like the self-titled 'Landser.' A legendary band for a reason.


Das Reich kommt wieder

      Every Landser CD seems to have one utterly spectacular song, and this release it is the folk sounding song 'Nordland.' Wow, truly a beautiful song. The rest of the tracks didn't do much for me, but 'Nordland' made it all worthwhile.

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