Indungeon-Machinegunnery of Doom

Machinegunnery of Doom
[Full Moon Productions]

      Indungeon is a 'hobby project' with members from Thy Primordial and Mythotyn. Its very straightforward and heavy, finding its roots in the metal of yesterday. This is an extremly aggresive and melodic band, the riffs and drums are powerful and well organized. Always retaining a sharp edge through this recording in the form of sheer velocity. Everything from their imagery and the propaganda of their promotion, to their lyrics and samples of battle in this recording, are dedicated to war and destruction. To add to this fiery atmosphere they also cover Bathory's 'Die in Fire.' The songs are intense, well structured and the album carries over very nicely. Not bad at all for a band that never seriously planned on releasing material.

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Solefald-The Linear Scaffold

The Linear Scaffold
[Avantgarde Records]

      Clean vocals, accoustic guitar, keyboards, piano and more, combined with your basic elements of black metal make Solefald. The music varies alot throughout this recording, going from slow guitar and narrated whispers to heavy guitars and screeching vocals without a moments notice. Solefald is not your typical black metal, and while there is not too much new here to offer, this is definately a good contribution. The song 'Philisophical Revolt' shines brightest, a very cool song showing alot of potential for the future.

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Weltenbrand-Das Rabenland

Das Rabenland
[General Inquisitor]

      An excellent newer band utilizing two keyboard players, a synthesizer, two female vocalists and a clean male vocalist. 'Das Rabenland' sounds very orchestrated at times, but always flows with rich keyboards and solemn female and male vocals. There are no guitars in this recording whatsoever, which they do very well without. Fans of Arcana and their likeness will most definitely like this. Keep a close eye on this band, there's always room in the scene for bands like this.

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Tristania-Widow's Weeds

Widow's Weeds
[Napalm Records]

      Tristania successfully combines such elements as black/death metal, violins, clean male and female vocals, choir and synthesizer. Norway continues to prove to the world its ability to add more and more good bands to the scene. Comparable to old Theatre of Tragedy in some ways , its quite an impressive, well put together release.

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Destroyer 666

Unchain the Wolves

Unchain the Wolves
[Modern Invasion]

      Australia's Destroyer 666 rage into battle on this release. A follow up to their 'Violence is the Prince of the World,' but far better. With messages of a strong hatred for this world, thoroughly anti-christian, and a deep glamorization of war. Although this could stand for the lyrical content of a lot of bands these days, Destroyer 666 do it in their own way. This is indeed a soundtrack to a raging battle. The music is driving, inspiring aggression and hatred for the falsities of civilization and modern religion. A call to our heathen past, a cry for war. Indeed, the wolves have been unchained on this release.

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Black Silhouette Enfolded in Sunrise

Black Silhouette Enfolded in Sunrise
[Folter Records]

      Another Cradle of Filth clone... After listening to it a few times to be fair , my conclusion did not really change. The music is well organized and layered, sometimes using violin, 'weeping female vocals,' and keyboards. One of the songs in particular, a piano piece entitled, 'Tears of Piano,' is quite sorrowful, and the best piece by far. There could be a lot of creativity in this band, but they should develop more of their own style. But, it's an average release, just nothing I enjoy personally.

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