Naturon Demonto-Demonic Seed

Naturon Demonto/Demonic Seed
[Goat Productions]

      Denmark's crazed Sadogoat return on this split cassette (limited to 188 copies)! This release begins with four Sadogoat tracks, which compared to their previous recordings, seem to be a tiny bit more polished, but that's saying little, since this band is one of the rawest, distorted acts around. Any band can record raw and distorted black metal, yet barely none in recent years can capture the intensity and violence which this trio does so well. There is an intensity here that is hard to put into words. Sadogoat defies such things as mainstream success and recognition through there wholly abrasive style, although in recent days their name is becoming known amongst a few in the underground who hunger for their destructive sound. If you are interested in some of the most primitive, audibly abrasive and tormented music on this planet, look no further. Sadogoat return with another fantastic release. The next tracks, three rehearsal recordings, are by Hellhaunted, another band with two of the three members of Sadogoat. These tracks are in the Sadogoat style, but much more distorted, it's not too entirely different from Sadogoat, we'll see if the future gives us a clearer picture. Very recommended!

Goat Productions

Coven Curse

Hard Eternal Death (demo 1999)/Evil Rise (demo 2000)

      Here we have Coven Curse from France, which has existed since 1997, since releasing two demo cassettes. The music of Coven Curse is very primitive, both in their playing/song writing and recording. The vocals are especially weak sounding, recorded too low, and sung with perhaps not enough intensity. Most of the music is very unmemorable, yet at times it takes a totally different approach, showing feeling and intensity, yet unfortunately quickly sacrificing this. There is however an abundance of chaotic intensity here, and no doubt many black metal fans might enjoy these demo releases. This band needs only to work on imbuing more feeling into their music, therefore making it entirely more interesting, after all, it is raw energy and feeling which makes great black metal so great. There is potential here, keep an eye out for Coven Curse in the future.

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[Red Stream]

      First thing I notice about this is the annoying male vocals. The vocals are sung in a low deep style, but comes off rather comical. Musically, it's very tight and organized skillfully, accompanied with sometimes interesting female vocal melodies, yet those male vocals ruin the first three songs... Song four releases us from this horrible vocal style, to a much better harsh, almost black metal fairly slow-sung style. Song five begins with some great female sung melody, then once again is ruined by some 'popeye' sounding vocals. ... there was some potential here, but sadly it was ruined. A new vocalist could do wonders for this band, because there is some definite talent here, definitely not my style though.

Red Stream

Autumn Tears

Promotional Sampler Compilation
[Dark Symphonies]

      'The purpose of this sampler is to introduce the music of Autumn Tears.' If you're not familiar with Autumn Tears, and enjoy female vocals and symphonic melodies, this is surely for you. This fourteen track CD is limited to 1000 promotional copies with songs represented from all four of their releases. A fabulous band of this type, one of the best out there in the underground.

Dark Symphonies

Midnight Syndicate

Gates of Delirium
[Entity Productions]

      Midnight Syndicate return with yet another excellent release of dark atmosphere. This music is very soundtrack-like (based on a theme of the 'Haverghast' insane asylum), it easily draws the listener in with its rich melodies and haunting audio-imagery. There is twenty one tracks here, each sporting a unique sound and feel. High quality all around, another success! This certainly will not disappoint anyone interested in this genre of music, for it is by far one of the best bands of its type.

Entity Productions

Midnight Syndicate

Arise from Thorns

Before an Audience of Stars
[Dark Synphonies]

      From Virginia, this is the bands second self-financed CD re-released through Dark Symphonies (remastered with three bonus tracks). This female vocalist driven band sounds very much like early The Gathering with Anneke, yet hardly as talented and memorable, yet comparing this to the new Gathering release, this is far, far better. I don't wish to insinuate this band lacks talent, they definitely have a lot of talent and skill, the vocalist/keyboardist also has quite an efficient voice. Perhaps the only negative criticism I could give this band is their sound is a bit too mainstream for my tastes. Overall, fans of The Gathering take notice, you will probably most definitely enjoy this band. A very good band, and a good release despite the few negative aspects.

Dark Symphonies


Blackest Autumn
[Realms of Darkness]

      This seven song MCD (limited to 1000 copies) begins very promising with the first song, which is very unique, with an eerie, dark and foreboding obscurity permeating it. Unfortunately, the following tracks somehow manage to lose that uniqueness. The following songs, are fairly average fast paced raw black metal. The recording is a bit poorer than would be expected, with some static and pops apparent. The title track, 'Blackest Autumn' perhaps shines the brightest, with its aggressive and vicious spirit. Overall, this introduces a band which should leave its mark on American black metal. Although there is a lot of room for improvement here, the potential certainly exists.

Realms of Darkness

Theatres des Vampires

Bloody Lunatic Asylum

      The third release from this Italian band, who is no longer on Alkaid Records, but now Blackend. As the past two releases, I was not disappointed. There is a lot of variation here, as in all of their work, the music is executed very intricately, a finely woven blend of rich keyboards, female vocals, clean and black metal style vocals--amongst the backdrop of very well done drums and guitars. Advertising has compared this band to old Cradle of Filth, but I hear no resemblance, do not let the name fool you. Theatres des Vampires remains one the Italy's best today. Very recommended.


[Bleed rec]

      Another great band from Australia. Another great band from the underground previously unknown to me. Bands like this show the true intensity and hunger which most of the mainstream has long forgotten. Fairly fast and melodic, barbaric and driving, you're sure to hear more from this band soon. A MCD, "Drenched in Blood" is planned for release on Spikekult Records along with a full length, "The Graven Sign" to be released by Baphomet Records.

Band page

Mourning Beloveth

[Self financed]

      This death-doom metal band hails from Ireland, a place not known for extreme music, this is one of few I've personally heard from this region. To begin with, I was thrown off by the clean backing-vocals which are sometimes used, although everything else sounds very good, I felt they distracted, sounding too 'happy' for a doom band. The death metal vocals are executed very well, very doomy and proficient, like something from the glory days of this style. The music is fairly slow and sorrowful, also done quite well. Some of the music and vocals remind me of the band Funeral (RIP) from Norway. Overall, great potential here, especially if they would kill the clean vocals, which in my opinion distract from this bands potential. Even so, a very promising act.

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      I can't seem to understand why Candlelight would release this. Who knows what one might classify this as? I don't, and I don't much care. Vocally it probably sounds something like goth. Musically, it does nothing for me either. This completely bores me and wastes my time. Maybe those who enjoy this type of thing may like this, but I sure don't. The majority of people into the various metal genres will not get into this at all.


Sigil of the Swordbearer

      Here is a cassette of very chaotic and raw black metal from Canada. Noteworthy of this release is Paulus of Rites of Thy Degringolade's participation. The two songs of this cassette of extremely violent, inhuman and abrasive sounding. The vocals are especially interesting... very violent and hate-filled! The guitars are grinding, yet the drums are too drowned out. Even so, this is pure violent energy, not for the those masses of black metal of today, who enjoy rich recordings, cloned screeching vocals and boring melodies. Very recommended to those who enjoy raw, intense, chaotic and violent black metal.


Peragere Humum Et Semem Terrai Abditae

      Here again, Brazil shows they have an abundance of relatively unknown talent. Morcrof plays a rough sort of atmospheric black metal, with an untypical approach, vocally and musically. Brazil has gave the world some great black metal bands in the past, and continues to produce unique and worthy acts, if only you can get your hands on these rather obscure bands. Distribution outside of South America seems very limited unfortunately. That aside, the world beware, another worthy Brazilian band has joined the ranks. Recommended!


[Promo CDR]

      Deinonychus return with their fifth release, Mournument. This release is the first Deinonychus release with a complete line-up. Musically, it is filled with varying elements of moods and melodies, accompanied by Marco's extremely tormented voice. This release seems more defined, better written and composed then the previous efforts. Some of the intensity of previous releases seems to have been traded in here for melody, however. Most of the music is fairly slow, doomy and flowing, with a fair level of atmosphere. A great, well-tuned release.


Blood on the Mountain
[Decius Productions]

      From Australia, come a raw, fast and furious black metal effort from Myrddraal. Once again this country impresses me with another of its black metal gems. This CD starts out with atmosphere and acoustic guitar, but soon melts into some quite good, primitive but fairly melodic black metal. Most of this is pretty straightforward, with brief atmospheric interludes (i.e. acoustic guitar and clean vocals, both very occasional). It definitely captures a fierce underground sound with its raw intensity and spirit. Fans of good raw black metal should check this out.

Decius Productions

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