Back in the late 1990's we thought it would be interesting to give our viewers a voice on our site where they could explain their viewpoints on the topic of the world and its future. The 'Select Quotes' section of our site reveals the thoughts of this subject from the musicians point of view, now it is time for the supporters, you, to tell of your perspective on this grim question. Let the voice of truth and freedom shatter the filthy silence...

      The questions asked to those on our mailing list were as follows...     

'What are your thoughts on the direction of this world and its seemingly dark future? In your opinion, where did things go wrong with civilization? Do you believe things will grow worse before better? And alas, your thoughts on 'apocalypse' 'Armageddon' etc., do you feel that the end could be drawing nearer?'

      Well, this world is damn shitty now. I think it is mainly because "humans" tend to be a society of pity and sorrow...and they like to feed the weak, and ignore the strong. In certain respects people give more to those who will never need it...or can never be financially stable in the first place. The only way to do things is by yourself, and people need to realise that. Society is stupid, and people tend to ignore the truths that plague our Earth. That's all I will say about that.
      To me, things went wrong with the creation of a non-existent god. This made people crazy. As alot of other people know this caused unwanted deaths, the raping of lands, and the desecration of plethora's of graveyards and alters. Money is spent way too fucking much on that bullshit. With the preacher holding his filthy arms out asking for more money. It makes me nauseated. The whole idea of religious crusades is stupid... if they were so Christian then why the hell did they go killing people and shit for no reason...doesn't sound very Christian to me. But they will always act with stupid intentions, and probably continue to hear voices too. Things will get much worse.

And alas, your thoughts on 'apocalypse' 'Armageddon' etc., do you feel that the end could be drawing nearer?'

      I hope so. I would call what I believe to be the Christian apocalypse or Armageddon "The Cleansing." Simply because this is what I believe to be when the true inhabitants of the lands of old, and religions of the old will go back to what, or where they once were. To do this all the asshole brainwashing religions need to be wiped from the face of the Earth, to stop raping peoples beliefs and religions. Restore the way things were... this would solve so many problems, and make this shithole of a planet more tolerable. But this is unlikely to happen unless people with a common voice as the above subject matter work together to do something on such a grand scale.

-Ben Davenport

      Most of the time, I get asked my conception of Hell, this through various interviews I get for my band; since we play black metal, most people feel like they should ask this typical question in view to get an idea of the Satanist concept behind a man / band / organisation or label. I myself consider we're more closer to Hell than anything. All the depravations can be found in the cities, drugs, group sex, violence, abuse of minorities, the true "dark" aura is there. I am thus a total urban freak, being part and evolving through this. The question would be : evolving towards which state? ...Certainly Khaos with a capital K. Then will rise the legions of those who wish to construct over that Khaos, like mr N. German philosopher all of you know, who praised "order from chaos".
     The concept of Armageddon is then evolving and has been for ages. The constant praise of the ego makes it stronger and stronger. Unity should be fought. My various frustrations have led me to think that the only pleasure I'd seek would be a worse and worse era to live in. Getting to hear the news is now good enough to make my day. Hail to those who creates and propagate wrath...

Editor of Impaired 'Zine / main fuck behind Spikekult Rekords.
vokalist of AntaeuS (black metal band) and part time plague spreader

      My thoughts are as this.... Mankind as a whole is bringing an apocalypse upon itself by degrading moral and social standards such as the family structure and respect for the environment/earth. The "sheep" are letting themselves be slaughtered by their own ignorance. The human race as it now stands has a bleak future. It started with the development of mass media, the birth of TV, commercials, and mass advertising. Parents used their television as a baby-sitter, thus slowly rotting their children's minds to the point of becoming mindless consumers (sheep). Because TV was a cheap substitute for a baby-sitter, parents used it. The children became accustomed to sitting in front of a television instead of going outside and playing sports. This causes them to become lazy couch potatoes that only want to sit there and watch TV or play mind nullifying games such as Sega or Playstation. So now we have most of today's children wanting to waste away in front of a television set.
      The degradation of the family structure has not helped any, single mothers/fathers that have to work in order to pay the bills can't spend time with their children. So the children grow up in a world without parental guidance, form there own mindset of what is right and wrong which is based upon the way their friends act and what the Media tells them is right.
      So here we are with mindless children who watch TV and play video games all day. But the worst part is that the media is telling them that this is okay and it is expected of them. So they are only breeding more laziness and ignorance through commercials and half-witted 30 minute sitcoms that are pointless and only offer cheap thrills/laughs.
      The end is coming solely because the sheep are aimlessly wandering towards it at a rapid pace. They have been blinded so badly that they can't even see it coming. The worst enemy of the human race is ignorance. Ignorance is being spawned at a rapid pace, it's growing so fast that nearly the entire world has been grasped in it's entangling web of lies and half-truths. The governments of the world want their "loyal" citizens to be mindless sheep because they are easier to control that way. "Pay your taxes, listen to what we have to say because it is the only truth, and never question our authority in any matter" -That is what they want, utter dominance over every mind, every body, and every free spirit in the world. If you resist their brainwashing techniques, you are an outcast, locked away from the "normal" society.
      I say that it is time to break away from the media stereotypes and the government rulings. Kill the shepherds that are trying to flock you, or even better, make the shepherds your sheep to control, let them squirm under your rule.

-Rage, The Quiet One

      I love this life and I think that this is the purest in the universe. Sadly, mankind has destroyed all the beauty of it. Nowadays our futures appear full of questions without answers because all of us waste a lot of time on material things and beliefs that divide each other, we must think in essential and really important things, we must use all the actual technology to recognize the big problems and afront them to preserve the world and give something great to our songs, they are the owner of this world and we must live for them. If you and me don't fight to live better now, tomorrow will be too late and the war will be lost.
      I think the human race must learn first of all the knowledge of the natural life and later enter into civilization. I think the term civilization is symbol of slavery and if we don't learn the natural laws never can we be free of this material society.       I think things grow good and go worse in the run of time, it all depends on the place and time. But, anyway, a beautiful flower can be born in the middle of the desert and these flowers are as good as any other. The world is just a infinitesimal part of the universe and something that says a man not have any repercussion in it. But if we don't take care of the earth it can be collapsed and we disappear forever. It isn't a prophecy, it's reality.

-C.R. of Into the forest Zine

      I think that we now are being controlled by a higher government higher than the government we know about, one person from each continent knows about this and watches us over from space. Things did not go wrong in civilization. Things have always been wrong. People have always been fucked up. Things have/will get worse as time does progress, and when it gets too bad, the gov't/elite will take over the earth.. and we the common will inherit these slums/underworld. The apocalypse is already here, and it has always been here..

      Death is the only absolute destination in life. Who am I to step into the path of death when death is my destiny? The day of darkness will come sooner then most expect. To me "Armageddon" or the end of the world couldn't come any faster when you talk in terms of the stupidity of most of the human race. And I wish to see the faces of Christians when no god comes to take them to their "salvation" on that day of total oblivion.

-Kevin - Realms Of Darkness -

      Well...things are just getting worse it seems but many fail to see it cause they're too caught up in their fucked up jobs. Society in general is the main problem, people are getting fucked over for stupid reasons while others are getting away with murder hence- "The world is Fucked!". The world is over populated and we have too much competition making things harder on others.
      Somewhere down the line people over time more and more stopped caring just a little bit more each day. So now a days there are people just fighting to get to the top no matter what and so you'll find that most people aren't "Real" anymore cuz they let you down eventually. Basically everyone is stabbing each other in the back in some way.
      Do you believe things will grow worse before better?'s how society has been raised and it's very hard to change a society overnight. It does appear to feel like the fall of man...but who knows???

-Mike L.

      This world's future, it seems, is only going to get worse. I think that there are going to be wars (obviously), and that they will wipe out a portion of the population. I don't think that this necessarily is bad. Not that I don't respect and appreciate human life, but there are so many people--a few huge wars would do wonders for population control. After this is all over, the only way to go is up, so I think things will eventually get better after that.
      As for where civilization went wrong, maybe man has put too much emphasis on domination and success. There are too many power-crazed people in this world, and those people are the ones that screw everything up. Those people are far and inbetween, but when they come to power, they make a big difference on this world and it's path.
      I do not believe that the apocalypse is coming soon. I believe that it will come, but not anytime soon. I am sure that I am not going to die in the year 2000, or anything like that. I don't know. I have too many strong opinions on this subject, and it's pissing me off thinking about it.


      I don't think the world is as stable as the media would lead us to believe. Its going fast and we're all going along for the ride. It's hard to say when things went wrong, greed has been around for as long as man. Greed is one of the biggest problems in the world today. There's no reversing what has been done, only to tear it down and rebuild. Attempting to tear it down will result in civil, and world wars. So things will get very much worse before they get better. The worlds problems aren't going to end by themselves. There not going to work themselves out. Revolution is the only remedy. I feel Armageddon is very near. I think the confidence of the worlds powers keeps them from realizing just how dangerous and successful an army of revolutionaries can be. Armageddon is in plain view and peace is far out of sight. The fires of Armageddon are going to burn for a very, very long time.

-Erik Crush

     The world is a horrible place. In about 3 yrs, the world will hate 50x worse then now, the countries shall go against each other and there will be another world war, but this time, world wide. Fire will come from the skies, explosions will be the glorious music, humanity and civilization shall no longer exist, everyone will be in fear, shaking, trembling, and bleeding.
      Civilization has never really been so called "Civilized", and i am not even gonna consider going into biblical talking becuz i know no one wants to hear that and most don't believe it. Ever since the beginning of time, when man was created, there has always been some kind of conflict, or problem with the way people think and believe.
     Most deffinatly, things will grow worse... The world will be dust, and humanity, nature, creation, shall no longer even be thought of for we shall all be dead. The end is drawing near and I wait for that moment to see the end of the world. My life is not worth living, nor is anyone elses...


      I believe that the total existence of the human race is meaningless. Reason is something invented by humans, the world didn't need a reason to exist, it was just here. We boggle our minds trying to think of why we are here when we weren't put here for a reason. When we look at our lives and try to sort things out we look at it through eyes of humans, we try to explain things with methods we make ourselves. Everyday people do whatever they can just to live another day and breed more people just so they can make them see what they did.
      I don't know where the human race came from, our race is so bizarre and different than all other species that I don't think we fit. My picture of a "perfect" world is one without us. We don't need to exist, other animals and life would survive without us, not only would it survive it would flourish.
     From what I see all we do is interfere. We build and change everything we see just to make it fit into what we want. People will do almost anything to the world to comfort themselves. Humans are very adaptable, in my opinion too adaptable. We cannot live without changing what is around us. We think that we have superior intelligence and use this excuse to justify our existence. We think that just because we have the power to create and change things like nothing else that we must. People live in such ignorance that every action they do they never really think what the effect of it will be. We think that creating technology will make our lives better and simpler when the ironic thing is that the only thing technology has done is not only make our lives more fast paced, harder, and complicated, but it has raped the world of it's former natural self.
      Humans are the only thing keeping the world from living in harmony. It is almost impossible for someone to live there life feeding, breeding, protecting itself in the most simplest form and nothing else. Instead we use tools to get our way in the way we want it. We are a cursed species. Our diseased minds have done nothing but make it harder for animals to exist. People fail to realize that all of our advancements and miracles we accomplish mean nothing. All they do is keep us numbly amused to please ourselves. People should die, it's that simple. I know there will be an end to us, I cannot say when though. We are nothing but another cycle of life at an extreme. Just as everything comes, it goes. We will die out, but I don't know when. Saying that our end is near to me is wishful thinking. I doubt the end will come on year 2000 just because the calendar we created has 3 zeros at the end. I could go on, but I've already taken up too much space. If you have read this thank you for taking interest in my thoughts.