When asked about their views of the world and its future, most of the bands we interviewed expressed a strikingly similar response. Their words echoed with that of a hopeless future for mankind and the world he inhabits. This apocalyptic vision seems shared regardless of cultural background, race or nationality. It is a feeling derived not only from what we witness wrong in our surroundings, but something very much deeper, something that instills within us the feeling that something has indeed gone terribly wrong. A death moon looms amidst the twilight of mankind, as the dawn of our extinction rises above the horizon of our defeat...

Maritz of Octainium
-"We are a destructive and selfish species and we are killing the world we live in. Yeah, my vote goes to a decline towards our impending doom."

Strigoi of Seges Findere
-"With this accelerated destruction I can't imagine humankind existing for 100 or 200 years more."

Orlok of Countess
-"...there are definitely massive problems with overpopulation on our planet. I find it hard to say where this will lead to, but it is not farfetched to assume this will lead to massive disasters within several generations, or even sooner..."

Clive Jones of Black Widow
-"Well we know strange things are happening to our planet, a lot of which is caused by man himself. I sometimes despair for the world when I read about the things that happen, even the small things, the acts of violence between man and man or man and animal."

Lord Occult of Mortal Wish
-"...The humans, animals, everything and their religions one day will be gone and only the globe will still be here. All we do and have ever done will be destroyed and lost, forgotten with time and humans will finally be no more... It was an eternity in the millenniums before humans... and will be again one day! Humans can steal, kill and destroy themselves! But in the end, that will mean nothing to nothing!.."

Demonos of Barathrum
-"...it's the law of nature. Only few will survive, and surely that will happen soon. ...I really can see clear visions about that... Something like one percent of the population will survive from several ways of death like: super-viruses, starwings, wars..."

Brian Griffin of Broken Hope
-"Things will get worse... Civilization went wrong when people who had a little bit of power decided they could impose their views on others who didn't need or want them."

Niklas Sundin of Dark Tranquillity
-" It'll get worse."

Frank Ierovante of Deteriorate
-"I hate this place! The world is very fucked up and I don't see any hope. I'm sure people will survive, but life will always be brutal at best."

Ross Dolan of Immolation
-"I feel it is getting worse day by day. It is a situation that is out of control and I know that I have no power to change it... and I think I speak for the rest of the band when I say this."

Mikael Andersson of Indungeon/Thy Primordial
-"There is way too much shit like drugs, weapons, and people seem to kill another human for nothing. And I think it is because the situation is harder today. Here in sweden we have more unemployed than ever before and it makes some people go crazy and it sucks. On the other hand, let people take the life of each other, we may have found the solution of the over population of this planet."

Paul Speckman of Master
-"The world is a lonely place. It will never improve with all this greed and people starving in the streets."

Verminaard of Sacramentary Abolishment
-"The Armageddon that we describe in our lyrics is of a different nature that what most religious sheep feel "Armageddon" is. In our eyes, Armageddon will consist of a violent nuclear war, where all life on this planet will cease to exist."

Mirai of Sigh
-"I somehow feel the end of time is near too, but I do not know why."

Tommy Lindal of Theatre of Tragedy
-"...it will be worse. More violence, wars, and theft."

Reinhard Logewolf
-"The only hope for our future is to thin the flock and remove the heads."

Whiplasher of Swordmaster

Grev Drake of Goddess of Desire
-" I guess the world will be fucked up in a few ages."

Mike Riddick of ...The Soil Bleeds Black
-"...my trust in humanity is little to nothing, given their pathetic and idiotic nature... I could care less about the other fleshwastes which inhabit this planet. Let them die...it would make for a better universe. "

Marcus Ehlin of Siebenburgen
-"Things will get even worse, I think. No hope, no future. Only Armageddon."

Cadaveria of Opera IX
-" I am a pessimist about the world. All is done for money reasons. Man is destroying the earth. Nature will revenge. Nature will get back its spaces, with fire and water it will sweep men away. I think this will happen in 100 or 150 years. "

Peter K. of Abigor
-" If one takes a look on today's world situation it seems to be hopeless, but it doesn't bother me too much. I would feel deep satisfaction, if the world ends soon, because I think the planet must be healed of its disease called mankind."

Lucia of Grabesmond
-" Of course things will get much worse, that's sure. But I don't care too much about it, because it is what mankind deserves..."

C. Davis of Subklinik/Profane Grace
-" The world as I see it is doomed for sure."

Raymond of Pazuzu/Raventhrone
-" I see black for this earth and to be honest, I hope humanity will be wiped out. "

Ixithra of Demoncy
-" Society is nothing but a mass graveyard filled with people in various stages of decay. The world has degenerated into a great swarming plethora of wasted flesh... Things will always only get worse. "

Neptune of ...And Oceans
-"...we are going towards total chaos and the situation is getting worse and worse. Things won't be better, the end is near. If it isn't the third world war then it will be the natural catastrophe. Nobody can stop it..."

K-2T4-S of ...And Oceans
-"The global situation will improve when the human race is and will be erased and the planet is vanished into the void."

Jon of Darkmoon
-"THE WORLD IS DOOMED! As in the way of humans, the earth will cleanse itself after we have sucked all of its resources away."

Necros of Theatres des Vampires
-"Our world probably will die… the people are going crazy…in the future we will see very dark days… but probably this is our doom…a new dark age, when the ancient Gods will wake up from a long sleep, and will walk again on this earth… only the people that will open their "eyes" will survive…the other people? Food for the worms…"

Henry of Puissance
-" There is no future, not for the world, environment, us, you or anyone else... Earth is a sad place and it deserves to sink straight into hell... ."

Aphazel of Ancient
-"...things will get worse…"

Xanataph of Daemon/Beltane
-" It's either:
a) a total war
b) big brother coming home to roost
c) Mother Earth kicking man's ass...
d)All the above.

Either way it's just a matter of time..."

"No matter whether its 'Ragnarok' or 'Armageddon', the doomsday will come anyway, because this is the wheel of the everlasting cycles turning..."

Glen Benton of Deicide
-"...I think we're like a candle burning at both ends. So when the year 2000 comes around there's a good possibility that we could just fizzle out... I hope it all just crumbles and we can all just be barbarians. "

Pierre Wilhelmsson of Månegarm
-" It will get worse and humanity will drown in their own shit... ."

Herr Stalhammar of Rossomahaar
"...I also can't say anything good concerning the further development of mankind. Seems like the Powers of Mother Nature will get rid of all of us...rather soon... The ecological Armageddon is inevitable as well..."

Pete Helmkamp of Angelcorpse
"Every day brings us closer. And that's not necessarily a bad thing."

John of Incantation
"I think the future holds even worse shit then we are experiencing now..."

Joe of Noctuary
"...I am very pessimistic of the future of this world... I'm sure the fall of man will come soon, most likely within our lifetime... We have chosen a life-style that will ultimately destroy us. With the way the world is right now, we will be wishing for our deaths not long from today."

Vincent Crowley of Acheron
"...The world is a cesspool and humans are the shit. We love to see each other in pain and suffering. We are morbid creatures that can't live together. The next millennium will spawn earth's Armageddon..."

Dana of Demonic Christ
"Natural resources are going to be used up and tension will build so amazingly high that there will definitely be wars of all sorts. There will be wars just to survive I believe."

Mario Bove of Banshee
-"...I see a sad future for our species..."

Thargelion of Gontyna Kry
-"...generally I believe the world to be falling... everything is subject to cyclicity, so I think it shall soon come."

Vautrin of Pantheon
"...I do see a great decline..."

Ornias of Svartsyn
-"Society is fucked-up... the world comes to an end sooner or later... Crush the society, Crush the system... Freedom to everyone is shit."

Dark of Tears of Grief
-" This fucking world is doomed, we will destroy ourselves...end of that."

Leithana of Ordo Equitum Solis
-"... our so-called "occidental and rich" civilisation is in decay... I do not wish to make our world better: it's corrupted from the roots."

Paul Jacobsen of Allfather
-"Its future looks grim. I do indeed see it growing worse... Society is becoming more hectic and in my opinion on the brink of oblivion."

Crepusculo of Lament
-" The world is growing worse and worse... I'm a pessimist, and yes, indeed, I see a dark future for mankind, actually, I hope mankind pays for its actions... "

Glenn of The Sins of Thy Beloved
-"It will Never be better, only grow worse until it's all fucked up.....then Darkness enshrouds the world..."

Paimon of Thunderbolt
-"I think that if there won't be any global war or any total cataclysm, mankind will kill itself anyway... civilisation is a death-machine for humans...The existence of humans has disturbed the equilibrium of nature and one day nature will take vengeance! ...Nuclear war could be the perfect solution. "

Othala of Godless North
-"My feelings towards this decrepit place the world has become...it can only get worse before the new dawn reaches the horizon."

J.C.M. of Mortem
-" I think the world has always been the same, it's just that we didn't sense it before until now. We often wonder what could be worse than this but do we really know what could be better? Would it be a real human world? This is just hell on earth."

Shane of Abyssic Hate
-"For sure things will get a lot worse before they get better... The whole affair will one day come to exploding point and we will have total war."

Incarnatus of Pagan Hellfire
-"The future does not look so good. I think in our lifetime we will not see the fall of humankind, but big steps in that direction, as we have already seen over the years... Things will surely be worse before better."

Blackthorn of Thornspawn
-" I see nothing more than death and ultimate destruction of this planet. Over population, pollution, warfare, famine and disease. The inevitable solution is total destruction!!!"

Sadorass of -the true- Frost
-"...life on earth will end in total chaos soon... Then the strong will have the chance to rise and clean the world through streams of blood. Order from chaos, creation through destruction. "

Ynleborgaz of Angantyr
-" Of course it will (get worse), everyone can see where it's going now... "

Griffiths of Spear of Longinus
-"Most likely worse as the N.W.O. gets more powerful and greedy they will destroy the world economy and we all will suffer."

Count Vassilium of Ork
-"I am absolutely sure that a dark future awaits mankind."

AmfortaS of Merrimack
-"...90% of the species will disappear, with of course the humans, cause we are far from being the strongest one. Maybe the catastrophe which will cause the damage will be a nuclear war, or simply the hole in the Ozone layer. But I'm sure that humans will be responsible for it. Unfortunately we won't be there to enjoy the spectacle..."

Rhodri of Solace Denied
-"... I too have lost most of my hope in the people of this world - people are totally governed by business & money these days. I believe mankind will not last too much longer because as a whole it doesn't care about anything else at all. Most people are disillusioned by what they see every day outside their windows & on T.V., and have given up hope in actually improving the world in which they live."

In Peccatum
-"...it is inevitable that things would come to a bad end."

Craig of Sturmfuhrer
"I definitely see it getting worse..."

Kaiser W of Ad Hominem
"Of course, we live in the decay, the world is dying, no doubt."

Mike Trush of Deteriorate/Perverseraph
"...yes, the world is going to get worse before getting better. So what. Enjoy it because life is way too fucking short...."

Lynx and Lamb of Prussian Blue
"Wise men... say it is going to be worse soon. We hope to be able to grow up before it really gets bad, we would like to get to be normal kids in high school and have normal lives but that might not be possible..."

Scorpios of Crimson Moon
"Mankind has developed into a parasite upon the earth and its immediate surroundings. It will either be expelled from its host, such as a splinter from an infected womb, or bring death to it's host..."

O. of Branstock
"This world has come to a point where nobody gives back, they only take. If not soon, then in a short time it all shall perish."

Stephen of Murderous Vision
"...I used to get worked up thinking about how fucked up the world is and how our leaders are ruining everything. War will always exist, famine will always exist. I can't change these things, so why try?"