Here is an assortment of posters from the 1980's to the 1990's.
I'm sure some of these will bring back memories for you if you grew up during this time.
Metal heads the world over used to wallpaper their abodes with posters and pictures of all kinds (perhaps they still do!) from the vast assortment of Iron Maiden to the eye-catching Venom.
Many of the following are battle damaged, but what's a metal poster without its characteristic rips and pinholes!

Morbid Angel

Blessed are the Sick

King Diamond

The Eye/Conspiracy

Ozzy Osbourne

Speak of the Devil Europe '82

[The Black Sabbath guys were pretty pissed that Ozzy released a record with live Sabbath songs without them...]


Black Metal

[With special guests Metallica! Imagine that...]


Kill 'em All

[ This poster, like that of the Venom poster above, was sponsored by both bands record label, Megaforce Records. Metallica supported Raven, Venom and Twisted Sister while supporting acts for Metallica included Anthrax and Armored Saint.]


Reign in Blood '87

[This release had some truly bizarre artwork. Very cool.]


Reign in Blood World Tour

[Here is a tour poster from the glory days. It looks like it is from Italy. Not sure who the other band 'Malice' is, but they sound familiar.]


Hell Awaits on Tour

[I'm not sure why this Hell Awaits poster uses the Live Undead artwork... Ever played the beginning of this record backwords?
Back-masking, the technology involved to contain backword messages on vinyl is an all but forgotten gimmick.
These days bands say what they want to forward I guess. Yet the mystery of backword messages was an alluring one.
I've also found them on Venom 'Satanachist' and even Motley Crue's 'Danger,' among others.


Seasons in the Abyss

[When Slayer started singing about drive-bys, aka Expendable Youth, you knew the end was near...]


Peace Sells.../So far, so good... so what!

[Megadeth's mascot was called 'Vic Rattlehead' and was clearly inspired by Iron Maiden's 'Eddie.']


Rust in Peace era



Rust in Peace era/Rusted Pieces


Iron Maiden

Twilight Zone/Phantom of the Opera/Women in Uniform

[ Wow, these are 'battle damaged,' nonetheless, these are some of the earlier conceptions of 'Eddie.'
Notice 'Margaret Thatcher,' the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom with a machine gun, there is another picture found on the back of an LP that shows her dead in the alley.

Iron Maiden

Killers/The Number of the Beast

[ Nothing like Eddie under the blacklight...
Derek Riggs, the artist, said in an interview that he might have gotten the idea of 'Eddie' from a painting on an old German tank, but he wasn't entirely sure...

Iron Maiden

Piece of Mind/Aces High/The Trooper

[ At this point in the timeline we see Eddie shaving his head... or rather, it was shaved to take his brain out!]

Iron Maiden

2 Minutes to Midnight

[ The text/logo has been clipped from this one...]

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