The following interview was done by Marco of Der Wehrwolf 'zine in July 2011...

The following is an interview with the two creators of Mourning the Ancient.

1) First of all, regards from Germany and a big thank you for this interview for Der Wehrwolf’s Mourning the Ancient issue. Please tell me and DW readers some information about Mourning the Ancient and you.
Regards to you comrade, the pleasure is ours. We began working on the idea of Mourning the Ancient back in the fall of 1995, though we didn’t publish anything until our inception online in June of 1998. The first few years were pretty chaotic really. Our photography was done using a borrowed 35mm camera and we had tons of trouble getting it developed. Apparently they were offended by artistic nudity and viewed our pagan symbolism as ‘satanic.’ After a handful of times of being told never to return to the developers we started using a camcorder to ‘photograph.’ We basically grabbed stills from the video. It was very primitive, low resolution, and didn’t work out well. The whole situation of being censored was pretty frustrating. Eventually digital camera technology surfaced and we could cut out the middle man, although the quality was pretty dismal still in those days. Nevertheless you can view examples of most of these shoots on our website, along with everything else to date.

We believe our first interview was with a guy name Frank Ierovante from the band Deteriorate, a favorite of ours at the time. It was a different age then, where really the only way to get in contact with a band was if they listed an address on their release and then through the postal service. Primitive compared to the information age of today. Yet, it was a more personal and charming way of communication. Since that first interview we’ve done over one hundred. It’s been a long road, and we’ve met lots of interesting people along the way.

2) How are you and what’s new with MTA.?
Things are busy here lately. We’ve been doing lots of photo shoots and are preparing for another huge update to the website. After a long period of inactivity, we’ve had a surge of inspiration to create. The new photos will definitely ostracize us further from the mainstream scene. All we have to say about that is ‘good,’ we hate the mainstream of things anyway. We do Mourning the Ancient first for ourselves, if anyone else enjoys it, great for them, if they don’t, oh well, nothing is lost either way. We don’t seek recognition or acclaim.

3) Is there a special meaning/idea behind your creation of MTA? Why did you start it?
Back in 1995 we were relatively young and idealistic. We had spent the past few years learning about a lot of things that truly enraged and disgusted us. We realized and affirmed that we had been lied to all our lives. That the whole world had in fact been lied to in a myriad of ways. Most of what they taught us that was ‘evil’ was not at all, and vice-versa. We were incredibly hungry for knowledge and truth, and once the gates were opened all of their brainwashing and lies melted away. We wanted to be a voice of opposition, however small. But how? The soundtrack to our lives back then was much the same as now. Music had always been an important part of existence for us. What a better vehicle for our protest, our opposition to these lies, than that of music? We could support the artists we liked, and at the same time, through interviewing them, see where they stood on certain topics. Through our research of our pagan past, we found that the pentagram was a symbol of truth. We added the four points to the symbol, symbolizing the expansion of truth. The truth about their lies.

We already had experimented with our style of photography, through primitive Polaroids. Our photography in those days primarily reflected our rage and our love of paganism and yesteryear.

4) What are your ambitions with MTA?
Our greatest ambition is to be a single arrow in the face of the enemy. We realize we are a tiny, minuscule voice, but in an ocean of growing voices of dissent, all have their part. Only cowards remain silent to what they know is wrong.

5) Please tell us about your activities with MTA? Like the interviews, poems, articles and your music project, etc..
Well, we haven't done any interviews in some time, or at least, music based ones. This is more due to our boredom with the music scene than anything else. Our most recent interviews have been R.G. Fowler who's behind the Savitri Devi website/publishing, Georg Baldursson who publishes, I believe, a complete listing of David Lane's writings. We've also recently interviewed a 'representative' from the Animal Liberation Front. The things that this civilization does to animals is atrocious. It is interesting to note that the National Socialist government in Germany were the ones to pioneer animal rights. They banned such obscene practices as vivisection. Many of its leaders were vegitarians, like Hitler, Hess and Himmler, for an example. Goering was also a close ally with the animal kingdom. His work helped pave the way toward protecting habitat and hunting guidelines. They were all so ahead of their time...

6) So far what have been your favorite interviews? Poems? Why?
Although we enjoyed interviewing everyone we’ve interviewed, our favorite person would be David Lane. David Lane is the embodiment of sacrifice. Someone who gave his freedom and dedicated his life fighting for truth. His love of his people was boundless. He and the Bruder Schweigen inspired us in days long before Mourning the Ancient.

It was an incredible experience interviewing him. It will always remain a high point of our lives. Speaking with him in letters, we learned what a warm and friendly person he truly was. He didn’t act bitter, even after spending so long in prison unjustly, and being betrayed by those he trusted in recent years. His focus never wavered.

It was very refreshing that David didn’t act distant or impersonal in any way. He always made you feel like he was just a normal person, a friend even. After interviewing over a hundred people I can say that many people can come off as haughty or superior, David Lane was never this. We only wish we could have known him earlier. Only in the last few years of his life did we get the pleasure of speaking with him.

Being able to share a few pictures of our photography with him was also very cool. We never dreamt a living martyr would behold our meager creations.

7) Please tell us more about yourselves-the people behind MTA.
We want our work to speak for us. Who we are as people is really unimportant. We consider ourselves to be soldiers in this war. As soldiers we have no desire for 'friends,' only comrades in this struggle. The enemy robbed all of us of a future, and for that we have dedicated our lives to exposing this anti-human, anti-life monster. With that said, the moral, spiritual blueprint of our lives has been laid down by the greatest men and women whom ever lived; National Socialist Germany and her partners and allies. The good guys don't always win, but the battle's not over yet!

8) Let us come now to a few questions and themes besides MTA. But first, let’s stay for while in the music/metal area. In all the years of your interest and activity in this scene, what are your thoughts about how the music scene has changed over the years?
Well, technology changed everything! The invention of CD burners killed cassettes, which isn't a bad thing, since the technology was limited in the first place. The internet and email also changed everything. We've certainly seen a lot of bands, websites, distros, labels and people come and disappear since 1995.

9) What is your definition of underground metal music and what is not? What is your vision of an underground band?
Everyone always seems to long for the past, 'the good old days.' 'Mourning the Ancient' if you will! No matter what it is, most people agree that the past manufactured things better, built things better, was just better in so many ways. It's a strange decline and underground metal music is no exception. So many new bands aren't doing anything new. Most are bad copies of bad copies. Originality doesn't have to be a purpose in itself, but in a scene so over-saturated, it sure helps to set the band apart.

It's strange for us to think about the generations being raised on all this technology. Whole generations never knowing a day before the internet, cell phones, wi-fi, digital this and digital that. It robs something from living, I think. It takes away from an already faded human experience. Technology has certainly robbed these generations of life experience, maybe even creativity. We can only wait for the fall of it all, and watch it rise all over again...

10) What are your favorite bands and albums of all time?
Very difficult. The bands we grew up on, obviously hold a sentimental place with us. Bands like Iron Maiden (especially the Paul Dianno stuff), Venom (Black Metal!), Dio (Holy Diver, Last in Line), King Diamond (especially Conspiracy), Bathory (Under the Sign of the Black Mark, but also the later viking/racial stuff is superb), Slayer (Show no Mercy), etc etc... to more modern classics like Ordo Equitum Solis' works which we adore. There was a band from Norway called Funeral who released a CD called 'Tragedies,' it has always been one of our favorites. We listened to it so often in the early days of Mourning the Ancient, often while doing photography, a sort of soundtrack to those days. I really know nothing of the band, besides I think they broke up after Tragedies and that Wild Rags released a CD demo of theirs. Sometimes it is best to not know the things you love too in depth, you have to be careful, you might end up hating it if you learn something you don't like.

We also love black metal stuff like Beherit (Drawing Down the Moon), Burzum (Det som en gang var, Hvis Lysett tar oss)... there is also some superb RAC music, as it's sometimes called. We adore stuff like Landser, Skrewdriver, Block 11, Cryptic Might, Ferox (they do a song with lyrics from David Lane's 'Farewell White Women' poem, it is fabulous!), Arisches Blut, Hassgesang, Hetzjagd, Volkszorn...

11) What are your top five films/books/magazines/foods/countries and why?
Well, Triumph of the Will is always a favorite. The films produced in America in the last many years have been absolutely dismal. Old Horror films by Argento, Fulci, Rollins, etc. are great stuff. There aren't any magazines to speak of. Resistance magazine used to be an OK read back before William Pierce died. Like much of modern American culture, the food here is pretty tame and boring. Americans tend to like very bland food, and I hate it! Countries... well, today I am not very fond of any countries. It seems the only countries to resist our enemies are Arab ones, and they are not my folk, so they don't really interest me too much. Although I have high respect for some of them, especially those who speak highly of our Fuhrer. Did you know during a meeting of Arab countries, I think during the 80's, they gave out deluxe copies of 'The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion?' Many of the people over there know what's going on, it is unfortunate that so little of our people do, and if they do, often times they don't care. Countries of the past, however, that's an easy one. Our favorite would always be Germany. How could it not be to any soldier of our ranks? It is where our great resistance movement began. Since I consider Austria to be Germany, it is also the country where our eternal spiritual leader Adolf Hitler was born! Although I have to say, I have the highest respect for all of the Axis partners of Germany during the war.

12) What can you tell me about the political, economic situation in your area and in the USA?
The economic situation in the USA is grave. It just gets worse and worse. And it will continue to do so. We are in debt over our heads to China. China! A communist country?! How does that happen?! It was recently a holiday here celebrating our independence from England, the 4th of July. It is a day when people light off fireworks of all sorts and wave American flags like the mindless patriots they pretend to be. The problem is, and this is absolutely crazy, the American flags and the fireworks we light off to celebrate our democratic independence are all made in China! A communist country! Isn't that so wrong? But that is nothing new here. Everything we buy is made in China here in the USA. It's insane. If the forefathers of this country could see it now...

13) What has changed since the last presidential election of Barack Obama, in terms of good and bad?
Nothing has changed. One would think electing a black president would shake things up a bit, but in reality nothing has changed. It further proves what puppets and figureheads they are. Who ‘we’ elect has nothing to do with who really controls us. All politicians make promises that they have no intentions to keep, Obama is no different. He said whatever was popular at the moment. There was a very anti-war feeling in America at the moment, so of course he promised to immediately get us out of Iraq/Afghanistan. Instead he sent thousands more troops once he was elected. Many of the blacks were and still are excited that he would better their lives. I don’t see him bettering anyone’s lives but his own and the rich. Same old song and dance. None of this is new or surprising, what is somewhat shocking is how people continue to trust these liars. Every four years they vote in another criminal, it is as if we’ve forgotten all about the lies and broken promises of the last election. When will people say ENOUGH? Things still need to get worse. And they will, when, no one knows, but I hope sooner than later, I grow so very tired of the nonsense and evil of this age.

14) Where do you see things in 20-30 years if the same lifestyle and situation still exists?
Honestly I can’t imagine how much longer it can last. I know that empires don’t collapse in a day. ‘Not with a bang, but a whimper’ is fitting. With that said though, things seem to be accelerating at an unprecedented speed. The hand of corruption chokes every level of our government and the people have no power to stop it. A writer once said, ‘Slavery was never abolished, it was just extended to all the races’ and it is true. People work day in and day out just to grow deeper in debt. After years and years of work, we find ourselves no better off than the past. Usually worse. It is a fact that my generation is the first in American history to be worse off financially than our parents. In 2050 or so they say white people will be the minority in America. Whites are already a minority in our biggest state, California. As of 2011 for the first time non whites make up the majority of babies born in the USA. We’ve literally been subdued and tricked into giving away everything our ancestors fought and died for.

15) What do you think are the three biggest mistakes of America since its founding?
The first thing that comes to mind is World War Two, of course. Like World War One, also a mistake, Americans didn’t want to get involved. The vast majority of Americans in both wars wanted nothing to do with the war. And in both wars the public was tricked into supporting them. The sinking of the Lusitania in WW1, for example. President Roosevelt and his insidious team did everything possible to get America involved in WW2. Declassified documents now tell the truth about Pearl Harbor for example. They fired at Japanese boats and violated their waters in provocation, among other things, until the Japanese retaliated. The declassified documents reveal Roosevelt knew of the impending attack and welcomed it. He took a number of measures to silence those who found out about it and alerted the government. It is some despicable stuff perpetrated by truly evil people.

Another great mistake was letting the bank control us. President Andrew Jackson was a great man who went against the bankers, and for a time defeated them, yet he died in poverty. They ruined him and took everything from him. Putting his face on our twenty dollar bill, the money he tried to stop, is a slap in his face. But honestly, our government is out of control. Mistakes are a way of life now.

16) In your opinion, what do you think about:
a) The rumors about 9/11, Al Qaeda and the death of Osama Bin Laden in May 2011?
You know I have watched some very interesting documentaries and read some truly disturbing stuff about what happened on 9/11. It is amazing how people don't seem to want to know the truth. Like how an Israeli film crew was caught by police filming the World Trade Center just before the first plane struck it. How did they know? There was a African-American 'poet laureate' a few years ago who read a poem he wrote that caused big controversy here, for a moment that is. In it he says something like 'tell me why all the Jews called in sick on 9/11?' Amazing stuff huh? He got ostracized for that one. Or how about how the owner of the Trade Center insured it just days before 9/11. And did you know that a handful of the 'terrorists' they claim died in the terrorists attacks are alive and well? A number of them, in their Arab countries of origin, couldn't believe it when they saw themselves on television. They were like 'hey, I didn't do that, I was here, 1000's of miles away, working for whatever company, etc..' And of course, it's true. There are heaps of information, and I can't go into it all, but one last bit I'd like to mention. The only time Bin Laden admits to being involved in 9/11 is from a grainy video where he uses his right hand to write something and he is verified as being left handed. Interesting eh?

b) The footage of Neil Armstrong's on the moon at the end of the 60's and the theories that it was actually made in Hollywood?
I've heard some interesting things about this over the years. I wouldn't rule out that it all could be fake. Propaganda for the space race. Since Russia was the first to launch a satellite, 'Sputnik,' the USA had to do something. There are some things that are curious too about the footage. Like a reflection of an unknown astronaut in one of their visors. And the flag waves in the footage, etc.. I think though that we should look at how Russian and the USA had a space program to begin with. They stole their technology from Nazi Germany. Both countries raced to get as much German technology as they could. Nasa, America's space program, was headed by a former Nazi Scientist, Von Braun. Someone once said, 'America and Russia do not have American or Russian space programs, they have German ones.' And it's true.

c) The American wars and the situation in Iraq and Afganistan?
Here are two countries which did nothing to deserve America's bombs. America claims to have attacked these countries because of 9/11, yet not one single Iraqi was claimed to be a hijacker and the majority of the passports supposedly involved were actually from Saudi Arabia. 'Intelligence' even admits that Saddam Hussein was not tolerant of Al Qaeda in his country. But let's look at the real reason why we attacked Iraq. Israel. Iraq was a number one enemy of Israel. They even fired Scud missiles into Israel during the first American/Iraqi conflict. Oil was only a side benefit. With Iraq out of the picture that only leaves Iran as the only enemies of Israel with any strength. And look at current happenings with that. 'Iran is building nukes' 'Iran is murdering their civilians' blah blah blah. They've fired up their almighty propaganda machine and typed in Iran. But the old machine is starting to break down. People are waking up to their lies and illusions.

d) The role and future of the white race in the USA and worldwide?
That all depends on what is it going to take before white people wake up. And we should say, not just white people, all people of the planet need to wake up to the threats that we all face. Our enemies see us all, no matter our race, as one race of cattle. In World War Two few people know that many non-whites fought with Germany. They don't want you to know that. They want to single Germany out. They want to single white people out. Make it into this crazy racist country. But it wasn't that way at all. Research it and you will find the truth. The truth that Thai wore Wehrmacht uniforms and stahlhelms fighting for the 3rd Reich. That Indians, under Chandra Bose, the Azad Hind, wore SS uniforms. Chandra Bose, an ethnic Indian, even lived in Germany where he broadcast a 'Free India' radio program. Today, to Indians, Chandra Bose is as George Washington is to Americans. Various ethnicities that were muslim fought under the Swastika. The Grand Mufti of Palestine even met with the Fuhrer as allies. Black Africans fought with Germany and Italy in Africa. And let's not forget the Japanese, Germany's major ally, who wanted Hitler and Mussolini in the end days to come to Japan and set up governments in exile. The last Uboat operation was to Japan. It carried a number of technological secrets and materials, including enriched Uranium. That's not denying that there wasn't racism and age old cultural problems with the various ethnicities, including non-whites. But that was on both sides, Axis and Allied. That is life. Racism is a natural thing. It is natural to be cautious of things different than you. It is natural to want what you're used to. Racism is an instinct that also helps preserve each race. This goes for all races, not just white. All races are racist to some extent. The point we must remember is that our struggle is all races against them. We all want freedom. We all want to merely live in peace. However, they won't let us. They want to dominate us. They want to suck the life from this earth until there is nothing left. We should follow the 3rd Reich's vision of Total War. Everything and everyone for victory.

e) Rudolf Hess and his mysterious death in Berlin's Spandau Prison?
Clearly he was murdered. Hess endured so much injustice in his lifetime only to be murdered at the end of it. Yet, they only made him an even greater martyr.

f) The birth certificate of Barack Obama and the forthcoming presidential polls?
Puh. This puppet is hardly worth our serious conversation. But to answer your question, they are clearly hiding something. Even though now they've come forward with what they claim to be his birth certificate. I could print up a birth certificate saying I was born on the moon and it might be more believable than his.

g) The democratic movement in the middle east and the role of the USA?
The whole situation stinks of Israeli/American involvement. That's all I can say until I learn more and history plays out more.

17) A way of life - millions of people (or much more) say they are searching for correct 'standards' or 'values.' Some are trying various 'new age' belief systems, or different ideas and theories. What is your way of life and why?
Well, I think these people, all people, are feeling the emptiness of this modern age. Largely, people have grown dark and sullen, bitter and depressed. Millions turn toward anti-depressants, but happiness doesn't come in a pill. Not for long, at least, not true happiness. I think the evil of this age is affecting people in many ways. People are constantly searching for a new way. An alternative. An alternative to nearly everything. They know something is wrong, they just can't figure out what, or why. They should turn off their televisions and stop believing the lies of their masters. Our way of life is working for our cause. When we are not working we are talking about or planning more work. But 'work' is bad word. So is 'duty.' It is hard to define, it is who we are. A calling. Our reason to exist.

We look at everyone else's lives and despise them. Their simple, mundane lives of 'ease.' They act like their biggest problems in life are that their sports team lost last night or they have to work in the morning and there is only time for one more beer. No thanks. I'd rather be awake than asleep. Rather be a soldier than a slave.

18) So now let us come to a few 'special' questions. 'Special' in the way as they are your own, taken from the years of you interviewing various people. So, tell us what do you think are some of the greatest lies perpertrated on the masses in these dark times?
The lies about Germany and her allies. For example, ask many old people here, who were alive during WW2. Ask them what they think about Adolf Hitler and many of them will say that they think 'he was a great man and did great things for Germany, but I can't support those horrible things he did...' They instilled the lie that Adolf Hitler was a monster. Today they echo that lie non-stop. 66 years later and his enemies can't stop talking about how bad he was. It is everywhere in our culture. Movies, television, magazines... But who is benefiting from these lies? Well, who owns the movie studios, the television stations and magazines? Who has this agenda to trick the world into thinking that Adolf Hitler and Germany stood for evil? That's easy. Fill in the blank: _ _ _ _.

19) Hypothetically, if you could know the answer to any one question, what would the question be?
Perhaps, how can we as a people best usher in our victory? And in turn, this one will be free since the answer will be with the first question, how to bring our enemies long overdue end!? There will be no ultimate victory until our enemies are defeated.

20) Life on Earth is relatively short, when it's all said and done. What do you hope to accomplish before your death?
Our greatest hope is to contribute something to the glory of National Socialism.

21) If the dead know one wisdom, what would you say in might be?
Ah, well, what is it like being dead? A continuance, or an end? Are there Gods to guide you on that journey? As strange as it sounds, the dead may in fact know nothing of death at all, in the case of oblivion.

22) If you were given the chance to step through a door to any time in the past, but you could never return, would you? Hypothetically, if you did, what do you think you could teach the past of the future?
Well, here is a question we've given thought to on a few occasions. Afterall, it is too tempting to not entertain the thoughts of what could have been... of course, I'm talking about if Germany and the Axis would have won World War Two. We would certainly walk through that door in an instant, and as much as we would love to live in the glorious years of National Socialist Germany, even for the short twelve years it lasted, we would have to go back for other reasons. That would be to bring as much knowledge of the future as possible in an attempt to change the outcome of the war.

Yet, while it brings a smile to entertain the thought, at the same time I believe that many things happen for a reason. World War Two was a battle of a bigger war. In many aspects Germany and her allies and partners were victorious. Think about how many people they have woken up to the truth. Think about the untold numbers of people they have and will inspire. Adolf Hitler said that one day His spirit would return and the world would know that He was right. I don't think His spirit ever left. He lives in an untold number of hearts and minds around this globe. His name is praised in every language. His name has become even more sacred as time passes and we learn further details of His greatness and His divine mission.

23) What would you say is one of the most important things in life?
Remaining true to your ideals despite the obstacles, despite any loneliness or pain, despite any hardship or criticism. To never waver.

24) Is there a person of the past who you derive inspiration from? Explain why?
You know, there are so very many great men and women of our cause that inspire us. One thing our cause will never be short of is heroes and heroic deeds. Adolf Hitler first comes to mind. Here is a man who rose from nothing to become the most beloved man of all time. He never wavered, even as his beloved Berlin burned around him. And in the end it would take more than a cyanide capsule or a mere bullet to kill Adolf Hitler. With great pride we can say that not even Adolf Hitler could kill Adolf Hitler. For he lives today, tomorrow, forever!

25) OK, thanks! Now back to my questions. What is your opinion of the following people:

a) Friedrich Nietzsche:
Like so many, Nietzsche has always been interesting to us. Der Anti-Christ is an old favorite. He knew Christianity, that's for sure, and stated it for what it was, which is an enemy not only of our folk, but of mankind. One of his best quotes has to be... 'This world is beautiful, but has a disease called man.'

b) Steven Spielberg:
Puh. He's nobody to us. Just one of a legion of untalented little men who have everything handed to them. Just imagine if they didn't have an iron monopoly on the movie industry... can you picture what fantastic, creative works might have been made? Instead we have these money-grubbing, untalented parasites who don't have a creative bone in their body or a day's life experience under their belts.

c) Robert Mathews:
One of the greatest Americans ever born. A true patriot to his ideals and such a deep, compassionate soul. There will always be a huge place in our hearts for Robert Mathews. A true modern hero. A seemingly 'normal' guy who did extraordinary things toward awakening our people. One day statues will be erected to honor his sacrifice and his greatness will be taught to the children of the future forevermore.

d) Dario Argento:
A great director! Although his newer stuff is pretty boring from what I've seen, his older stuff is fantastic. There is nothing better than those old 70's/80's European horror movies. There was so many interesting directors/actors. Like the brutality of Fulci and the dreamy strangeness of Jean-Rollins... also, Soledad Miranda was such a cool actress who died before her time.

e) William Pierce:
A very wise and super intelligent man, and a fantastic teacher. His tireless work will be remembered long into the future. We used to listen to his radio broadcast program 'American Dissident Voices' what seems like forever ago. Although the radio reception here wasn't the best, it was surprising and exciting to hear such uncensored information as what was found on his program.

f) Mahmoud Ahmadinajad:
I can't really say with certainty much about this man, because I simply don't know enough. I know that the powers-that-be go out of their way to demonize him, which immediately is a red flag to me. It seems they want nothing more than to destroy him. I know he is an outspoken critic of Israel, which immediately earns their demonic hatred and you at once hear their endless anti-Iran propaganda.

g) George Burdi (ex-Rahowa):
What a shame. Rahowa was a very good band I think and I really liked Burdi's vocals/lyrics. But I also understand that the band was more than just him, but I'm sure he was a driving force. It is a shame really, he was a great artist, and I liked his works. What's most strange about George Burdi is that he seems intelligent, yet it would appear he lacks any kind of real understanding of National Socialism. But that's not uncommon. It's enemies have gone to vast lengths to trick and confuse the world about the truth of National Socialism. The story of George Burdi is by no means a unique one. It can be very exhausting to believe in unpopular ideas. These dark days, nothing is more unpopular than the truth, sadly. Yet, only weak people need the assurances of the mob. The soldier of truth never stands alone. One day nature's truth will prevail, it's written in the cosmos, and it needs not the assistance of the shaky, half-hearted, brainwashed beliefs of the masses. When nature prevails, National Socialism prevails, for they are one the same. As was said by its eternal leader: 'anyone who sees National Socialism as a purely political movement does not understand National Socialism!' Among many other aspects, it is a spiritual awakening. A path to greatness and a religion of the strong.

h) David Lane:
David Lane was and will forever be one of the greatest soldiers of truth who ever drew breath. Till his last day he was a fist in the face of our enemies. It was an incredible honor for us to interview him back in 2002. He had an astonishing intelligence and a deep well of artistic energy. He was a fantastic poet and very passionate writer. He loved his people so deeply, even though he knew he was misunderstood by many of them. A person could go on and on about David's greatness and sacrifices. One thing I personally loved about him was his humbleness. Communicating with him through letters I found he was truly one of the friendliest, warmest and down to earth people I've ever met. I do not exaggerate that outstanding and rare quality in him. A golden soul and a fabulous human being.

i) Varg Vikernes:
Well, it almost goes without saying that Varg's musical conquests are legendary in black metal. Burzum has always been one of our favorites. The intensity and feeling are unmatched. The ferocity and range of emotions invoked, especially in those early releases were truly great. I haven't heard any of his new stuff since he's been released from prison however, but I hear good things. I've recently read some new articles written by him that I liked. He's seems very intelligent and focused. It is great to see him motivated to stand up against the tyrannical evil of this world. The world is beginning to awaken to these monsters and their lies.

26) Please explain to me the 'words' - beauty, sadness, depression, strength, and happiness by your own experiences in life?
Beauty. Beauty is both universal and in the eyes of the beholder. I think some things are universally beautiful, like nature, or natural events. They inspire awe in all living things. Other things, human things, are more individual.

Sadness and depression. Sadness sometimes covers this world, like a thick, smothering blanket. There is sadness everywhere today. You see it everywhere in people's faces. Their eyes do not smile anymore. It is a sick, wounded world.

Strength and happiness. These things are relatively individual. Personally, we draw strength from the past. As soldiers in this silent war, it's hard to look at the future, it is so uncertain. We find happiness fighting our foes, doing what we know is right. Doing things that we know He would approve brings pleasure. Wehrwolves in America, 2011, 66 years after the fire. It's interesting to think, those Allied soldiers who fought against Germany in those closing days, they never could have imagined, in their loins they held the Nazi's of tomorrow! But if only those men could have known the truth, they would have joined Germany and turned their guns on the real enemy. Like General Patton said, 'We're fighting the wrong people, let's join with Germany and fight the real enemy.' Strange that he died soon after in a 'hunting accident.'

27) Before the end of the interview, let us go back to Mourning the Ancient. How do you see the future of MTA and what plans do you have?
We are working on a massive update to our website. Soon you'll be able to view 1000's of our photos online. All for free. 24/7. We also have plans with a few comrades on continuing an online chat we have published 'The Truth about World War Two.' Beyond that, only the Gods know.

28) The end - thanks a lot for the answers to this interview. I wish you for your life, your creation and works, MTA and the others all the best and greatest. Now please give me your final words.
First, our thanks to you comrade, and all the other wehrwolves worldwide. Never feel alone out there. We're all fighting beneath the same stars, for the same cause, each in our way. We'll meet in a better place, in the end, smiles on our faces, with empty clips and broken, bloody swords. Ready to meet our Fuhrer. Ready to greet our Gods.

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