The following interview was done on 6-20-2010, conducted by Georg of Heathen Force Magazine, which never saw fruition. We had agreed to lend some of our images to Georg for the cover and an ad, which are shown below. This interview appears on the website

Greetings. To start let me thank you for your time and support. First question. Since some readers may not be familiar with you or your projects, please introduce yourselves. When did you begin Mourning the Ancient and also what was the motivation for this project?

Mourning the Ancient began in October 1995, although no one would see our work for another couple of years due to setbacks and delays. In those days we didn't even have an Internet connection, let alone a computer. Yet we still had plans of producing a paper 'zine. Likewise, our camera equipment was dismal and practically non-existent, but we managed to begin doing photography in a crude state. We began doing Mourning the Ancient for a variety of reasons. Among them a love of music and a desire to support the bands we enjoyed. A cure for boredom... perhaps the human desire to create, to make something out of nothing. This aside, Mourning the Ancient was to be our banner, our vehicle, to carry a message that would grow with time. The message remains the same, as do our beliefs since day one, which is, in simple terms: We've all been lied to. The student and the teacher are victims of a hostile system bent on control and domination. All of us live in enemy occupied lands. Every race should be ruled by their own people, but today this isn't the case, nor has it been for some time. Our enemies are basking in the glow of their wealth and power, but power is fleeting. The people of this enslaved earth are awakening. The slaves grow restless and not only wish to break their chains, but are looking to who put them on them in the first place. Kali Yuga, the Iron Age, is accelerating. An ocean of fire lies before us. No one will taste freedom without being burned.

You also have a musical project called Primitive Supremacy. Please tell our readers about that. You have one album released. What are the plans for future musical works?

Our music project was born of necessity really. Various bands we were in contact with contributed music tracks to play during the viewing of our photo CDs. Our second photo CD we came up a few tracks short, so we made some raw tracks ourselves to fill in the gaps. Elegy Records encouraged us to make a full length CD, which we did, calling it Primitive Supremacy. We're not sure if we'll ever do a follow-up.

Now you also have numerous photo galleries on your web site. There are obviously some so called "Moralists" from various different causes who will take offense to both the symbolism and also the nudity contained within. What are you trying to express in your art and also what do you have to say about those hypocritical "Moralists"?

The bottom line is we don't find nudity or pagan imagery to be offensive. Quite the opposite, we create what we love. What we'd want to see, if we were the viewer. What is more natural and honest than the naked self? Those that find it sinful or dirty are usually victims of Judeo-Christian brainwashing or some other mental malady. Nakedness itself symbolizes truth, as nothing is hidden. How our civilization, our people, were led to believe that nudity is something obscene is beyond us. These dark days they censor anything that they feel is against their degenerate agenda. But we understand that our photography is a lot more than just nudity. It has the potential to offend a timid, brainwashed mind in a variety of ways. We use a lot of 'heathen' symbolism, medieval weaponry and sometimes 'blood' and implied violence. It's fantasy. It's idealistic and imaginative. We really mean it when we say that we do our works for ourselves and our true comrades worldwide. We could care less about the roaming stranger who visits our site and is offended. As is said: 'Those that the Gods are about to kill, they first make angry.'

You use an inverted pentagram with 4 Tiwaz expanding from its center as the symbol representing your works. Can you explain to the readers why you chose this as the symbol to represent Mourning the Ancient?

Among other things, the pentagram in ancient times represented truth. This is how we personally define it. The arrows are symbolic of expanding that truth outward, like rays of the sun. Despite the negative connotations attached to the pentagram, like so many other pagan symbols, it was once a magical symbol, pure and benign. Just as our ancestral deities became devils and demons through the lies of Judeo-Christianity, the meanings behind our rituals, beliefs and even symbols were perverted. The pentagram to us has always been a magnetic rune, infused with power and charisma. Like the Druids of old, who were said to draw the pentagram on the bottom of their feet so they could 'walk with truth,' we value truth above all virtues. Truth is what our enemies fear most. Fortunately for the enemy, however, the common person is not very receptive toward truth. They have been a victim of brainwashing lies and propaganda since birth, and are fairly comfortable living their master's lie. These slaves do not want to question the fact that much of what they've been told is designed to enslave them.

They are victims of these lies until they are confronted with the truth, at that point, they have the opportunity as thinking, sentient beings to examine the facts. If they prefer to ignore the facts, they are victims of only themselves. Victims of laziness, stupidity and selfishness. This is the human race at its worst. The enemies of the human race depend on these types of people. Without them and their daily disregard of free thought, the enemy's campaigns would collapse overnight. If people merely started thinking for themselves many of this Earth's problems would dissolve.

Recently you've published a new writing project. A historically accurate discussion on the truths and falsehoods regarding World Wars 1 and 2. The facts are easily accessible for those willing to actually look for them. Why are so many easily deceived by what the media tells them about National Socialism and do you believe this veil of falsehood will be broken soon?

World War Two is quite the minefield of misinformation! An incredible amount of data, including an unbelievable amount of postwar and 'Allied' lies and propaganda. The bottom line is this: how are we expected to believe the version of events as dictated by the enemy? It is absurd really. To put it in more human, everyday terms, let's imagine there is an individual, your typical modern male. Now let's picture that this guy has been in a heated, emotional fist fight with another fellow. Here is where you come in. Let's say you are charged in finding out what happened. Things like what led to this fight, what happened during it, who witnessed it, etcetera. Certainly you would want to interview both the people involved in the fight, and interview anyone who may have witnessed it. Right? Of course. It's simple, right?

Well, not if these two men in the fist fight were fighting in World War Two. If they were, you would only be allowed to interview one of the fighters. The victor. Unless of course the loser has now been convinced, usually through nefarious means, that his side was wrong. Incredibly, you also would only be allowed to publish eye-witness accounts from one side of the fight, also the victor's side. Not only that, but the victor's eye-witnesses just so happen to be his friends and family. Sound absurd? Biased? Of course it does. Yet, that is their version of World War Two.

Now getting to your question of why people are so easily deceived by the media about National Socialism. We think it's for a variety of reasons. The one most evident in this case is clear, it's that most people don't know anything at all about National Socialism. They associate it only with WW2 and they only know the few fantasies that have been taught to them by the television about World War Two. Usually their 'facts' are extremely limited. They know that it happened a long time ago. They have been told that Adolf Hitler and the evil Germans tried to destroy and/or take over the world. Their television has shouted in their ears since birth that millions or maybe billions of Jews died in concentration camps. Oh, and maybe that one of their favorite video games takes place during it.

The bottom line is the common person doesn't think they are affected by WW2. Of course, they are gravely mistaken. Perhaps no single event in modern history affects them more. Yet, it is not staring them in the face. It's not tangible for them. Out of sight, out of mind. The modern person cares only for things that affect them in a very personal way. Things like money, sex, relationships, sports, food, clothes, drugs and weekends at the club. So they might ask, how could WW2 possible affect these things that I care about?

No matter what answer you could give them, no matter how blinding the truth or shocking the implications, it wouldn't matter much to the average person. And that is because those necessities and vices we previously mentioned are still available. As long as the enemy provides these distractions for its slaves, the slave will be content. Maybe not happy, but content enough to keep being a good little lemming and not questioning, not stepping out of line or thinking for themselves. When these necessities and vices aren't there in the quantities desired, the slave starts to get uncomfortable. Discontent arises. It would seem that only then will the enemy's grip on the masses loosen. The tyrants of this world know all too well how to keep loyal servants. Keep them well fed. Keep their toy boxes full. Keep them at each other's throats. Destroy the family center. Inflate their egos artificially. Make money the number one goal. Take away their past and replace it with a version of events more suitable to the enemy's needs. Keep them pumped full of drugs and alcohol. And in the end, if the masses aren't content yet, they'll administer happiness in a doctor approved pill. Never addressing why the world is growing into a bitter, apathetic and angry monster. They are turning humanity into a race without culture or distinction. A race of robot zombies, reanimated by the greed and lusts of their hidden masters. But all the while the human spirit screams. None of us knows what the future holds... but we can say with certainty, it will be red.

Who are some of the people, past and present, that you hold in the highest regard?

The first and most obvious answer is Adolf Hitler. No other human being comes close to what He has accomplished for, not only our people, but all humankind. Like Savitri Devi and Miguel Serrano, and a fast growing number of others, we believe Adolf Hitler to be more than just a man. What He was and is defies words. Anyone who loves Him understands the monumental importance of His mission, which is very clear: the freedom and survival of His beloved race and mankind. Anyone illuminated by this truth is left in awe at the magic that is Adolf Hitler. It is He who has continually restored our faith in mankind, whose golden spirit illuminates the well-hidden truths to us. He's a figure larger than life, yet he lived and yet lives in any way that matters. Like a deity among us, yet he was mortal, sharing our misery and urging us to greatness. His spirit lives and breathes in each of us who fights for truth, lending to us His Fearlessness, renewing our Faith in tomorrow, and hardest of all, He inspires within us Hope. With that said, the list is long of people who have inspired us and continue to do so. Our struggle will never be short of heroes and martyrs. Here's a small example, in no particular order, of some of the golden souls who we highly regard:

Savitri Devi. Her writings are the most passionate and beautiful we've ever beheld. They are like religious texts to anyone seeking wisdom and truth. When the weight of the world seems too much, and the dark power of our enemy seems invincible, her light heals and uplifts the injured soul.

Miguel Serrano. Like Savitri, his love of the Fuhrer and his deep wisdom are absolutely intriguing. Also like Savitri, he understood the divinity of Adolf Hitler.

Joseph Goebbels. What can we possible say about this giant amongst men? A truly mysterious and utterly intriguing soul. An artistic and political genius. Like the Fuhrer, he was surely touched by the divine hand of Fate.

Robert Mathews and David Lane. Truth be told, when we were young, bitter and restless souls, it was their sacrifices which illuminated the path to truth for us. The books slandering them proved to be guide posts to their greatness and our education.

William Pierce. A mentor to many seeking truth, including us. His radio broadcasts and books shed light on many almost unspeakable evils. The truth he revealed came early in our lives and was most shocking.

What writers and books have inspired you more than any other?

It is pretty easy to say that Savitri Devi is our favorite author overall. We've read half a dozen of her works and have been impressed each time. She is a great teacher, imparted with a rare wisdom and warm charisma that emanates through her books. Of course, there has been a myriad of other great books to cross our paths. We've also encountered a mountain of trash, rewritten history and downright lies. I think it is important to mention how much history is being and has been rewritten.

Your thoughts on the 3 Abrahamic religions, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Do you see their grip loosening on the minds and spirits of humanity? What do you believe will be the final nail in the coffin to rid the world of these plagues?

We don't see their grip loosening anytime soon. They didn't establish rule overnight and we won't be rid of them quickly either. With fire and sword, fear and manipulation, they established their dominance. What's most surprising is that people don't seem to be too concerned when these religions continue to commit all sorts of vile and evil acts. Our people will never be free so as long as they call an alien god their own. We've always found it interesting that people don't seem to realize that the Judeo-Christian god is rather new on the scene, only a few thousand years old. While the rest of the world's pagan, ancestral religions predate civilization itself. Yet we are to believe this violent and selfish god is the only deity? Ask yourself: what has this deity done for this world and its people? Why was it necessary to force this god on the world with fire and sword? Or manipulate the world into thinking all other religions are evil, when clearly it is vice-versa. It is interesting to imagine what the world might be like if this blood thirsty religion had not taken hold. It has always been the enemy of science, fearing its truth about the natural world. The enemy of womankind, torturing and burning countless innocents beneath the shadow of its cross. The enemy of peace, history is littered with its bloody crusades and wars. Read the Malleus Malificarum to see into the wicked mind of the church. Or closer to hand, pick up a newspaper. Judeo-Christianity has and will always be one of the greatest enemies of mankind.

I am going to ask you questions that you have asked me previously now as I believe the readers would like to hear your views on them. Mankind fears the unknown and the greatest unknown is death. No one really knows what comes at life's conclusion. How do you envision death and what do you believe happens to our souls?

It's strange that we spend our lives searching for answers to something that we eventually will or will not (in the case of oblivion) know. The answer has to be bigger than we can imagine, perhaps even unfathomable. If something lies after our physical death it is most likely nothing like this life. Consider losing your five senses, yet some part of you existing on. Our mortal shells give us the senses of touch, smell, hearing, sight and taste. How bizarre would existence be without them? Or, are we not to conclude that we would lose these senses? It seems illogical though that we would retain them, since they are physical. Yet, if that is the case, the brain is lost as well. What are we without our memories and experiences, our personalities, loves and desires? It is interesting to think of us as machines, because we really are nothing more than biological machines. We operate through consuming living food sources which still contain energy, whether they be plant life or the flesh of another creature. If the soul is energy, science teaches us that energy cannot be destroyed, ever. It can change form, but never be destroyed. So if the soul is a form of energy, is it possible to retain the five senses and/or our personalties and memory? The ancients believed that animals have souls, Judeo-Christianity destroyed that belief, establishing man as the only thing relevant in the universe. But this shortsighted selfishness goes against logic. Humans have become far too self-important and egotistical. With all this said, your question remains unanswered, which is fitting, because there really isn't any concrete answer and we hate to rely on faith regarding anything. We can tell you though, as anyone knows, there is an abundance of strange and unexplainable things on this earth, in this existence. Ultimately we have two possible outcomes. In one hand we have physical death and the total annihilation of the Self. In the other hand... ?

What do you believe are the most damaging lies ever told to the masses?

A hard question indeed. There are so many. Very damaging to humankind was the destruction of its ancestral religions. Worse still, what replaced them. Judeo-Christianity is the culture and nature destroyer. Truly a piece of us was lost when our ancestors gave up their deities and customs and took up worship of this alien and bloodthirsty god. The old religions united us. Judeo-Christianity has tore out our peoples' souls. Next, what a bigger mountain of lies than those told about the Axis in World War Two and thereafter. Unfortunately, you haven't the space in your magazine to speak of even a portion of the lies. It is important to mention though that, as Americans, we were lied to and tricked into going to war with Japan and Germany. The powers that be instigated a war with Japan, a previous friend of the United States. History now reveals that the president knew of the imminent attack on Pearl Harbor, and not only did nothing about it, but needed it to draw America into WW2. Some 80-90% of Americans polled before Pearl Harbor wanted nothing to do with the war. But what's changed? The tyrants in charge continue to manipulate the world into more wars today.

At what point in your lives did you begin to question the "authorities" on religion, history etc? Is there any significant individual or individuals and also instances that led you on the quest for truth and knowledge?

Since we've already mentioned some of the individuals who have been guideposts of sorts in our past, we'll stick to the first part of your question. We've both always questioned what's been presented to us as truth. You can't just take for granted what you're being taught or told is the truth. Trust yourself first. That's one thing we always liked about William Pierce, he always told the reader 'Don't take my word for anything, I want you to go out and find out for yourself if indeed I am telling you the truth,' and we did. And he was telling the truth. And the truth is that so much of what we've been taught has been lies. Whether it be in public or private schools or colleges or through newspapers or television. There is an ocean of downright lies and twisted, biased facts masquerading as truth. Today it is worse than ever. Our newspapers, book publishers, television media, magazines, etc., are in the hands of a few ultra rich and powerful people. They decide what is the truth, what is moral and what is right. They are re-writing our history books. They are shaping the population into a mass of robots and zombies. People have to start thinking for themselves. The information is out there. Find it. Prepare to be shocked. It is a lifelong journey. Ask yourself, is this my opinion, or is this the opinion of others? People unknowingly are fed misinformation and brainwashing propaganda. They are victims of 'popular culture' and the media monster. Think for yourself! Wipe the slate in your head and write in your own information, not based on what you were taught or told, but based on facts. Facts that you've found on your own through unbiased sources. Their Truth is a Lie!

Much thanks again for taking the time to complete this interview. Any closing thoughts to share?

Thanks for the support and camaraderie Georg! Good luck to your new publication, we hope it inspires and angers! As was once said, "Let them hate me, so as long as they fear me!"

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