The following interview was done by Blast Magazine (Portugal)...

1- Can you explain to our readers what is the concept behind Mourning of the Ancient?

Mourning the Ancient has primarily always been a means of supporting the various forms of music which we appreciate. Over the years, we've done countless photographic works, some of which were released on two photo CD's, a film, and an audio CD. It's always been a labor of love and hate, you could say, ups and downs, but an interesting ride nonetheless over the past ten years. I guess though the one common thread binding everything together, from our personal works to the interviews we've done has been our dissatisfaction with the world as a whole. It can only get worse from here.

2- How did it arise PRIMITIVE SUPREMACY ?

We enlisted a handful of bands to do the soundtrack for our second photo CD, but ended up coming up a little short, so we decided to do some tracks ourselves. Elegy Records liked what we did and encouraged us to do more for a full length CD, which we did. The result was a sort of ghostly, dark ambiance, with other obscure elements.

3- Where do you seek inspiration from ?

It is difficult to find positive inspiration these days. Modern civilization is a cesspool of lies and greed perpetuated by an ever growing number of souls. It certainly doesn't take a visionary to see the staggering decline of humanity. Things like Art, Justice, Truth, Honor and Loyalty are more endangered on Earth than any creature that's ever walked it. Through our works, our film especially, we've been able to depict the growing cancer eating away this world. But, if we were inspired by anything, it would be the past ages. Mostly men and women dead and gone, but only in body. Long live the dead!

4- Tell us about your lyrics...

For Primitive Supremacy, we find lyrics to be almost secondary to the canvas of sound and atmosphere we try to create. Feeling is everything in this type of music. The lyrics speak of many things in few words. Our contempt. Loneliness. Hate and bitterness. Love and fight.

5- Tell us more about your photography and modeling experience...

Just a love for the imagery, the wide variety of emotions expressed from shoot to shoot, which found its beginning experimenting on a cheap instant camera. I've never modeled for anything else but this, and would never want to. Sometimes a picture can speak a thousand words which a tongue could never hope to. Speaking through symbolism has always interested us. There is usually some aspect of every photo shoot we've done which carries a vibe or message to the viewer, sometimes hidden, sometimes obvious.

6- You also did a movie? was it ?

Back in 1995 we first had dreams of creating a film. But it wasn't until many years later that we actually had the experience and equipment to do so. We wanted it to be as close to our vision as possible and of the highest quality our limited means could offer. It was extremely hard work for us, knowing nothing of making a film, it can get very technical. But, we persevered, and in the end, I think it stands as one of our greatest accomplishments through MTA thus far. It expresses a lot of the darkness, bitterness, anger, hopelessness, solitude... etc. we've known so well over the years. The emotions we've thrived on. Which gave us life.

7- Let us know a bit more about you favourites: -music/bands:

A wide variety, off the top of my head... Burzum, old Mayhem, Barathrum, Beherit, Funeral, old 3rd and the Mortal, Beltane (NZ), Absurd, the true Frost/Sadorass, Arcana, Love Spirals Downward, Bathory, Venom, etc. etc.

Mostly history with no specific writer, as long as it is historical and truthful. Something that's getting harder and harder to find in today's age. The tyrants in charge of this world hide the truth from our eyes. "Truth: the enemies of tyrants and the friend of man.' -unknown

Can't say I'm too much into photography, per se... however, some of the artistic nudes and such of the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century are often times very obscure and interesting.

A lot of classical art interests me. In contrast, however, much of modern art, to me, is an abomination. No talent, no vision. Yet the so-called experts proclaim these modern splashes of paint or conglomerations of garbage to be true masterpieces. Ha! They'll make good kindling when the street lights go out forever.

8- How do you see yourself as an artist? musician, as writer, or philosopher, or...

We don't really see ourselves as any of those things. I know what I love and what I hate, and I try to express both. If someone out there in the void of this world sees our work and finds something lasting, something beautiful or something awful and evil, than that's just great for them. Better than boring I suppose.

9- What plans have you for your future career?

Career aside, we plan to release probably one more Primitive Supremacy CD, one more MTA film and one master photo CD containing everything we've ever done. After that death is inevitable.

10- Ever heard about Portugal?

Yes, I've heard a handful of good bands from Portugal and over the years I've met a few comrades as well.

11- Your last comments for our readers...

Keep an open mind to the truth and a sharp sword at your side!

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