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-What is Mourning The Ancient?
We're most known for our webzine, which debuted on the web in 1998. We also do photography, which we sample on the web and also release through photo CD's. We also do film and now a music project, which is called Primitive Supremacy.

-What is the meaning of "Mourning The Ancient"?
We chose the name Mourning the Ancient because we long for the past. Likewise, we detest most modern elements of our global society.

-Who are behind Mourning The Ancient?
Since its birth in 1995 Mourning the Ancient has consisted of two people, it will undoubtedly be the same two at her death.

-Can you explain your evolution from 1995 to nowadays? You have different themes, as for example satanism, paganism, blood... What do you want to express with this project?
We express various elements which interest us, in some way, shape or form. We haven't really evolved too much from our original vision. The quality of the photography has gotten better, with the addition of better equipment. We have a wider array of props now, which helps to express a broader range of emotions or settings. We like to make ideas or emotions flesh. From void idea to material substance.

-Paganism is very important in Europe, but how do you see Paganism in the USA? The only "serious" bands in the USA about Paganism are Absu, Corvus Corax... Are there more bands? Do you think the American bands can be true pagans?
I would suppose there are a number of bands which explore paganism here (in their lyrics, imagery, etc.). Whether they practice it or not depends on the individual in question I suppose. I would guess the number worldwide to be very small though. That is, true practitioners of one of the systems of pagan belief, that are a member of a metal-oriented band. What people project to the public and who and what they are privately are two different things entirely. People have a gallery of masks they alternate wearing depending on the situation. However, geography has no say in who can hold pagan beliefs. It is a longing for the purity and truth of the past, which sadly, much has been erased and destroyed.

-What do you think about Christianism? What is your opinion about the abuse scandals within the American Catholic Church?
My feelings toward Christianity are negative ones. It has done nothing but to help destroy the soul of man and the world around him. It has instilled lies and falsities into the minds of the world. It is a blood drenched dragon devouring everything in life which makes it worth living. The abuse of the church doesn't surprise me or anyone else.

-And about Islam? Now it seems to be a sort of "crusade" against the Islam. What do you think about the war of Irak in relation with 9-11?
The war in Iraq and 9/11 have nothing in common besides they used it as an excuse to get public support to destroy and occupy Iraq. The war machine is fueled by lies and greed, and is only a stepping stone to more war, occupation and the eventual downfall of freedom itself.

-Well, let's talk again about Mourning The Ancient. What kind of response do you receive from people?
The response has been worth the effort. Our work has enabled us to meet many kindred souls spread throughout the world, which we wouldn't have met otherwise.

-How many models do you have? In your older pictures there are two or three girls, but in your most recent pictures there is one. Why?
If you look at our timeline of pictures from 1995 up to now, you will see one model, who is the other person behind Mourning the Ancient, the majority of the time. Somewhere in the middle we experimented with another girl a handful of times, and once with yet another girl. This ended rather quickly, for a variety of reasons, but primarily because we did not see eye to eye, and didn't share the same opinions or philosophies. We learned to hate working with other people, relying on them to express something they didn't even remotely understand. The reason why we still do not use other models in our photography boils down to the fact that we generally dislike people, and those few whom we do enjoy, aren't suitable for photography purposes. We wish it could be different, but ultimately, for the time being, it cannot.

-Why do you use eroticism in your pictures?
Well, I feel it can be very captivating mixed with other elements. Such as weaponry, insinuated violence, despair... also very much the opposite atmospheres. To every healthy human the female body is amongst natures greatest works of art.

-Why did you released your pictures on cd-r and not on a cd? Is it true you were censored due to nudity?
We couldn't find a business willing to press our works on to CD-ROM. But, it wasn't because of nudity. They were frightened by the dark imagery and the pentagram/expansion rune. The blood. The weaponry. The expressions of hatred. It was all too much for their rat-hearts and all-powerful minds. Maybe out of everyone who has viewed our work they understood it most...

-Why do you show your work on the Internet, and not printed in paper?
Publishing to the internet requires much less time and money. More importantly it can reach a far broader audience. Of course, it is less personal than paper, but it gets the point across and showcases examples of our work.

-Let's talk about the "Expansion Rune", your symbol for Mourning The Ancient...
The pentegram symbolizes truth. The four expansion arrows symbolize the expansion of truth.

-Do you work now with digital cameras, or non-digital cameras?
Digital cameras for many years... since the developers wouldn't develop our earlier works because of 'objectionable content.' The Land of the Free...

-Could you tell us more about "Primitive Supremacy"?
It is a music project we did in 2002, released by Elegy Records. Samples and information can be found here:

-You also have had the collaboration of Abigor and also The Soil Bleeds Black, among others... How did you contact with them?
We contacted them to write some tracks for our film, which we finally released in 2002. We met the artists mainly through Mourning the Ancient.

-How would you define the Black Metal music?
Fearless. Unconventional. A cold and dark sound. Unpolished and not too technical. At least, that's how I prefer it.

-You are also working in a sort of video. What can we expect of this?
Our film, simply titled 'Mourning the Ancient' was completed and released in the summer of 2002. It is roughly 50 minutes long... yet another project which the hammer of censorship has tried to crush. We had a lot of problems trying to get it duplicated. Businesses told us they wouldn't do it and to never come back. Yet, like always we found ways around their attempted blockades of our work. It always makes us wonder, what is it about our work they are so afraid of?

-What web pages about Paganism and Ancient Art do you recommend us?
Hmm... can't think of any really. I don't use the internet for those purposes. So much of history and religion has been rewritten and destroyed. They wish for us to forget our pasts. Believe what they want us to believe. Their version of history. Their version of truth. The Truth is a Lie! Beware... make sure what is being masqueraded as the truth is really just that, and not propaganda and lies, which is so often the case.

-Thank you for your time. Do you want to add anything more?
Thank you for your interest Alex. Best of luck to 'A SANGRE Y FUEGO.'

[Sample CD volume one of three that came with the magazine]

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