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"This is an interview done with the two people involved with the webzine Mourning The Ancient. It is a unique zine that does some things other 'zines have not, perhaps because they have no idea that they could do such. One trait unique to MTA is its photo gallery, where the female half of Mourning the Ancient poses in a variety of fashions. Another aspect is that they have their own musical project entitled Primitive Supremacy. Having been to the site several times before and seeing how the interview questions they ask are quite provocative, and how they themselves have been interviewed many times before by a variety of other 'zines, I thought that this would be a great chance to find out more about them that I did not already know about them and their work. I won't go into too much detail of their history as it can be found on the 'zine's site (which is linked in the zines links portion of our page). I found out much about MTA and their views on ancient religions, the modern world, and what they view as an ever-worsening future..."

As many know you are half of Mourning The Ancient webzine, a zine that not only features reviews and interviews but a photo gallery as well. Some readers may not be too familiar with what it is you do, so explain what it is you try to accomplish. Also 2002 was a very productive year for you from what I hear, so explain about any upcoming projects you have in mind for 2003.
I do not try to accomplish anything, per se. However, Mourning the Ancient is a sort of vehicle for our thoughts and expressions. It is also a way to support the people and artists who we are interested in at the time. 2002 was indeed a very productive year for us. We released our first audio CD under the name 'Primitive Supremacy' on Elegy Records, filmed and released our first film, and did photography, which is yet to be released. All of these ventures were very challenging for us, but none more so than the film. For 2003 we would like to record another audio CD, as well as begin another film. Sometime in the future we plan to release one photo CD composed of our entire library of photography, from beginning to end, which will be an enormous chore, since that is literally thousands of images. The rest is unknown to even us.

You also have done some of your own music. If you wanted to, could you be your own one-person band?
Could I? I'm sure the possibility exists. But, a better question would be, would I? No. There has always been the both of us involved in every aspect of our work. When one of us finally reaches their end, the other shall as well. Our expression is united. I would not have it, or want it any other way.

The clothes and props in the photos are quite unique. They don't look like something you can buy in the local store. Where do you get them?
We try to fashion our own props as much as we can. It obviously adds to the uniqueness of the imagery. But also many times we have been motivated out of necessity, quite simply because we could not buy the imagery we needed.

You have talked allot about the crimes of the early nineties black metal scene, mostly the church arsons and the killing of Oystein Aarseth. What is your thoughts on the crimes committed by people like Bard Eithun and Jon Nodveit?
Well, I haven't thought about this in quite a few years. I don't really have any opinions on these two individuals. They did what they wanted to do, for the reasons, or lack of, they had at the time. The underground media, and even the mainstream media, sensationalized these crimes making them much bigger topics than perhaps they should have been, simply because these people were part of a brand of extreme music. Murder and violence sells. There is an undeniable blood lust in the human race that draws them toward these things. People long to follow the scent of death and tragedy.

Have you ever read the Lords Of Chaos book? If so, what do you think of it? (in the book Bard Eithun denies that his victim's homosexuality was the reason for his death)
Yes, I have read it. I think parts of it were done well, and others not so well. I do not know, nor care, Bard's reasons for murdering him. Only he himself knows the truth.

Though you don't seem to share his political/racial views, you have closely been following the story of Hendrik Mobus ever since he was detained in the US on an international warrant. It's like they chose to hunt him just because they did not like what he thought. He eventually was extradited. So what is going on with him now? Is he in jail for an indefinite period just because of his opinions?
To the contrary, I share many of Hendrik's thoughts, as do many, because they are very rational. We would have to be more specific though, for me to tell you which ones. And I'm not so sure we can have a discussion about what Hendrik does or does not believe in his absence. However, when you say 'racial views,' do you mean racial pride? If so, I freely and proudly proclaim that I am indeed proud of my ancestors and my race. Racial pride is a natural instinct for me. It does not, contrary to popular propaganda, automatically imply hatred for any other race. On the other hand, I am less then proud of the human race as a whole. Just look out your window, turn on the TV, read the paper, and see what a mess we've collectively gotten ourselves into. Anyway, you are right, he was hunted around the globe, reminiscent of a medieval witch hunt, the 'thought-criminal' that he was. It is quite a tragedy of justice. This unkind truth, shining like a beacon, illuminates a world of dwindling freedom and dying justice. The last I heard he was imprisoned for some years with more 'charges' pending. A word of warning: the freedoms that you enjoyed yesterday are rapidly being replaced by the chains that will strangle you tomorrow. And this case has nothing to do with race, religion or nationality. Hendrik is only one of many examples of what they will do to silence those who oppose their lies.

Do you think that what happened to Hendrik Could happen to another person even regardless of their past or present status? Could it happen to, let's say, you or me for example?
I think we all know the answer to your question. Step out of line and straight to the graveyard or the dungeon you might go. Speak the wrong words, think the wrong things, cross their invisible little line... and *POOF*, maybe in a few years Hendrik's name will be replaced by yours or mine. Their truth is not my truth. Their truth is a lie carefully constructed to brainwash and fool the masses. In Hendrik's case, 'Behold! The arch criminal who raised his arm and saluted his fans at a concert!' Stupid sounding? It would be if it wasn't true... Hmm... I wonder what they are REALLY afraid of... Ah, TRUTH. The truth in this matter is, Hendrik represented an idea that was contrary to theirs. So they took him out of the picture, and raised a firestorm in many parts of the world in the process. Opening many peoples eyes, who might not have been aware of their ways previously. Hendrik was part of the 'extreme' black metal scene so it was easy for them to demonize him in the public and gather support for their unconstitutional crusade. They merely invented any little thing they could to take him out of the picture. Imagine the millions of dollars spent in hunting him globally. Now look at his petty charges. Did they hunt him down for the crimes they said he committed, which even if he did do these 'crimes,' they are perfectly legal in the United States, or did they hunt him internationally because of his ideas? It is too obvious.

The thought of Mourning The Ancient have always been a sort of pro- pagan/anti-Christian mindset. At what point in your life did you learn about the polytheistic religions as well as the flaws of Christianity? Did you come from a Christian family?
We feel that the ancient religions of Earth possessed purity, truth and imbued natural law, amongst many other things. A beneficial, benevolent religion does not have the blood-soaked record which Judeo-Christianity does. Millions have died, and millions more will follow before we see an end to this madness.

I once read somewhere that Buddhism is America's fastest growing religion. That combined with the recent exposure of the Catholic church's sex scandal and how they tried to hide it leads me to ask this: Do you think that the church is dying in power and influence?
Perhaps the number of 'true believers' is dwindling, but I see no shortage of churches on practically every block in America. People are accustomed to scandal, they see it in their government and fund it through their taxes everyday. What's on peoples minds one day is quickly replaced by what's on TV tomorrow. The media teaches the herd what is important, what to believe in.

What are your views on the other two book based religions, Judaism and Islam? In some parts of the world Islam is replacing Christianity.
If the 'great' religions of the world are so great and benevolent, possessing billions of followers combined, then why do we not see any beneficial changes being made in the world by their followers? Probably because many of the people who head these religions, like those who lead many of the world's governments, are corrupt, selfish human beings who care for nothing but more money and power.

You speak allot about the strong and the weak. What are your thoughts on defining strength and weakness? Are they physical conditions of the body or are they more mental conditions? I think that they are more mental.
Well, I suppose there are many ways to define this. Most importantly though, strength is shown through standing up for what you believe, regardless of the outcome, regardless if even the whole world seems against you. That is true strength of character. Fighting on until death, if necessary, for what you know is right. Selfless struggle. An example of weakness would be the opposite, which there is in this world an abundance of. The body only hinders you as much as you allow it.

You have asked several bands about Black Metal being about outlook and not just music. Do you think that if one places too much on this BM "philosophy" that it could eventually lead to a blind mentality where individual free thought is missing?
Music in general should be imbued with strong personal feelings and convictions. Black Metal has many faces, more and more as time goes on. Yet, there is a core, that first face, shall we say, to open its eyes upon the world. If we stray too far from that original philosophy it shouldn't even be called Black Metal anymore. There already exists a 'blind mentality,' as you say. The underground 'scene' has been largely corrupted in recent years. There are tens of thousands of bands, mags, labels, distros... and sadly, a good portion of these are worthless. We shouldn't choose quantity over quality. Yet, like always, it will burn out, and the 'scene' will once more go underground and be reborn with new bands who inject energy and life into this dormant genre.

What are you thoughts on these Christian metal bands like Tourniquet, Mortification, and Living Sacrifice? I think they are rather preachy, but I am not one for any form of censorship.
Well, much of music is 'preachy' when you look at it that way. Look at the opposite side of the coin, for instance, the many Satanic forms of Death and Black Metal. They're definitely preaching about what they believe in, or better, what they want the listener to think they believe in, or even, what they THINK they believe in. It is more of a matter of 'do you like what they are preaching?' I definitely don't appreciate anyone preaching to me about their religion, be it through music or conversation. Especially Judeo-Christianity.

I read lots of information and have gathered that you loath the modern world and want nothing to do with it. There is another individual who hates this world and idolized going back about 1000 years. I am not comparing you to this individual but I am curious as to your thoughts on his ideas and methods. The individual in question is Osama Bin Laden. Would you consider 9/11/01 to be a part of the world's problems that you so often speak of in your interviews, part of the world getting worse before better?
Well, I guess it would fall into the continuing cycle of violence and destruction. Whether murder is done by Bin Laden, you, me or by the United States, it is still murder. But most people don't seem to care about what violence and bloodshed takes place outside their country. For example the embargo on Iraq which has caused the deaths of many thousands of civilians, including many children. But, that seems to be 'A' OK, as long as those deaths aren't American children. Could you begin to imagine if Iraq put an embargo against us that resulted in the deaths of thousands of American children every year? Yet, we are taught that life is so precious, that each and every individual life is so unique and priceless. Bullshit hypocrisy. When those same teachers are the butchers of peace and humanity and who tighten a noose around humanity's collective neck. They who poison our present and murder our future.

Do you think it was right to use our country's military muscle to fight terrorism? How about this ever looming war on Iraq?
Are we fighting terrorism? I see no credible facts that Iraq was involved in 9/11 or any other terrorist act. Let's see... Afghanistan, we bombed a whole hell of a lot of empty caves. It would have been a resounding success if the caves were the ones responsible for terrorism. Terrorism comes in many forms. And it is not just the Arab world that is capable of it. I hear the Western world is quite proficient as well. Let's keep in mind, there is blood on all of our hands, and a hell waiting for us all.

What do you do in your spare time when not working on your 'zine. Do you have any hobbies/interests/jobs?
I don't have too much spare time, so when I do, I try to spend it in a productive manner. And since the projects we work on take such an enormous amount of time, I find myself with little left.

Is there a certain part of the world you'd like to travel to? Where and Why?
Travel used to interest me, but no longer. The world is worn. The glimmer it once possessed in the past has long faded and died. Now I look to the stars and dream of another world, or open a book and long for another time.

Okay, that is pretty much all I have to ask at this time. I want to once again thank you for this interview. I hope you enjoyed answering the questions as much as I enjoyed asking them. Now is the time for you to give any closing statements to me as well as the readers.
Thank you. I think I've said enough...

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