The following interview was done by Pit Magazine....

First up could you give a little background into PRIMITIVE SUPREMACY and how it was formed? I know you also run the Mourning the Ancient web zine. How do these two entities tie into each other?
Primitive Supremacy basically began when we recorded tracks for our second Mourning the Ancient photo CD. So really it was born out of necessity. This was our first attempt to create music of any kind, and we needed a dark, provoking atmosphere. Elegy Records was and is the only distro to carry this photo CD, so when he heard the tracks that we had done he suggested we do a music CD under his label. I guess they tie into one another the same way our photography ties into our webzine, in that we present all of our work side by side and intermingle them.
The newer material on the disc has a very ritualistic feel to it and at times reminded me of Aghast (RIP). Who did you draw your musical influences from?
Our main goal in our work is not the technical aspect of music, but rather creating atmospheres imbued with feeling. Bands who might have influenced our work have not done so by their technicality or sound, per se, but rather from the feelings and moods they've created. For example, bands like old Beherit and Burzum have similarly portrayed feelings that we strive for, although their music and ours are at different ends of the spectrum. Primarily we draw inspiration from the negative aspects of the world and in our personal lives.
I see from the thanks list a very eclectic group of individuals who you drew inspiration from. Could you explain the philosophy behind not only PRIMITIVE SUPREMACY but behind Mourning the Ancient as well?
The philosophy behind Primtive Supremacy is identical to that of Mourning the Ancient. It is a collage of many thoughts and feelings. If you look at the names of both of our works you see a common bond, both of them looking back to a more pure age, while trapped in the lunacy and darkness of the present. We mourn the ancient and abhor the present.
Is Melody and Madness just a one-off disc or do you plan on continuing with PRIMITIVE SUPREMACY?
We definitely plan to continue our work with Primitive Supremacy. Having recently completed and released a film for Mourning the Ancient, we think it might be interesting to release our next CD with a video or two for our new tracks. Which of course, will be able to be viewed by computer CD-ROM.
Thank you for your time. Anything else you wish to add?
Thanks, we appreciate your interest. Truth lay unconquered, the Spirit breathes, the Dream lives on!

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