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Caliginis: First introduce everyone to Mourning the Ancient...

The idea of Mourning the Ancient came about in 1995, between one other and myself. Since then we've interviewed about ninety bands, released two photo CDs with over one thousand pictures between them, composed music for both CDs, began work on our video (the soundtrack and script are already done) and began work on an audio CD. Further details can be seen and read on our webpage.

Caliginis: It counts for us where comes the inspiration for the production of the photos...

The inspiration stems from many things; Emotions, sometimes expressing our general hatred, sorrow, a longing for things past, bitterness, ancient belief and pagan religion... and a motivation to attempt to express these things through photography. We've been doing photography for almost seven years now, so we've been able to grow and express different themes. Sometimes we explore more fantasy-based themes, but always with the underlining spirit which we feel has always made our work unique. We are very sincere toward what we do, to what we believe, and I think that can be felt through viewing our works.

Caliginis: The photos are having good acceptance by the public?

Well, I would have to say no. The public has never accepted our work, beyond a very tiny minority on the internet. There has always been a good enough deal of interest worldwide as to merit us still bringing our works public via the webpage. As many are aware of, concerning public acceptance, we could never find a CD printer to press our photo CDs. So we just burn them ourselves as CDRs. In the face of unjust opposition, I find a great reserve of energy, so these censorship pigs only fuel our drive to release more and more. We'll never submit to censorship or anything else that attempts to keep us from bringing our work to those who wish to view it.

Caliginis:What is your conception on occultism and Satanism?

Some facets of occultism are interesting, more so to me in the past than now. Same goes for Satanism, although I've never considered myself a Satanist or an occultist. As I explained though, ancient religions are a great source of inspiration to me in my work. For me, personally, Satanism/occultism was a bridge to many truths, both spiritual and not-so, in the sense that when I was interested and studying Satanism/occultism, it led me to my ancestral religions. I gather this is a fairly common thing to someone genuinely seeking answers, not power or shock-value. So Satan, as the Angel of Light, and light as truth, has deep meaning for me. Metaphorically speaking 'Satan' merely cast his light on my journey and led me to the truth of my ancestors, indeed, the truth of Nature. Away from the centuries of propaganda and lies that can so confuse one nowadays. By seeking the opposition of the prevelant religions of our times, I slowly found myself at my own truth. In this sense 'Satan' has been a great tool and guide for me, a great awakener. Behind the shroud of Satanism and occultism is merely ancient religion. It was Christianity who lumped all of them together as Satanism. I'm not speaking of the modern Satanism Lavey made famous, but historically speaking.

Caliginis: You know something on the fascinating culture of South America?

My knowledge of the South American culture is fairly limited, as I've generally spent the vast majority of my studies concentrated on my own culture. However, from what I have learned of the more popular segments of South America's past I have found very interesting. The Incas, the Aztecs, and the Mayans have many fascinating elements, and many great mysteries of the human race lay there. It is a horrible thing how Christianity via the Spaniards decimated much of South America's culture. But, this is true, unfortunately, of much of the world's cultures.

Caliginis: Any future plans?

Our future plans, hopefully sooner than later, are to release our 3rd photo CD, our video, and to release a music CD. But perhaps moreso, to find the energy to release all three and continue on.

I wish luck and success to Mourning the Ancient... Leave a message for Brazilian fans...

Mourning the Ancient has always been very well recieved in South America, sometimes even more so than anywhere else in the world, the reasons why I'm not sure. So I extend my gratitude to all those souls who have been a constant great support and inspiration to our work. The Sunless Dawn will one day shine on our land and yours alike. Stay vigilant. Fight on, our day will rise, and with it, like a pheonix rising from the ashes; V I C T O R Y !

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