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Mourning The Ancient is a new force in the extreme metal www underground. The mix of phylosophy and obscure feelings with visual elements like dark photography sessions became a different and original stuff. "Webzine" probably isn't word enough to describe it... My questions were answered by the two minds behind the eerie universe called Mourning The Ancient...

1) Hail! How are the Mourning The Ancient staff these days?
a: We're doing well, although very busy trying to meet deadlines and finish many dozen projects.

2) Well, first, explain for those who never heard of you, what is Mourning The Ancient.
a: Well, Mourning the Ancient is an online webzine that we feel is entirely unique to itself. We lend you our dark vision with our photography, which extends far beyond the visual. We shall soon be releasing the first video in the works, which will have all the dark symbolism in our photography, but with this we are not limited to still pictures. We can now express ourselves in motion. Those that get their hands on this when its ready will have a definite experience in store for them. One they shall not soon forget. As an ending note, sometime in the near future we plan to enter the arena as a small music label, signing a small elite of choice bands. And be assured, this shall be as unique as anything we do. The best way to learn of MTA is to experience it though. Its very hard for me to conjure the words, as they always seem to fall short.

3) How was the spirit of MTA born? In what circumstances and why?
b: Mourning the Ancient was born in a very transitional, dark period of our lives. Not only did we wish to help promote the bands we enjoyed, but also vent our anger and artistic energy in a project like this. The same deep hatred and dissatisfaction, the same lively suffering and isolation that motivated us and inspired us those years ago still carry on in our works today. I think it has actually grown in intensity, but become more focused. I need only look out into the world for inspiration. There before me is everything I dream of in ruin. Everything I hate. Everything that I fight and dream of changing. There is no beauty left to be found in this world, only an ugly truth hiding cleverly beyond the eye. Wipe it all away, there remains my satisfaction. No truth, no trust, no life, no death... only the cold silence of oblivion, and the aching truth of non-existence.

4) What feelings do you wish to pass through the photos? And what's the reason for choosing this visual way to transmit your message?
a: Well, the feelings that we express are those of sorrow, hate, emptiness, heathen strength, dark eroticism, fearlessness, power... but a deep symbolism also lies within them. Our dream and eternal lust for tomorrow... and we are more than willing to sacrifice our meager lives for this change. In theory life seems so entirely priceless, but in practice it is quite irrelevant and absurd. Without true meaning, without sense. Perhaps that is a curse unique to humans, to be able to contemplate existence and fathom life and death. To be able to come to the conclusion... life is luckily not always what it seems, and in rival contrast, horribly, it is everything that it seems.
b: We began experimenting with photography by accident really. It was nothing planned. We began in a cramped apartment in the midst of the night. Four years later and here we are, not too entirely different then where we began. Our photo CD-ROM will contain most of those first attempts. So the viewer can judge for themselves. The vision continues to unfold...

5) What represents the female nudity and beauty and the acts in the photos?
a: Well, the nudity in a more apparent sense is done to express the natural beauty of the female body. Afterall, it is what artists have attempted to capture since ancient days. Nudity being a 'dirty' thing is much a Judeo-Christian invention. One of many restrictions they've introduced to the world. In a more symbolic sense, nudity is also seen in comparison to truth-being that like truth there is nothing hidden. The acts in the photos can be interpreted by the viewer. But the keen, educated eye will see much more than the visual.

6) 'Till now, do you think your messages are understood by the people who browse around your site? Your goals are being reached?
a: I think alot of viewers understand the basics of it. But on an average much more do not I'm sure. Its irrelevant to us though really. One cannot expect the average drone to understand something deeper than his television. Which in a way motivated us to make the hidden galleries, to separate those who support and understand MTA from the others. It is those brave spirits whom Mourning the Ancient spills her blood for... and symbolically fights beside 'til the last.

7) The metal extreme (aka death/black metal) prevails in the MTA pages. Do you think this kind of music fits better into the MTA concept?
b: Yes indeed. It definitely shares the 'extreme' edge. Some underground bands have a very spiritual/emotional element to them also. Its very masterful if a musician is able to enable the listener to not only hear the music, but feel it also. And I think a select few achieve this.

8) Tell us about the future works of MTA. The video and the CD ROM.
a: We're finishing the final elements of the CD ROM currently and plan to release it limited to 500 copies very soon. It will contain photos from the first shoot and up through the years. We've haven't been updating the picture galleries on the site for the reason that we've been doing alot of exclusive sets for the CD. It will probably contain up to 400 pics, all of which will never be available except for the CD. So those interested in seeing a much younger, rawer side of MTA photography should definitely check it out.
b: The video is still in the works, and there is still months of work to be done. It will be about 45-60 minutes, and will be extremely limited to 300 copies. It will be split into about 5 scenes/segments, each depicting a different theme/story. Anyone who enjoys our photography will surely appreciate this. Not too mention the many great musicians who have contributed unique pieces to its soundtrack. It will be available primarily in NTSC format, although there will be an extremely low number available in PAL, which will contain slightly different footage and different cover art. It will also be restricted to 18 years and older, to avoid any lawsuits for the content it will contain.
a: And additionally, as was previously mentioned, we plan to initiate a small label to promote the bands we believe in, sometime shortly after the video debuts. The video and CD-ROM will be the first of series to come, as these will be our first attempts at entering this arena. The video will also contain very old video footage from when we used to grab stills from a camcorder for our pics. Which will also give the viewer a vision into our beginnings.

9) A lot of black metal bands will take part in the video soundtrack. How was the contact of yours with the bands and were they receptive?
a: Yes, we obviously view the bands working with us as great musicians, and have also chosen them for their philosophies. Some of them are well known by all in the scene, but others are not. I think though that after the video, people will take notice of some of these musicians/bands, as they've contributed some incredible pieces, and it is a pleasure to be able to work together on this unique project. They like what we do and the same goes in return, so its a beneficial relationship.

10) Also, I was wondering what's your fave bands? Perhaps your "top 5"?
b: Its very difficult to find five, but to give you an idea in no particular order: Burzum, Ordo Equitum Solis, Countess, Funeral and Weltenbrand...
a: Hmmm... yes, hard question. I'll say maybe: Burzum, Abigor, Ordo Equitum Solis, Weltenbrand and Opera IX...

11) A question that is always included in the MTA interviews is if will there is an earthly future for us. So, I would like know now from yourself: is there light at the end of the tunnel? Is there a future for this planet?
b: Well, any way you take it, the fact is that nothing lasts forever. We are no exception. I reckon in the past five or so decades man has plunged to his lowest in history. Its really only a matter of time until one of many of things shoves us off the edge. The problems are amounting globally, and as much as the media tries to convince us things aren't that bad, the truth is that almost every facet of our existence is controlled and regulated. We are all unknowing slaves. We're destroying everything that got us here today. Such things as honor, trust, bravery, truth, justice and freedom are things of the past, old fashioned and obsolete. The flames of Apocalypse are rising, and the winds of change are certainly beginning to blow.
a: I would certainly agree. I don't exactly see a total extinction of mankind, but I do see a very large population reduction coming. And there is no point in trying to convince someone who doesn't already see this truth. Just as we need people aware of the future danger, we also need the ignorant and the life they will unknowingly give. Its really striking to me that the many bands we've interviewed, from all over the world, share this vision. I think people feel it in their hearts that something's coming... Mortals beware and give way, the age of fire cometh.

12) OK! No more questions in the moment. The last words are for you now...
b: When the street-lights go out forever, the Sunless Dawn shall shine...
a: Thanks for the interview, interest and support. Anyone with question/comments wishing to contact us can do so at: I'd like to close this with a brave hail to my fallen brothers and sisters. You live on in our hearts and shall never die!

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