The following interview was prepared by Baron Von Causatan on September 8, 2000...

Before everything I want to thank you for the opportunity and I hope all is well with you. . . but beginning the interview, I would like that you spoke about the initial idea of the work. How did everything appear?
Mourning the Ancient was born rather spontaneous really. My comrade and I began it back in 1995, that is we began talking about ideas, designing the Expansion Rune, the concepts, the early photography/video work, etc.. But we didn't publish anything for a few years, until 1998, when we debuted on the web.
Do you also publish a zine in paper? Does this follow the traditional line or does it have a different line? How many editions did you already do of this zine?
No, we don't publish it on paper. We first intended to do so, but haven't as of yet. We've planned to off and on, but other things have always prevented us. Instead we concentrate on new photography, the releasing of our two photo CD's, and the Mourning the Ancient video we have planned. We have over eighty interviews online however, and hundreds of demo/CD reviews as well, and much more matieral as well. When we have new material we simply add it to the existing, instead of doing the whole 'issues' webzine route.
You have a vast quantity of materials to be read on your site, as reviews, interviews, texts, poems and much more. Which section would you recommend more?
It's difficult to say, it would really depend on the person and his/her interests. Of course I think our photography is both unique and interesting, and pretty much first and foremost sets us apart from the thousands of others on the web. We try to interview bands differently than others, by delving into the philosophical realms primarily in our questioning. The interviews usually depend on the depth of the intelligence of the person being interviewed, which varies, but many musicians, as artists, are quite intelligent, sometimes spiritual people.
How long do you usually delay to increase new interviews on the site?
It follows no real pattern, if we are in contact with a band we enjoy we usually do an interview. Or if we encounter a new band who we feel deserves exposure. It's very unpredictable. It is very hard for us to do all of our projects at once, so we have to divide our time among them all, or put precedence on one.
You also have very different photographic work that causes a very obvious interest in the fans. What is the reason of following a line of work of this type?
First, we enjoy what we do, which is perhaps the primary motivation. We try to breathe emotions and a sort of story into our work. We attempt to express without words our loves and hates, thoughts and desires, and in the process it's a sort of time capsule, a look back in time for us to remember that point in our lives, and what emotions/things inspired us. You can see the progression in our work since 1995. It's been like a journey for us, with its ups and downs. It speaks the words we cannot with speech, at least to those who understand it.
Of course, it is a subject of artistic work. But were you never questioned on the photos that they be almost pornographic or just for containing nude images?
It's no secret this world is populated largely with ignorant fools, and if it still is a secret to you, you are probably one of those ignorant fools. Thus, I'm sure there are quite a few people who see little beyond the nudity/semi-nudity. We utilize nudity in our images for a number of reasons, mostly it depends on the photography in question. But some of the symbolism employed represents, truth = as in naked- where nothing is hidden, creation = the female form as a doorway to mankind, desire, beauty, mystery, etc..
The women that access your site have had some reaction contrary to this work? Because it is not really something common that I know. .
Well, primarily males seem to be our largest audience. But I think this is more to do with the music oriented end of our site, since largely males listen to the types of music presented, unfortunately. It's quite an imbalance really. However, the females that have contacted us have enjoyed our work equally, two of which have even done drawing renditions of our photography, which can be viewed on our site. So lastly I don't believe it's limited to one end or the other of genders. We try to portray our work in an artistic sense which transcends the trivial.
You already released two photo CD-R's, where we can see your work of photos. Tell us what we can do to acquire a copy of these CD's.
Yes, both CD's combined contain well over a thousand photo's, with exclusive soundtracks written by underground musicians of various black metal and ambient bands, and ourselves writing the tracks. The CD's run like a website, and are very atmospheric and visual/audio. One can get more information by going to our site, which is or write us at:

Mourning the Ancient
P.O. BOX 45637
Omaha NE 68145

In that second CD done recently there were plans of placing members of some bands participating to its side. Did that happen? Who are the guys?
Yes, and everything turned out great, I'm very satisfied with the finished work, as are the bands who participated. The musicians/bands who contributed tracks are: Ixithra of Profane Grace/Demoncy (USA)
Shade of Myrmidon (USA)
Incarnatus of Pagan Hellfire (Canada)
Necros of Theatres des Vampires (Italy)
Xanataph of Beltane (New Zealand)
Plus several tracks written by us.
Does forecast already exist still for more projects for this year?
Our plans for the future include another photo CD, and the long awaited Mourning the Ancient video, which the soundtrack has already been written by various bands, which are:
Peter K. of Abigor (Austria)
Absurd (Germany)
Jon of Darkmoon (USA)
Necros of Theatres des Vampires (Italy)
Mark of ...The Soil Bleeds Black (USA)
C. Davis of The Mourning(USA)
Robert of Demoncy/Profane Grace (USA)
Xanataph of Daemon/Beltane (New Zealand)
Mikael of Thy Primordial (Sweden)
We hope this will be our most in depth work to date, and are looking forward to its completion in 2001.
Dropping the subject. . . how is the American north scene?
In recent years there has been quite an emergence of good bands, particularly black metal bands here. Bands like Demoncy, Myrmidon, Thornspawn, Absu, Darkmoon, Pantheon, Noctuary, etc.. While Canada also has some great black metal bands such as Godless North, Pagan Hellfire, Axis of Advance, etc..
In a general context (world scene), which bands would you highlight?
A very difficult question, since there are so many great bands which I would forget or which I haven't heard, but an example off the top of my head of what I feel are some of the greatest bands currently would be... Barathrum, Countess, Demoncy, Thor's Hammer, Absurd, Destroyer 666, Graveland, Sadogoat, Temnozer.. and of course there are many more.
Do you have some knowledge of the Brazilian scene? What do you know of here?
I know there is lots of scene activity in various parts of Brazil, and even S. America in general. The latest bands I've heard from Brazil recently are Lament, Morcrof, Mythological Cold Towers...
Concluding, I want to thank to you once again for the interview and close. Leave your final words.
The winds of change are beginning to blow... the Sunless Dawn is beginning to shine... the tyrants blood shall flow!

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