The following interview was prepared by Necrobutcher on January 5, 2000...

-First introduce "Mourning the Ancient": exactly what is "M.T.A."?
Mourning the Ancient is currently an online web-zine since July 1998, although we began working with our ideas back in 1995. We have since interviewed many international bands in the black/death/etc. music genre. We had originally planned on doing the magazine through a paper format, but didn't for various reasons... we still have plans for this in the near future. We also do photography, which we feel is very unique. In late 1999 we released a PC photo CD containing many of our unreleased photography from over the years. Currently we are at work on our first MTA video/movie, which will feature the music of a dozen or so bands from around the globe, a lot of which have written and composed music exclusively for this project. Lastly, we are also at work on our second photo CD.
-The name "M.T.A." has a meaning?
It represents our longing for the truth of the past... and our contempt and scorn for this modern world.
-What does your symbol represent (the expansion rune)?
It represents the expansion of truth. Nature's truth, indisputable truth, untarnished by the lies of man.
-I've read you have produced 2 videos: tell me about them.
We have not yet produced any videos. We are, as mentioned above, working on one video, with others possibly to follow in the future.
-Now tell me about the new photo CD you have produced.
It contains around 500 photos from 20 different dates, spanning back to our first shoot, which was in October 1995. It represents the evolution of our works over the years. Most of this material is exclusive to this release. The photos themselves are viewed in a web-like environment, it runs off of a browser, much like our website. It also contains video and music...
-What do the photos represent?
Depending on the photo in question, they represent an array of emotions and themes. I think their definition lies in the eye of the beholder, the interpreter. Perhaps to spell out their personal meaning to us would mean taking away its purpose. They convey what our words cannot say.
-Who are the 2 models used for the photos?
The female found on the opening page of our site is the other person involved in Mourning the Ancient. She is also found throughout the photo galleries also, of course. MTA is a joint artistic venture where we both express ourselves and support our thoughts and ideals. It is much more than a music magazine to us. The other female was someone who helped MTA in the past with photography, nothing more.
-On you web site there is a section for poems: who writes them?
I write the poetry found on MTA. Although in the future we will include some poetry by Molly, the other half of MTA. It represents our feelings on life, death and everything after, before and in between.
-What do you think about poetry?
Most poetry I cannot relate with in any way. Especially modern poetry. I feel most modern poetry is very dry and meaningless, much like the people who write it. A few of the poems by Aleister Crowley I find very good, and a few select other writers, but not many.
-Well, now let's talk about music. On your site there are some interviews with heavy metal bands. Who did these interviews?
We both do the interviews... we constantly update our site with new interviews. Its good to know the people behind the music. But often other times you find that the person you are interviewing is not the individual you had envisioned through the music, which is often a very negative experience. I believe that the musicians should always represent the ideology/message displayed in their music in their personal lives also. Not do things for shock value or for trends. This is far too prevalent in music today. But, it represents the nature of humans as a whole, which is a mass of hypocritical beings always pretending to be something they are not, and could never be.
-Why do you like heavy metal? What of this music attracts you?
I like music that has a strong message to convey. Musicians who speak about important topics. Ranging from the spiritual to the political. The genre of music that we support through MTA often is labeled extreme and abnormal, but I find it rather normal to me personally. Its all I've ever been interested in music-wise, and its always been a sort of friend to me since I was very young and first discovered it. Much of the select artists I listen to express feelings of rage, sorrow, hate and despair in their music. They carry in their art a feeling particular to this genre. An unrestrained longing for something more, a hatred for the way things are, a vision for the way things might have been. I think one of the most important elements good music must possess is feeling. If this requirement is met then language and culture is transcended. Feeling speaks clearer than any lyric or voice could ever.
-What is your opinion on Black Metal?
It would depend. But as a whole, its always been my music of choice. These days its quite a disappointment to me though. Its become very mainstream, and I think that is a great poison unto it. The internet can be blamed for some of this over-exposure, but not solely. Many of the bands surfacing today are very unoriginal. They offer nothing new, and carry no feeling or worth to the genre. On the positive side though, there are some spectacular bands, and those few are enough to keep us and the music-side of MTA going.
-What are your favourite bands?
Very hard to say... I think you could ask this question to anyone and they would say the same thing. There are so many that I like. So I'll give you an example of what I've been listening to for the past year more than others, in no particular order... Barathrum, Gontyna Kry, Burzum, Funeral (nor), Beherit, Demoncy, Countess, Ordo Equitum Solis, Absurd, Destroyer666, Manes, Thor's Hammer (pol), Spear of Longinus, Opera IX... and a score of others.
-What do you think about the Italian scene?And what about the American one?
I can't say I know a whole lot about the Italian scene, but some of the best I've heard last year have been Banshee, Hixi, Theatres des Vampires ... I've always appreciated Opera IX since their debut. The American scene seems to be growing, black metal wise. The foremost bm bands seem to be Demoncy, Pantheon, Judas Iscariot, Myrmidon, Thornspawn, Noctuary, Darkmoon , etc....
-Future plans?
Well, we hope to have the video done sometime in the near future, it will be our most in-depth creation/vision. That is foremost to us. Sometime in between we plan to take MTA also to paper, and release our second photo CD.
-Final comments?
Anyone interested in Mourning the Ancient can view it at:
Thanks for the interest. To my comrades... the Sunless Dawn awaits us ! To my enemies... the Sunless Dawn awaits you as well!

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