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"Every once and a while I come across a cool metal zine and last week I found one that is the coolest yet. This zine entitled "Mourning the Ancient" shows a lot of balls that the other zines seem to be lacking. Not only do you get interviews, reviews, quotes, etc., you also get to see some erotic/macabre/artsy pics that kick major ass. One might think that the models doing this might not even have a brain to share between them, but let me tell you, you are WRONG! I had the chance to talk to one of the models, and believe me when I say that not only is she beautiful but pretty damned intelligent as well. Thanks to everyone at Mourning the Ancient for making this interview possible!"

misery: When did you first start modeling for this zine? Have you done any modeling prior to this?
In the autumn of 1995, we did our first photos. Crude, inexperienced, but effective to convey our message. I have not done any other modeling, as I would only do so for something I really believed in, such as Mourning the Ancient.
misery: Where does the title, "Mourning the Ancient come from and what is its significance?
The title, "Mourning the Ancient" basically expresses our longing for the truth of yesterday. I am very dissatisfied with my surroundings, the greed, the dishonesty, disloyalty... these are but an example. People have lost their sense of pride, strength, and courage. The truth is in its grave, realize that we will surely follow.
Have you had any problems dealing with people who think that the expansion rune is Satanic?
Yes, we have had a little bit of problems. Especially back a few years ago when we would take film to be developed... the developers didn't appreciate the imagery or the content, to say the least. So they told us never to return, so we went with a digital camera. And yes, a lot of people do think the "pentagram" within the expansion rune is Satanic, but historically it is not. The five-pointed star is a symbol of truth in several ancient cultures. Like most symbols/runes of yesterday, the Christians labeled it Satanic. We took the pentagram, the rune of truth, and added the expansion points rune. The two runes combined being, "the expansion of truth." It is the perfect representation of my goals and the goals of my companions in Mourning the Ancient.
misery: Have you received any sort of fan mail? If so, what was the weirdest piece of mail that you received?
Well, we get a lot of e-mails from people who really like what we do. Such as the photography foremost, or the atmosphere, or the interviews, or whatever. Which is always well received, as we like to meet people with similar interests or see what our visitors like best on our site. I don't really get too much weird or insulting mail, but there is the occasional.
misery: Have you ever considered offering personal items for sale?
We sell shirts of M.T.A. and bracers so far. This winter we'll add our video and photo cd-rom. We wanted to sell many of the weapons we make that you have probably seen in the pics, but that could of course cause too much trouble that we don't need.
misery: Are you going to have any contests?
We have discussed the prospects of having a sort of contest on our site but we've been terribly busy with the video/interviews/photography, etc. But definitely in the near future.
misery: Have you talked to any well-known bands? Who were your favorites to talk to?
Yes, well we talk to a lot of bands being a music-oriented magazine. Many of the lesser known bands, plus much bigger bands like Abigor and ...the Soil Bleeds Black, which is always a pleasure.
misery: What kind of music are you into? What are your favorite bands?
Well, that would depend on the mood really. Bands like Burzum, Weltenbrand, Abigor, Tristania, Opera IX, Ordo Equitum Solis, Aghast, Hagalaz' Runedance, Ordo Equilibrio, Funeral... The Soil Bleeds Black, Barathrum, etc. Those would be among my favorite bands. Which some of them are often the soundtrack of our work for Mourning the Ancient.
misery: You sound like you are really into the black metal scene? What attracts you to it? Does it seem more real to you than the rest of the crap that's out there?
Yes, there are many reasons why I like metal and the related genres. The dark atmosphere, the heathenism, the no boundaries, lack of inhibition approach. It's fearless, relentless, and against the tyranny that rules this world. No matter what mood you are in, there is a band in our glorious underground to suit your mood or direction. Ranging from the hate filled melodies of Burzum, to the soft flowing sounds of The 3rd and the Mortal. I like the sharp contrasts. How can one be attracted to such opposites. Also, what other style of music can you hear bands from all over the world? Countries you never new existed! Metal brings it all together. It really is phenomenal. And the answer to your second part of your question, mainstream music has always disgusted me. I find it shallow and all to "mortal."
misery: There seems to be an opinion that the world is getting worse instead of better. What do you think?
If anyone were to look at the facts, they would see problems amounting on a worldwide scale like never before. Almost everyone we speak with, bands and otherwise, express the belief that the end is indeed near. Perhaps not the end of the human race, but possibly the fall of governments and nations, brought on by some sort of apocalypse. I believe hard times lie ahead... and things will grow much worse as time goes on.
misery: Do you think that it would make much of a difference if people knew that the world is going to hell?
I think most people know that things are getting pretty bad. It's just a matter of "Why should I care?" or "What can I possibly do about it?" or "It will never happen in my lifetime." kind of attitudes. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. People are happy as long as they have food on their table to gorge themselves and their remote control to their T.V. near. They are susceptible to every lie and fabrication their media tyrants feed them. So satisfied are they in their blind little "9 to 5" world. They're just happily grazing in the sun... until the shadows fall over their afternoon world, and the wolves come to feed early. The coming of chaos will be quite an awakening to our sleeping "brothers and sisters."
misery: Well, thanks for answering my questions.
No problem, anytime. It's been a pleasure.

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