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Rapid Pulse email

I understand that you originally intended to create a paper version of MTA. Why did you abandon this plan and instead create a cyber version of MTA?

Well, the ideas behind Mourning the Ancient came about in the Autumn of 1995, but we didn't publish any material until 6/27/98. So, as you can see it took quite some time for us to get things ready. Taking MTA online was a last alternative... as neither of us wanted to debut our material in such a manner. However, it was either that or suffer through another long delay. The reasons for these delays and setbacks are numerous... but we do have plans for the near future to take our project to paper. And of course, the online version of MTA will co-exist with the printed.

You chose the name Mourning the Ancient, because you desire a return to the ways of Ancient Pagan cultures. Is there a specific culture you are referring to?

Not necessarily a specific culture, but obviously one of our roots. We hold the utmost respect and honor to those dead whom we identify with. The ancient spirit is alive and well with us, as are its disciplines. It's not necessarily the ancient past that inspires us, but many elements of yesterday, spanning the entire timeline of human history. But, for this dark age we currently live, we hold nothing but the deepest contempt... and share the tireless dream of it in ashes. And the powers that be are seeing to it that this dream be fulfilled, as it is the ruling classes that will drive us all into the arms of oblivion.

I have debated with several people of more mainstream religions, such as Jews, and Christians, who have all made similar comments as to why Pagan cultures faded away over time, such as. 'Pagans were trapped by inferior ideology and thus were unable to progress as a society. The wiser and stronger ones simply converted to Christianity, while the weak and afraid died off'' and ''If Mankind still, at large, practiced Paganism we would be the primitive and uncivilized race that we were before the arrival of Jesus!'' What is your reaction to such comments, and what in your opinion led to the downfall of Pagan Cultures?

Well, I think we could point out many possible reasons for this... but let me mention the fact that Judeo-Christianity, unlike the pagan religions, used brutality and fear to conquer the peoples of the world. They slaughtered millions... but life and numbers really mean little when compared to the cultural devastation they brought to the world. Christianity is wholly alien to my culture and the majority of the cultures it was thrust upon. It is like an unquenchable, but curable virus, and spiritually kills those ignorant enough to be its host. The death and suffering it has brought to mankind... we could only begin to fathom. And the death and suffering it has yet to bring... the imagination falls short. It is a relatively young religion, when comparing it to the tribal deities of ancient days. Yet, born in the desert, amongst exiles, it proclaims itself the only true religion of the world, and the first 'God,' alpha and omega. What mockery, what religious vomit, what lies. Yet, it enslaves our people as it did yesterday. But, I believe an awakening is occurring. More and more everyday people are opening their eyes to the evils of Christianity. Perhaps one day we will free ourselves from this menace, but until then... the battle rages, and the Old Ones live, thirsting for vengeance, as do their children...

It is also stated in your introduction that the Pentagram is a Pagan Symbol, not a Satanic one. I assume that this is another lie created by the Christians?

Yes indeed it is a pagan symbol. Like most 'heathen' imagery its meaning has been perverted. Anything not Christian, was labeled evil. If they were unable to assimilate (steal) the practice or custom, they would attempt to demean it. We live in the deep shadows of our pagan ancestors. Take 'Christmas' for example. Their Jesus was not born on December 25, and anyone even remotely schooled in religious history is very familiar with this. This day was pagan Yuletide, and the Christians could not so easily banish pagan holy days which were observed for millennia and more. So they assimilated, stole it, and blanketed its meaning in lies. Also there is Easter, not the day of Christ's resurrection, but the name of a Goddess of Spring, fertility and rebirth. Even the days of our calendar, Wednesday - Wotan's day, Thursday -Thorr's day, and so on and so forth. The list goes on and on, and the lies get deeper and deeper. There is one thing about lies, you uncover one, and you soon find, more are hidden beneath it.

You seem to put a lot of emphasis on ''Truth,'' and I admire you for that. For we both know that this tortured world of ours is plagued by countless lies. One such lie, I believe, is that the Pagans were ''Barbarians,'' and that the Christians were fighting for humanity. I however see it the opposite. That in fact Christians by nature are barbarians and manifestos of Hate! Whereas Pagans are generally Romantics and the only real hope of saving humanity from Mother Earth's fury. Would you agree?

We needn't speculate on this topic, as history well noted the atrocious crimes done by the ever-so willing Christians. Not only did they murder innocent non-Christians, but also in their 'holy' Crusades they murdered their own and sacked their own churches! The Pagan people believed in truth, and more importantly they lived it every day of their lives. Life was a struggle, very far from our 'comfortable' docile lives today. Justice was swift and merciless to traitors and criminals who would jeopardize the tribe. Nature has no mercy upon the weak, this is an undeniable truth. Yet, we, in our quest to be 'civilized' exalt and glorify the weak, while our streets run rampant with every filth imaginable. We have removed ourselves from nature, and through nature's eyes we are all guilty. There is no such thing as innocence, and we have indeed written our own death sentences. Now, whether we, or a few of us, can escape this fate, only time shall tell. But, realize this, time grows short... and the twilight lingers on the horizon.

Might I add also, that the old religions saw and observed a balance. They did not shun the deities that were seen as evil, just as much as they would not shun the ones seen as good. They gave reverence to both, as the sun and moon, night and day, male and female... balance is much more important than many give credit. The lack of balance in today's world is why we are experiencing so many problems. Christianity's 'one God' influence has destroyed the natural order. It denies its slaves their basic human desires and needs. And, make no mistake, we (non-Judeo-Christians) are suffering just as much because of it. And the end to this menace, unfortunately, is far from in sight. Endure. Be brave. And fight till your last breath.

From viewing your photo gallery it is quite obvious that you have put a tremendous amount of effort into the photo shoots. I find the photos of you and your female companion, to be....Very captivating, with a strong erotic Pagan flare. What do these photos mean to you and MTA? And who is the female friend in the photos? Have you caught any flak for the nudity?

Yes, we do put a tremendous amount of effort into our photography, as we feel it speaks where our words would fall short. The photography means a lot to us, it expresses so many feelings, both apparent and symbolic. So it's something we take very seriously. The photos mean various things to us, but it would depend more on the particular photo... the other female seen with me is a friend who helps us with photography when needed. We haven't really been criticized over the nudity... it's all done in an artistically tasteful manner. You surely don't see anything in our works that you wouldn't from an art statue for example. Although, the topic does bring us back to your previous questions. Nudity is seen to be filthy through Judeo-Christian eyes, as is sex and every aspect associated with the two. Yet, what could be more powerful than sexuality. It is indeed after all why we all are even here today. Mankind has always looked to the female body as a symbol of beauty and purity. Art has portrayed this since the very dawn of man. Nakedness is also symbolic for truth, as nothing is hidden.

Can you explain a little about your upcoming CD-ROM and the video you are >working on. When is the release dates for these MTA creations, and what bands will be on the CD?

Well, we are preparing to release the photo CD-ROM in early April. It will contain around 500 photos, spanning almost four years. So people will finally be able to see the many unpublished demo pics of MTA, plus a lot of new photography as well. It will be limited to 1000 hand numbered copies, which it is very doubtful that we will ever repress. The video has been in the works for quite some time, and we expect to finish it sometime in the coming months. Roughly, the video will be about an hour long, with about five segments/plots. It will be like our photography in motion, but far more. Expect a unique experience indeed. Unfortunately, it will also be an 18 or older release, to avoid lawsuits, due to content some would definitely judge extreme.

List of bands that have contributed to the video soundtrack:

Peter K. of Abigor (Austria)
Absurd (Germany)
Jon of Darkmoon (USA)
Necros of Theatres des Vampires (Italy)
Mark of ...The Soil Bleeds Black (USA)
C. Davis of The Mourning/Profane Grace (USA)
Robert of Demoncy/Mysterian (USA)
Akhenaten of Judas Iscariot (USA)
Xanataph of Daemon/Beltane (New Zealand)
Mikael of Thy Primordial/Indungeon (Sweden)

Anyone with questions or interest can either email us, or write our PO box.

The one major element that I believe must be present in music, regardless of genre, for it to have any worth at all is; Emotion, without that, I think >of it as nothing but useless noise. What is it that you search for in a band and what are some of your favorite bands?

Yes, emotion is very important. When a musician can make the listener actually feel something from his/her music, that is what separates an artist from a musician. To be able to express feelings through music is a timeless art. Music is indeed the universal language. Some favorite bands from the top of my head include: Welten Brand, Burzum, Ordo Equitum Solis, Beherit, Countess, Barathrum, Absurd, Abigor, Opera IX, Theatre des Vampires, Funeral... it depends mostly on the mood, and what I am doing at the time. Music and silence are the soundtracks to much of my life.

I especially like female vocals, such as OPERA IX. I think, generally speaking, that bands with female vocalists are better than those without. What is your opinion of female musicians in extreme music?

Well, one person's extreme is another person's common practice. There is a time and a place for everything, so I wouldn't go as far to say that bands with female vocals are better than those without. After all, could you imagine for example the music of Burzum, or Beherit etc., with female vocals or backing vocals? I personally could not. Man expresses rage much more sincerely to me than does a woman. Which is a part of instinct and nature. Physical frames clearly define the male stronger physically. Which is why through history, largely speaking, he is the defender of his family, not vise-versa. Both male and female have their superior aspects and their inferior aspects to one another. What one cannot do, the other can. Although there is the rare exception.

From an earlier comment you made, it seems you are at odds with Wiccans. Why are you against a group, that is not only Pagan but also a source of support for females?

We are against the 'new age' rewriting of religion and history. The modernizing of ancient beliefs, as we view these practices and customs to be timeless, and should not be tampered with. Wicca is far too feminist and merciful for my tastes. Go to the bookstore or library, you will find much rubbish written on the occult and paganism. You'll find 'spells' to win the lottery, get a good job, etc.. This is clearly the food of fools. Anyone who believes they can use their spirituality or religion to obtain worldly lusts is sadly mistaken. You might wrongly use it as a tool, as xtian evangelists do, to obtain money or power, but that has to do with people's gullibility, and not magick or a 'God's' help. I'm sure a lot of religions, young and old, lie in man's inability to answer life's riddles. Not to mention his innate fear of dying. But, to say that those are the sole reasons for the existence of something 'beyond' man would be very shallow. There are many things experienced in this life that cannot be defined in any possible manner. Whether they be from some God, spirit, or whatever, we may never know.

Do you both write the Poetry? Is it your intention to invoke emotions of fear, violence, and despair upon the reader? These were feelings that I experienced while reading your poetry.

As of now, only my writings are on the web. The poetry merely states abstractly how I feel about things. The enormous negativity expressed is truth to us. Life is not kind, life is not fair, nor do we expect it or even wish it to be. So goes for death as we see it. Personally, I dislike anything I am forced to do, and dying is no exception. Which is a facet of a reason why many of our pictures glorify suicide. Suicide is control, and utter bravery when done in the right context. This life can be quite an interesting, fulfilling backdrop to existence, but ultimately it's temporary. Fleeting. We don't see anything temporary worthy of our praise or love. As we know it, as humans, death is forever, it is the one certainty, and the only sure truth you will ever truly know. So revel in your weakness... but, spit in the face of death before it does you...
Thanks for the interview any last comments?
Well, thanks for the interview. Our photo CD-ROM will be out by the time this interview goes to print, so anyone interested, contact us. Also anyone wishing to view Mourning the Ancient may do so at:

Or write us at:
Mourning the Ancient
P.O. BOX 45637
Omaha NE 68145

I'd also like to end this with a hail to our comrades worldwide... the clouds of deceit begin to part, as the Sunless Dawn begins to shine! Victory or death!
Des Kreig herr immer!

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