Into the Forest 'Zine contact:
Rodrigo Mora
Mail Box 1601
Cartago, Costa Rica
Central America

What's the country that you were born? Where do you live currently?

Both of us were born in the midwest United States, and reside in the state of Nebraska.

For what reason do you desire to do the 'Zine, and what are your feelings about metal music?

There are a few reasons why we decided to do Mourning the Ancient. We wanted to do something different than what other people in the scene were doing. We feel we achieved that. We also needed to vent some of our creativity and support some of the music we listen to.

Your zine is on-line type only or writing, too?

Originally, in the beginning, some two and a half years ago, we planned on releasing the magazine on paper... but, we encountered a lot of problems, much of the same problems many underground publications face. We wanted to be able to put out something with quality, with a lot of color. Financially, we've had to invest in a lot of photography equipment, which includes the many props you see in our photos, most of which we hand-made ourselves. So, this didn't leave much money for publishing. We decided our best option was to publish online for our debut issue. We have plans in the near future to release the 'zine in both formats, so that those without internet access may also enjoy it.

You are the beautiful girl of the photos? Who's the other girl?

I model for the majority of the photos seen on the webpage. The other girl seen in the photos is just a friend of ours, who periodically helps us out with the pictures. We have plans on using other models and different themes in the near future.

I think the poems are of your self inspiration, if I am wrong where do you take the inspiration to write them?

The inspiration for the poetry does indeed come from within, and from the many things we see wrong with the world. Although sometimes abstract, much of our beliefs can be found within them, if you are a deep enough person to decipher their meanings. They contain a bitter hatred for the ways of the world, but also an idealistic love for the way things once were, and the way things could be. Many of them express a great admiration and longing for death, but also a vast contempt. Death is indeed our momentary savior, but also our eternal jailor.

What's the meaning behind the 'Silence and Darkness' poem?

It takes the idea of an angel or valkyrie coming to take the soul. But, instead of leading it to some afterlife, or some heaven, she explains that there exists no such place, no salvation, no eternal 'life,' only Silence and Darkness. She expresses a false sympathy, while the soul in her arms informs her that he shall not just die, and that her truth, much like herself, is a lie. This can be better defined with the philosophy that for some, maybe even most, there indeed exists no afterlife, only Silence and Darkness. But, for others, the strong souls who grasp the TRUE meaning of this life, and in their lives they FIGHT for that meaning and sacrifice the mundane joys of this existence for their cause, it is they that shall live on, forever. They shall escape the illusionary peace of Silence and Darkness, of non-existence. Eternity, as can be fathomed, is a right, a prize of all prizes, to be earned, and is never given.

What are your favorite bands of metal? What is your opinion about black metal?

Favorite bands... Well, we have many favorites, but mostly it depends on the mood we are in. We like such bands as Ordo Equitum Solis, Arcana, (old) 3rd and The Mortal, (old) Funeral, Love Spirals Downward, Aghast, Theatre of Tragedy, Hefeystos, etc. On the more black metal end, some of our favorites are; Burzum, Opera IX, The Black, Beherit, etc., Our opinion about black metal... We think it is safe to assume that the majority of people who are attracted to black metal also favor extreme things, and we are no exception. While there is much clutter in the scene of unoriginal and untalented bands, there exists also a lot of bands with much depth and talent. Black metal is music for those who go against the grain of society. It was born in the underground, and in the underground it dies. Meaning: those so-called black metal bands who sell out for a broader audience to sell more records, or let themselves be shaped by the corporate 1eaders of mainstream music. They abandon their former image and sound to fit the ideal of some lemming in a suit. In the process they leave the underground that once gave them birth and sustenance, they lose the respect they had once earned, and at last, they are dead to black metal. We'll let these traitors remain anonymous in this interview, but we all know who they are.

How is this world for you a happy place or a complete hole full of shit? Why?

This world is seldom a happy place for us. This is best expressed in our poetry and photography. Above all, we are seekers of truth, and while truth is very rewarding, it is also unkind. While the majority of the truths of man are, in the end, nothing more than an opinion, there are some indisputable truths. Perhaps though, one of the few things in this world that gives us happiness is knowing that we are not alone in our struggle. There are other brave men and women who are on our side.

What is for you the big problem of the human race?

The problems of the human race... They are many. Some being apparent, but the most dangerous of our problems are those not easily learned. The hidden problems we are either beginning to face, or have yet to face. People are pacified by their everyday lives and serving their master, as long as he puts food on their table and batteries in their remote controls. What the master proclaims as the truth, is not contested. But, there does yet exist some who have the power to turn off their televisions and think for themselves. They soon realize what we realized years ago, that the master's truth, is indeed, a lie. If we do not rise and face these problems soon, it will be too late.

What's after death?

While this question will remain forever unanswered to the living, we all have our assumptions, hopes and beliefs. Ours are not based upon any religion, for the definitions of the afterlife in most religions seem to be heavily clad in mortal hopes and dreams. The visual and material aspects of existence will be no more. Logically, so would thought and emotion. But, with logic one might stray on this topic. It is unfathomable. We do, however, hold an inner sense that life is a bit more than the flesh. And in the end, if it's not, then life truly is a parody without sense, but we will never know this, for the moment we could grasp it, it will be too late.

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