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1. What's your complete name and your occupation outside of the scene?
b: My occupation outside of Mourning the Ancient is surviving this parody we've wrongfully been taught is 'life'.
a: It's irrelevant, anything outside of Mourning the Ancient and what she stands for is what I have come to despise...
2. From where emerge the concept of "mourning the ancient īzine"
a: It was motivated by various things really. Our love for the types of music we present... our hatred and dissatisfaction for society and the world as a whole. Our longings for the truths of yesterday... it is a sword of truth to cut through the filth of this world.
3. Tell us something about your plans for the future.
b: Well, at the moment we're working on our video, which will be much in the styles of our photography... but much more. The bands working on our soundtrack are: Peter of Abigor, Mark of ...The Soil Bleeds Black, Judas Iscariot, Absurd, The Mourning, Mysterian, Darkmoon and Theatres des Vampires. All of which are comrades in sharing the vision of the coming doom of mankind. The video will be available sometime this winter, running about 45 minutes long. It is our greatest and most challenging project. After that we plan to release a photo cd-rom and put Mourning the Ancient to paper.
3. What are your musical preferences and your fave bands?
a: Musical preferences are vast, as long as it contains serious content which we agree with. Among them are: all of the musicians working with us on our video, obviously, plus quite a few more like-Burzum, Welten Brand, Opera IX, Barathrum, Beherit, Ordo Equitum Solis, Hagalaz' Runedance, Destroyer666... etc.
4. What are your influences to compose and write your precious poetry and all your works?
b: The influences are everything I see wrong in this world. Everything about life and death that I despise. Our powerless predicament... our frailty, our ignorance, our absurdity. Its just a short six foot journey to the truth that we will never know. I'm wholly dissatisfied with existence and the idea of non-existence. Nothing tempts me anymore, nothing seems worthy, and life has truly lost its mystique and its value. I've searched for truth and found it in a moldering grave, sought life and found only the promise of death.
5. What do you know and what do you think about the Mexican scene?
b: Well, I've spoken with bands that have toured Mexico and heard that the scene there is pretty strong. But, when it comes to bands, not too many seem to reach the USA. Shub Niggurath seems to be pretty well-known...
6. What is your motivation to the amazing pictures you offer us on your website?
a: It's much the same motivation which fuels Mourning the Ancient. Our photography and imagery represent certain truths to us. We channel our longings and artistic energy into them... they convey a message to the keen viewer that our words could never...
7. Tell us something about your local scene.
a: There is no local scene here, sadly. There are very few local bands, and certainly not enough to be called a 'scene.' People should learn to do more to support their local scenes.
8. The realm of black metal is oversaturated, thereīs a lot of bands with corpsepainted faces screaming: "satan,father,satan!!!!", thereīs a lack of originality in those many, what do you think about this negative situation?
b: I agree. Too many people clone another's style and dim the light of the truly talented bands. In their need to follow the trends and rebel against the establishments they attempt to portray something they know little or nothing about. Like 'Satanism.' Satanism is a Christian concept and was created as a label for the Old Gods. Look beneath the lies Christianity has buried the old religions in. What a better way to enslave the world than to take away the peoples' Gods and Goddesses and replace them with an enemy God. We did not need nor want this religion. And to show this fact one needs only look at history and all of the blood Christianity has shed. So to all of those unknowing out there searching for true 'evil,' Christianity awaits you... Yahweh, on a throne drenched with the blood of untold millions... he thrives on the ignorant who are entangled in his webs. But, the Heathen sword burns away his lies...
a: To further end his answer I'll add... As was once said: 'The Old Gods were, the Old Gods are, and the Old Gods shall be again!'
9. What do you think about drugs?
b: I think that like anything, in moderation they aren't a negative thing. But it seems some people don't have the control to know when to stop. There are armies of drug-users in today's world, and this stems from the filth and corruption of our societies. People need an escape, so they close their eyes through drugs to the bars of their prisons around them. With some drug-users it's not a problem, they can still function 'normally,' but to a multitude of others... but truly, I care not.
a: An altered state of perception can sometimes reveal things invisible to a normal mind. But, we do not need them to look beyond to what we seek. The 'doors' can be opened without the help of drugs.
10. Here in my country,the people are a very closeminded mass of ignorants who see this kind of music like a "devil worship thing"and frequently associate it with crime,drugs and delinquents habits,what can you say to all these blind people?
b: Well, maybe in some cases this could be true. I'm sure many people would label Mourning the Ancient 'Satanic' because of its 'dark' imagery. The media stereotypes are hard for some shallow minded people to look past. This isn't just in your country, but worldwide. Let these Christians think what they wish and judge us, we know who the true evil is. They cannot disguise their lies as truth any longer, and one day maybe they'll have to answer for the millions their religion has murdered. Until then, the souls of our ancestors will guide us in our war.
11. What do you think about the BLACK METAL MAFIA, and the murder of "Euronymous", the burning of churches, the inverted crosses hanginīon the neck, have these things a real link with true Satanism?
a: Well, the murder of Euronymous had nothing to do with Satanism. It was a problem between the two of them, and Varg ended it. How can the Christians complain when their churches are burned down or desecrated when they did the same for centuries and centuries to us? They are the criminals, the liars, the murderers of the innocent, the destroyers of priceless cultures. They are the enemies of nature, the haters of freedom and life itself. And I'm sure their beast God is very proud when so many still die in his name, I'm sure it brings a smile to his grisly face when one of his priests has his way with a child. Just like in the past when his inquisitors raped and burned an unknown amount women. All of this in the name of 'God.' And the Christians can deny the truth and say it was some sort of misinterpretation of 'God's word,' but the truth is the Old Testament not only condones it, but also commands them to kill. 'Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.' A lot of this type of material can be read in the Old Testament's 'Deuteronomy.'
12. Well, this is an openminded interview, so, I donīt agree with the racism, facism philosophy of some assholes calling themselves "Satanists", have you ever been involved in troubles with these things and what do you think?
b: Well, I have a keen hatred for the world and its people as a whole. Politically speaking, democracy seems a worthy idea on paper, or in theory, but I've yet to see its truth or its magic in practice. I look out into the streets of my country and I see freedom dwindling away like the embers of a dream. People starving, killing one another for some petty reason or no reason at all, theft , rape, distrust... these things are at an all time high and will continue to rise, but something has got to give, perhaps the Armageddon the prophets have predicted will alas set us free. Let the fires burn and the blood spill...
13. Well, thanx for your precious support to this first issue, what can you say to the readers of "Pagan Orgies īzine",and say goodbye by yourself.....
b: I'd like to salute my friends and comrades, living and dead, around the world. The brave warriors of tomorrow, fearless in their fight with a world who is against them... but, with the truth as our banner and vengeance on our lips we shall taste the first rays of the Sunless Dawn and bask in our victory...
a: To those who haven't seen Mourning the Ancient, our address is: ... keep an eye out for our video and photo CD, which will be released soon! Our P.O. address is :
Mourning the Ancient
P.O. BOX 45637
Omaha NE 68145

I'd also like to raise my sword in salute and hails to my comrades worldwide, the ones I know now, and the ones who shall join us tomorrow in our struggle for truth. Tomorrow belongs to us...

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