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Martín Lazarte Castro
Jr. Huamanpoma de Ayala 257
Lima 32 - Perú
PhoneFax: (51) (1) 578-3048
e-mail: mlcexpz@telematic.edu.pe

1) First introduce everyone to MTA.
a: Mourning the Ancient was technically born in the Autumn of 1995. It was a vision of ours to reflect our philosophies of this life and furthermore to promote the music we are interested in. We started out doing photography with very little more than a ten dollar camera and the desire to express our feelings through images. Our photography expresses many things, some more symbolically than it is apparent. A vast array of emotions and visions are incorporated into the images. We had originally planned to release on paper, but as the years went by, we decided to debut on the internet, for now at least.
2) Why do you do this project, what do you want to do with this?
b: Mourning the Ancient is a vehicle of unconventional thoughts and dreams. The sword of truth in a world of lies.
a: I work on Mourning the Ancient because it allows me to express my views and thoughts in a way that is not possible through any other outlets.
3) Which are your fave bands, artists and writers, are you into occultism or satanism?
b: Favorite bands are many. Depending on the mood I am in. Those that come to mind though are; Burzum, Siebenburgen, Weltenbrand, Arcana, Opera IX, Puissance, Ordo Equitum Solis, Abigor, etc. ... I've read a lot on the topics of occultism and Satanism in the past, but I've found the ancient 'heathen' deities, in their unpolluted form, to be the closest to spiritual truth. Much of this has been polluted by Christianity, bloodshed, ignorant-biased writers and time. One cannot find true 'truth' in any book. A lot of lies, assumptions, ignorance and lies paraded as truth are abundant though.
My favorite bands are much the same as Mike already mentioned. I take interest in reading works by Nietzche, amongst a few other less 'main stream' philosophers. I myself, relate with the heathen religions of the past also.
4) Please tell us some more about the production of your video.
a: Our video, which we've been planning since '95, will be released midwinter '99. It will be much in the styles you see in our photography, running probably about 45 minutes. It will be produced/shot and done entirely by us, except for the soundtrack, which will be done by a few well known underground artists, and some not-so well known artists. It will be available in limited quantities in the United States on the NTSC VHS format, and further, even more limited in a few other world VHS formats. So basically, there will be three VHS versions, which will have different cover art/additional footage depending upon format. Those souls that appreciate our photography will most definitely enjoy our video.
5) What do you know of Peru and South America?
b: Actually, I know very little about Peru and South America in general. It seems we've gotten a lot of interest from that region since our debut, more so than a lot of other parts of the world, to my surprise. I'm not sure if this signifies a strong music scene or... its quite fascinating though how the world is linked through this style of music. I can't see any other style of music having such a strong underground and devout following.
6) You use a lot of mythological icons, what do you think about Vikings and the ancient cultures?
b: Well, being as the Vikings were the last people of Europe to fall to Christianity, I hold a good deal of respect for them, and for many other reasons for that matter. I feel helpless but to think about Christianity when I think about the ancient cultures/religions of this world. Since it had such a destructive impact on them. Looking back upon the 'heathen' religions of the world I find them to hold a lot of ideals that the present world entirely lacks. Such things as truth, courage, bravery, family, culture... the church has ravaged the world, country to country, and continues to do so, in my opinion.
a: As our name depicts, I mourn the ancient ways of life. Perhaps the world is in desperate need of a plague to give back a sense and meaning of the worth of life. We are born into a society that relies on technology far too heavily. All of the comforts and luxuries we enjoy now, might one day cause great suffering when they are gone. Our ancestors understood what survival and struggle were, I can't really say that many of us do anymore. We are all experiencing a gradual loss of our survival instincts, in exchange for worthless knowledge of this age, that will be outdated in another century.
7) Are you into politics, what do you think of it?
b: I'm not very interested in politics, beyond those of life in general. I believe the world ruling systems to be entirely corrupt, selfish and entirely motivated by power and greed.
a: Trying to decipher the lies behind lies...and so on...is a difficult task when it comes to politics and politicians. I distance myself from such worldly affairs.
8) How did you see the matters that happened in Norway a lot of time ago?
b: Well, in general, speaking of Varg, I don't believe he ever could have known the controversy he would cause as he walked up Euronymous' stairs that night. The music scene is pretty much split on this, some side with Euronymous, some with Varg. What is important though to remember is that when you glorify such things as death, war and killing, you cannot go crying when it happens to you. That night both of them would become legends in black metal, as the names 'Burzum' and 'Mayhem' will be talked about for many years to come.
9) Any future plans?
a: Right now we're concentrating our time and energy on the upcoming video. Shortly thereafter we will release a photo cd-rom containing a lot of never seen before pics from our demo-days, along with a lot of newer material. We also plan to release other video's to follow this release, and publish Mourning the Ancient on paper.
10) Any last comment?
b: Well, those interested can view Mourning the Ancient at : http://www.mourningtheancient.com Our email is : sunlessdawn@mourningtheancient.com and last our postal address is:
Mourning the Ancient
P.O. Box 45637
Omaha, NE 68145

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