• Here is a collection of facts and excerpts that we have found interesting. Most of which are either unconventional truths and/or little known facts, many of which have been suppressed and are unpopular by the tyrants of our Earth.

  • That Adolf Hitler refused to be paid during the glorious time he served Germany?

    It's true. He turned down the 45,000 Reichsmarks and annual expense allowance of 18,000 Reichsmarks. He considered it an honor to serve Germany. Just one example of a lifetime of selflessness. In fact, his estate was also very small, beyond some art and party property he owned virtually nothing of note.

  • That you can be charged with a 'crime' by a foreign government for something that is perfectly legal in your own country. Insane, but true. Read this excerpt from Gerhard Lauck's website:

    [Above: Gerhard Lauck]

    Germany Threatens YOUR Internet Freedom !

    Travellers Alert !

    U.S. citizen arrested without warning at German airport !

    PUBLISHERS and WEBMASTERS are at the greatest risk.

    The German Justice Ministry claims GLOBAL jurisdiction, because American publications and web-sites are "accessible" in Germany.

    But even an innocent letter put an elderly American in a German jail for five months.

    Top managers of BARNES AND NOBLE and AMAZON have been threatened with imprisonment in Germany for Internet book sales.

    Source: The Jewish Press August 27, 1999 and Die Welt September 17, 1999

    American newspaper publisher Gerhard Lauck was kidnapped in Denmark under a German arrest warrant, taken against his will to Germany and imprisoned there for FOUR YEARS! His offense?

    He publishes a newspaper in AMERICA that promotes free speech.

    Germany's jurisdiction claim?

    The newspaper has subscribers in Germany.

    A WWII veteran was arrested at the Frankfurt airport and jailed for over five months.

    His offense?

    He sent a letter from America protesting against free speech violations in Germany.

    Germany's jurisdiction claim?

    The letter was mailed to Germany.

    An educator was imprisoned in Germany, because of his totally legal newsletter published in ENGLISH on an Internet web-site in AUSTRALIA!

    German Justice Minister Nehm has publicly threatened to arrest Americans entering Germany...if their web-sites in AMERICA displease him.

    Source: Der Spiegel #46/1996.

    Germany's jurisdiction claim?

    These web-sites are "accessible" in Germany.

    France also claims jurisdiction on the same grounds.



  • That Adolf Hitler was made Time Magazine's 'Person of the Year' in 1938?

  • He also appeared on numerous other covers, below are just a few of them.

    [Below: December 21, 1931]

    [Below: March 13, 1933]

    [Below: April 13, 1936]

  • Did you also know that Adolf Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize? Yep, and if you research it you'll be astonished to know he offered to give up all of his weapons if the other nations did so to. They declined. He also appealed to Britain dozens of times in a failed attempt to prevent war. He even wanted to outlaw the bombing of civilian targets like cities, they again declined. Don't believe their lies.

  • That National Socialist Germany's Minister of Propaganda Josef Goebbels coined the term 'Iron Curtain'?* This phrase would become very popular in the democratic countries in the decades to follow when referring to their former communist allies.

    [*Written in a newspaper article in Das Reich called 'Das Jahr 2000,' February 25, 1945. ]

  • ...Did you also know that Joseph Goebbels introduced the phrase 'Heil Hitler' and the title 'Führer' into National Socialist vocabulary?
    A genius and a man of many, many talents, even many of Goebbels enemies credit him as being the father of modern propaganda. Goebbels defined propaganda in an address given in September 1934 in Nuremberg, he said:

    "Good propaganda does not need to lie, indeed it may not lie. It has no reason to fear the truth. It is a mistake to believe that people cannot take the truth. They can. It is only a matter of presenting the truth to people in a way that they will be able to understand. A propaganda that lies proves that it has a bad cause. It cannot be successful in the long run."

    He also introduced the world's first regular television service in Berlin in 1935. It aired three days per week on a fixed schedule. In those early days of television most television sets were in public places, since they were very expensive. This service continued with regular broadcasts until 1944.

  • That the 1692 witch-craze of Salem, Massachusetts wasn't the only occurance of this madness in America? The total number of dead is thirty-six, twenty of which were in Salem in a single year, while hundreds more were imprisoned, losing their property and freedom. There had been a number of lesser known instances of Christian hysteria in the American colonies, some as early as 1658, 1662 and 1665.
    Like their European counterparts, torture was used to extract confessions. Devilish devices like 'witch pins' were used, literally long nails, to be poked and stuck into various parts of the body. These artifacts and many more can be seen today in museums in Salem.
    Yet, the insanity and cruelty of Salem was still no match for the homicidal hysteria of Europe. In Germany alone 133 people were burned to death in one day in 1589, and in Toulouse, France forty more people were burned to death previously in 1557.*(1)
    No one will ever know the total death toll of this madness.
    Some estimate up to 150 million*(2), up to 85% of them women.*(3)

    [*(1)The Salem Witchcraft Trials by Katherine W. Richardson ©1983]
    [*(2)The Protestants claim that the Papacy is responsible for this number]
    [*(3)The Burning Times]

  • That Rudolf Hess served in the same regiment as Adolf Hitler in World War One, where he was twice wounded?
    It was called the List Regiment.

  • Rudolf Hess was also imprisoned with Adolf Hitler in a Bavarian fortress prison called Landsberg, where he took dictation (in 1924) for Hitler's book Mein Kampf ('My Struggle'). Mein Kampf became a best seller second only to the Bible.

    [Hess in Landsberg, second from right, where he served seven and a half months]

  • Not all Mein Kampfs are created equal. Unfortunately for those of us who don't speak German, we must rely on translators, nearly always done by those who hate the writer. With forewords full of childish hate and slander, they also choose the wording and what to omit. For anyone interested in reading Mein Kampf, they should seek out books published in the time period, which are much more complete, not to mention better translations. Below is an interesting book that documents the THOUSANDS of translation errors present in various versions of Mein Kampf. From the mundane to the spectacular--sometimes rendering passages illegible. Certainly some of these 'mistranslations' are purposeful, in hopes of misguiding the reader.

    [Above: Mein Kampf: A Translation Controversy. ©2009 Elite Minds, Inc.]

    “This book is too dangerous for the general public”
    -Bavarian state library historian Florian Sepp.

  • Since WWII, and until 2015, Mein Kampf has been banned in Germany from being reprinted. Recently they've decided to release a 'heavily annotated' version that will not be a truthful reprint of the original but will be 'a 2,000-page volume packed with more criticisms and analysis than the original text.'! Haha... these tyrants are laughable. There will come a day soon when their whole illusion comes crashing down. Adolf Hitler told the truth, and that truth terrifies them. It threatens their entire power structure.
    The Washington Post declared '...English and other foreign-language versions of “Mein Kampf” — unhindered by the German copyrights — are in the midst of a global renaissance... In retail stores in India, it is enjoying strong popularity as a self-help book for Hindu nationalists. A comic-book edition was issued in Japan.'
    Only the bible outsold Mein Kampf in the 20th century. In the 21st century that will reverse. The more people realize that Adolf Hitler was right, the more they will want to read his words of prophecy and truth.

    [Above: Here is the first English version of Mein Kampf. It was published in 1933.]

    [Above: Here is a complete American edition published in 1941 by Reynal & Hitchcock. 1,003 pages. This is the 20th impression of the book. The above picture is of the cover dust jacket. Below is a view of the book naked.]

    [Below: Here is a rather strange book that was published in 1941 by the same publisher as the above Mein Kampf, Reynal & Hitchcock. It was marketed as a 'sequel to Mein Kampf', yet clearly it is not. Instead it is a collection of speeches dating back to 1922 up until the date of publication, 1941. In the introduction it is admitted that this is not a written work of Adolf Hitler. It says: 'My New Order, a collection of Hitler's speeches set in a running commentary, is a sequel to Mein Kampf. Though Mein Kampf rates as a written work, indeed as Hitler's only written work...' Pretty shady huh? Regardless, this is an excellent source of Adolf Hitler's speeches. It is 1,008 pages.]

    [Above: Here is an edited American edition published in 1943 by Houghton Mifflin Company. 694 pages. Twenty-second printing. The above picture is of the cover dust jacket. Below is a view of the book naked.]

    [Above: Here is a British edition, which was first published in 1939 in London. This particular edition is a modern American reprint from Oregon, published by 'CPA Book Publisher'. 378 pages. Compare this with the above edition which is 1,003 pages! That means this is chopped by 625 pages! That's over 60% of the book.]

    [Above and below: Here are three editions of the same translation. These versions were the most frequently found in recent years. Below is currently the newest and most commonly found version in the United States, and not surprisingly, it is blatantly vociferous in its utter untamed hatred of all things Adolf Hitler. 688 pages (all editions).]

    [Above: Here is an extremely interesting edition of Mein Kampf, published by Ostara Publications. This edition is the only version actually translated by a member of the NSDAP. It was given to P.O.W.s in Stalag camps during the war. 578 pages.]

    Mein Kampf is a best seller in the Arab world. Here's a quote with more information:

    'Middle East Media and Research Institute has just released more details on the sale of Adolph Hitler's Mein Kampf in eastern Jerusalem and the Palestinian autonomy. The Arabic translation is being distributed by Al-Shurouq, a Ramallah-based book distributor, and is now in 6th place on the Palestinian best-seller list. The cover of the book shows a picture of Hitler, a swastika, and the title in both German and Arabic. Following are some excerpts of the introduction by translator Luis Al-Haj:

    "Hitler was a man of ideology who bequeathed an ideological heritage whose decay is inconceivable. This ideological heritage includes politics, society, science, culture, and war...

    "The National Socialism that Hitler preached for and whose characteristics were presented in his book My Struggle [Mein Kampf]... this National Socialism did not die with the death of its herald. Rather, its seeds multiplied under each star... '

    [Above: Here is an Arabic translation of Mein Kampf. Mein Kampf remains a best seller in the Arab world.]

    [Above: An army of Mein Kampfs ready to free the minds of the oppressed.]

    [Above: Another Arab Mein Kampf. Front]

    [Above: back]

    [Above: And another Arab Mein Kampf, circa 1975.]

    [Above: Here is a Japanese copy of Mein Kampf, circa 1940. Click to see more!]

    [Above: Here is a digital CD-ROM copy of Mein Kampf, circa 1999]

  • So, if you didn't already know, now you do, that all books are not created equal. Translation variations can make or break a book. Omitting segments, sometimes whole chapters, can change the very essence of a book. In the case of Mein Kampf, these things are most glaringly true, especially since the publishers and the translators are adamantly united in their hatred of the writer. The 'Translator's Notes', 'Introductions' and 'Prefaces' all run wild with petty and altogether childish put-downs. Sometimes, one would swear that the translator and editor are four years old! For no intelligent adult would go on-and-on, on-and-on, with page after page of rehashed and recycled hate and derogatory inventions of all kinds. If you hate the man and the material so much, why translate his book?

    Well, that answer is simple enough isn't it? Their agenda is to control their opposition, and what a better way than to pick and choose his words! And before any neutral reader even gets a chance to form their own opinion of the work, to endlessly ridicule and defame it in every way imaginable. In the introduction to the above edition of Mein Kampf, for example, they even go as far as ridiculing the Austrian press and people, calling them 'slovenly, illogical, pretentious.' They continue on to even insult Austrian grammar, calling it 'uncommonly bad.' It goes on and on. All in a feeble attempt to ridicule Adolf Hitler.

    An intelligent, free-thinking person quickly learns to skip forewords. But the bigger problem is that most history books are from cover to cover like these introductions. So please, think for yourself. You owe it to yourself. These vipers have a vested interest in shaping your opinion and feeding you misinformation. Decide for yourself! Weed out their bullshit lies and smell the flowers of truth. But beware of thorns! The truth might set you free, but angry you will be after finding out how manipulated and lied to we've all been.

    [As a special gift for reading this rant, feast your eyes on the below, four beautiful editions of Mein Kampf from a better age. The first three versions are inlaid with amber and silver and are considerably rare and expensive. Below are four different editions. Note the differences of eagle styles and amber configurations. Beware, an expert evaluator has told me that there are FAKE amber Mein Kampfs. These fakes were made 20-25 years ago out of authentic presentation Mein Kampfs which they added the amber to. This amber itself was made in Poland.]

    [Below: This beautiful version of Mein Kampf was made in Danzig.]

    [Below: Marked '.800' silver, which was the German standard of purity, which meant it was 80% pure silver.]

    [Below: Clasp.]

    [Below: Book back.]

    [Below: Engraved plate.]

    [Below: Inside showing state seal of Danzig.]

    [Below: 'Free State of Danzig'.]

    *courtesy of Snyder's Treasures

    [Below: Here's an amber Mein Kampf on public display along with other treasures, including an edition bound in silver by Hermann Göring.]

    [Below: In the early days Adolf Hitler gave Hermann Göring a copy of Mein Kampf as a thanks for his loyalty, which Göring then had the book bound in silver and had his family crest put on the clasp. Amazing and beautiful! Click to enlarge.]

    [Below: Here's another beauty with the Luftwaffe eagle]

    [Below: And perhaps even more beautiful than the above versions of Mein Kampf... try not to drool on your keyboard!]

    [Below: And not to be outdone. The below Mein Kampf (and ornate wooden box which housed it) was given to members of the SS upon their marriage.]

    [Below: Cover...]

    [Below: Spine...]

    [Below: Saving the best and rarest for last, here is a unique edition of Mein Kampf presented to Adolf Hitler himself! It is inlaid in silver...]

    [Above: Cover...]

    [Above: Spine...]

    [Above: Spread out like an eagle in all its glory...]

    [Above: A giant-sized, special edition of Mein Kampf presented to Hermann Göring, was displayed in Göring's home (Karin Hall).]

    [Above: American General Patton stole the book after the end of WWII.]

    [Above: Note the dedication Patton wrote on the cover. He donated it to the Huntington Library in April 1945. Patton also wrote a letter to the library, saying that he believed that 100 copies were made of the edition.]

    [Above: Beautiful deluxe pigskin Mein Kampf and document folder. Click to enlarge.]

    [Above: The binding by student Willi Fischer. From the Allgemeiner Anzeiger für Buchbindereien, Nr. 27, 1936. Click to enlarge.]

    [Above: Another book binding done by a student. From Der Buchbinderlehrling. Vol. 10, Nr. 6, 1937. Click to enlarge.]

    [Above: A beauty...]

    [Above: This is some sort of commemorative edition, maybe for the unification of the Sudetenland or Austria?]

    [Above: Wow. This is a bronze book presentation case for Mein Kampf. Amazing. 1/4.]

    [Above: 2/4. Click to enlarge.]

    [Above: 3/4. Click to enlarge.]

    [Above: 4/4.]

    [Above: Gorgeous award folder! Not Mein Kampf, but beautiful! Click to enlarge.]

    [Above: Berghof guestbook, designed by Frieda Theirsch. It has many signatures and inscriptions by visiting dignitaries. After the war it was stolen by a French officer.]

    [Above: A modern treasure of a martyr. Here is a Mein Kampf once owned by the great Rev. Matt Hale while in the dungeons of the enemy. It is also signed by his mother, a gem of a woman in her own right!]

    [Above: Inner page with inscription and signature of Matt's mother Evelyn Hutcheson, including battle damage and field repair!]

    [Above: Prison sticker from Terre Haute dungeon and torture asylum.]

    [Above: Here is a period advertisement for Mein Kampf, it basically says: The German book with 4 million in print.]

    [Above: Here is another advertisement for Mein Kampf. Click to enlarge!]

    [Above: Here is a Mein Kampf advertisement from a book.]

    [Above: This Mein Kampf advertisement is from 1924 under the original title of '4 1/2 Years of Struggle Against Lies, Stupidity, and Cowardice'. Click to enlarge.]

    [Above: An amazing Mein Kampf advertisement.]

    [Above: Two boys enjoying Mein Kampf while another sneaks a peek!]

    [Above: A Waffen-SS warrior enjoys Mein Kampf during his time off from fighting the enemies of mankind.]

    [Above & below: This is a 1940 feldpost (field post) box containing a Mein Kampf sent as a gift to a soldier. Note the eagle, this specific eagle was used by the publisher of Mein Kampf. See below.]

    [Above: This is a page from a 1940 wedding edition of Mein Kampf given to newlyweds. Note the eagle.]

    [Above: Close-up.]

    [Above: The Mein Kampf came with a slip cover shown here.]

    [Above: The Mein Kampf cover and spine. Note the Wolfsangel-like (Wolfs hook) runes on the cover shield.]

    [Above: Kirchhellen coat of arms - the crest of Kirchhellen. Kirchhellen is a small town of 11,000 people in North Rhine-Westphalia.]

    [Above: A special page within this Mein Kampf.
    'Dem jungvermählten Paare'
    (The newlywed couple)
    'Theodor Paul Rechmann
    Martha Auguste Maria Farwick
    mit den besten Wünschen für
    eine glückliche Ehe überreicht von der Gemeinde'

    (with best wishes for a happy marriage presented by the community)
    And signed by the mayor. What a cool gift.]

    [Above: A picture of Adolf Hitler, always a treasure.]

    [Above: An opening page with the Putsch martyrs' names.]

    [Above: Tucked inside this Mein Kampf is a little booklet, with another odd eagle. The booklet was from the Reichsbund Deutsche Familie (RDF) - a family oriented organization to help and guide the newly married couple.]

    [Above: Close-up. Note the Algiz rune - meaning life, beginning and also protection.]

    [Above: Inside of booklet.]

    [Above: And best of all! Inside the booklet is this picture... to be able to see the man, Theodor Paul Rechmann, is a great thing to me. I can only wonder if he survived the war. He was a soldier in the Wehrmacht. Did his wife, Martha Farwick, well, now Martha Rechmann, survive the Allied murderous rampage? And how did the book get here, in the USA? Did an American soldier steal this book as a souvenir? Are any of Theodor or Martha's relatives, or even children, still living in Kirchhellen? I bought it from a dealer, but I'd love to return it to their family, but chances are they would be brainwashed to hate the book... one day maybe. Hell, it may even be illegal to own this in Germany! I hope you enjoyed checking out this Mein Kampf!]

    [Above: Another special Mein Kampf from 1938. This book is inscribed by an SS officer. Cover/spine/back.]

    [Above: This is inscribed 'Zur Erinnerung an Weihnachten - 1940' (To commemorate Christmas - 1940), and signed by an SS-Oberscharführer from the SS 'Westland' Regiment. Inside.]

    [Above: Inside - first page.]

    [Above: Inside - title page.]

    [Above: Inside - back pages of advertisments - this one is for The Völkischer Beobachter, the newspaper of the NSDAP.]

    [Above: Inside - back pages of advertisments - another one for The Völkischer Beobachter, the newspaper of the NSDAP.]

    [Above: This is pretty neat. This Mein Kampf, from 1938, was sold to the American market. It is in German, so it was obviously meant for the large German-speaking segment in the United States. It's a pretty rare version and likewise rare to see a dust jacket.]

    [Above: Reverse - dust jacket.]

    [Above: Cover/spine/back.]

    [Above: Note the importer sticker in the upper left-hand corner of the page. I love bookplates. They tell about the previous owner and add such atmosphere and history to the book.]

    [Above: Opening page.]

    [Above: Title page.]

    [Above: 1933 edition of Mein Kampf with a dedication to a Scharführer of the NSKK - wartorn cover. Click to enlarge.]

    [Above: 1933 edition of Mein Kampf with a dedication to a Scharführer of the NSKK - cover/spine/back. Click to enlarge.]

    [Above: 1933 edition of Mein Kampf with a dedication to a Scharführer of the NSKK - dedication. Click to enlarge.]

    [Above: 1933 edition of Mein Kampf with a dedication to a Scharführer of the NSKK - ink stamp.]

    [Above: 1933 edition of Mein Kampf with a dedication to a Scharführer of the NSKK - inside. Click to enlarge.]

    [Above: 1933 edition of Mein Kampf with a dedication to a Scharführer of the NSKK - inside. Click to enlarge.]

    [Above: 1933 edition of Mein Kampf with a dedication to a Scharführer of the NSKK - eagle close-up.]

    [Above: 1933 edition of Mein Kampf with a dedication to a Scharführer of the NSKK - inside. Click to enlarge.]

    [Above: 1933 edition of Mein Kampf with a dedication to a Scharführer of the NSKK - back of book advertisement. Click to enlarge.]

    [Above: 1933 edition of Mein Kampf with a dedication to a Scharführer of the NSKK - postcard inside of book, obviously relevant to this particular book. Click to enlarge.]

    [Above: 1933 edition of Mein Kampf with a dedication to a Scharführer of the NSKK - reverse side of postcard inside of book, obviously relevant to this particular book. Click to enlarge.]

    [Above: Now here is a very special Mein Kampf. First, it's your common 1942 war edition of Mein Kampf... but there is something very unique about this. Let's look at the next picture together. Maybe you can find the answer without reading my explanation? Anyway, this picture shows the Mein Kampf splayed, showing back/spine/front. ]

    [Above: Okay, here we learn that this is a wedding Mein Kampf, given at the wedding of 'Rohrauer-Purrtus', in a place called Grünberg (German for green mountain), a tiny town in Hesse, Germany. But here's the shocker, this was given on May 5, 1945! After the death of Adolf Hitler and after the Allied occupation of the entire region. It is quite remarkable and very defiant, even dangerous, under the tyrannical occupation and their 'Nazi' witchhunts. I sure would like to know more about this, but information on Grünberg is very sparce, especially during WWII, where it is non-existent.

    Let's look at what this says:

    'Dem jungvermählten Paare
    mit den besten Wünschen für
    eine glückliche Ehe
    überreicht von der Gemeinde
    am 5. Mai 1945
    Der Bürgermeister'

    (To the newlyweds
    with best wishes for
    a happy marriage
    presented by the municipality
    on 5 May 1945
    The Mayor).]

    [Above: Opening page.]

    [Above: Eagle close-up.]

    [Above: Publisher information.]

    [Above: The National Socialist martyrs of the November 9th Putsch.]

    [Above: Advertising for other books at the end of the book.]

  • But before we let you go back out into the virtual wild, did you know that Mein Kampf, until recently, was banned in Germany? Yep, you could even go to jail for possessing it! What are they so afraid of? The truth maybe?

    I found a very entertaining and interesting quote in my research into Mein Kampf being banned in Germany. It is from 'Wiki Answers' and is below.

    Question: Why is Mein Kampf banned in Germany?

    Answer: Germany pursues a policy of active commitment to democracy - and this involves among other things - a ban on Nazi writings.

    HA! 'commitment to democracy'?! How about freedom of speech? Freedom of press? Freedom of thought?!

    "You're just going to have to trust us on this one" says the representative of democracy, "Adolf Hitler BAD, democracy GOOD!"


    Recently, after more than 70 years, the occupation forces controlling Germany issued a new version of Mein Kampf in 2015. In an insane, but not surprising move, the new Mein Kampf edition is highly annotated, with 3,500 footnotes and nearly 2,000 pages! In two volumes, this tome of Jewish insanity is more than twice as big as the 782-page original.

    The tyrants who rule Germany with an iron grip have threatened to arrest anyone for 'incitement to hatred' that would dare publish a non-annotated version of Mein Kampf!

    Here is a hilarious foreword from another edition of Mein Kampf:

    'Customer, as you reach towards this tome, hand trembling, brow furrowed with worry, we understand the questions you may have, the concerns that may loom over you. It is understandable that you would not expect to stumble upon the blueprint of the most wicked evil ever calculated against humanity in the current year. But it is important we learn from this most terrifying evil, indeed, evil permeates every syllable of every word presented in the contained pages.'

    I mean, they have to be joking, right? Insanely, they are not. This is a glowing testament of how much they fear the truth. And how much truth is contained within Mein Kampf's pages.

  • Wanna see even more versions of Mein Kampf from around the world?
    -Click Here-

    [Above: Adolf Hitler's original NSDAP membership card. Note he is member #555...]

    [Above: Here is a copy of the same card, yet it has been altered to read #5 as his membership number. I've heard a few explanations for this, one being it was altered to make it look like he was an earlier member. But there are so many damn lies who knows?]

    [Above: This is an example of Adolf Hitler's book plate pasted in his personal books. It was designed by artist Willy Knabe in 1934.]

    [Above: A seldom seen version of an Adolf Hitler book plate. Click on picture to read more.]

    [Above: This is a picture of the actual room where Adolf Hitler was born, in the town of Braunau in Upper Austria.]

  • That more French civilians died during the Allied invasion (D-Day) of France than Allied soldiers? Mainly from the inaccuracies of their heavy bombers, whose accuracy the Allied generals did nothing to address. In fact, only about 20 percent of bombs fell within five kilometers of the target! That is an insane number. Yet, it matched the Allied campaign of indescriminate bombing. Millions upon millions of civilians were actually targeted by their bombs in WW2.

    As early as 1933 and several times in 1935 Adolf Hitler suggested an international pact with a view to make an air war on the civilian population impossible. The British government turned down his proposals.

    But, for the most part, the French were not the Allies enemies. They had repeatedly refused to align with the Axis, even after the British sought out their fleet in harbors around the world and bombed them to oblivion. The French government's response to this was an extremely cowardly one: 'drop a bomb near one of the British ships' in protest!

    Let's not forget though the almost ten thousand French men who volunteered to the Waffen-SS. They were amongst the bravest and most loyal soldiers Earth has ever known. History and reality prove that one cannot judge a people by the actions of their government. I'm sure the majority of French people wanted vengeance for Britain's homicidal and destructive acts against them. But we all know what the people WANT and what our governments DO are two different things. But, back to D-Day...

    The Allied invasion was a tremendous bloodbath, on all sides. Division by division, the average losses were over twice the averages on the Russian front!

    Here's an interesting quote from World War Two magazine, November 2009:

    "The American army suffered 30,000 combat fatigue cases in Normandy-a huge number. The British suffered nearly as many. Both British and American psychologists were struck by how few German soldiers suffered from it, considering they had gone through far worse aerial and artillery bombardment. Their conclusion: this reflected years of Nazi indoctrination."

    What a lame, standard brainwashed excuse. Or maybe:

    #1 The Germans and their allies were defending their homelands and way of life from a murderous occupying army, bent on their destruction. The Germans had even learned a few years previously that the Allies were contemplating sterilizing them! Yep, now if that isn't evil I don't know what is.

    #2 The average American had almost unanimously not wanted to get involved in 'another European war' (95% in 1937). But the drums of propaganda beat him into a patriotic frenzy and his leaders coerced the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor, this became enough reason to go thousands of miles across the ocean and fight a war he knew absolutely nothing about. The powers-that-be needed cannon fodder, or otherwise sometimes known as 'heroes.' Like the men who were placed in the first waves of landing craft of operation D-Day, they were not even told that it had been predicted that life expectancy was nearly 0%! 'But you'll die a hero...'

    Veterans often say there are no heroes in war. They also say that in the midst of combat you aren't fighting for your country, but for the man next to you in the trench. World War Two was a terrible tragedy on all fronts, civilian and soldier. One estimate says that up to 80 million people died. And for what? For the same tyrants who have ruled this earth for centuries to keep the rest of us in chains. I dream of a day when mankind gets tired of fighting their unjust, homicidal wars. It's always been the poor dying for the rich to get richer. War is a tremendous business opportunity.

    In today's world, the media and goverments declare that every soldier fighting for these evil tyrants is a 'hero.' The word, which once was rarely spoken, is now falling off every newscaster and government spokesperson's lying lips in abundance. They must have a secret factory, probably in China, where they mass-produce the word. And knowing their skill for producing cheap, nearly worthless products, they probably create it for 1/100 cent!

    Keep in mind, these are the same people who have recently been caught dumping the bodies of their 'heroes' into garbage dumps here in the USA. But I guess, we have to remember, what do you do with every broken thing made in The Communist Republic of China?

    Well, when its broken you throw it away...

    That not only was the first assault rifle invented in the Third Reich, but that Adolf Hitler coined the term 'assault rifle'? It was the 'MP42' (MP for Maschinenpistole and 42 for the year), later renamed by Adolf Hitler himself 'Sturmgewehr' (literally 'assault rifle'), which led to the abbreviation 'Stg44.' He renamed it after personally firing a prototype of the weapon in 1944.

    [Above: Adolf Hitler examines the world's first assault rifle sometime late in the war.]

    [Above: A more basic version of the Stg44 was made late in the war called 'Volkssturmgewehr' (literally 'peoples assault rifle'). From this weapon the Russians 'drew inspiration' to create the famous AK-47 assault rifle, probably the most famous and widely used rifle of the 20th century.]

    [Above: An Stg44.]

    [Above: It's a strange fact that this assault rifle is still being used today in various countries, including Africa, as this picture shows. This is a testament to the robust capabilities of this rifle, still in operation over half a century later. These rifles can cost tens of thousands of dollars here in the USA. I wonder if the woman holding it in the picture knows this? Or anything about the rifles history? I also wonder where she got it? The picture shows a broad variety of rifles, along side sticks!?!?]

    [Above: A far lesser known weapon of the Third Reich is the 9×19mm MP 3008 (Maschinenpistole 3008, 'machine pistol 3008', Volks-MP.3008 or the Gerät Neumünster). This was a German last ditch submachine gun manufactured in the final days of WWII in early 1945.]

    [Above: The MP 3008 was very simple and could be produced in machine shops, thus various versions were produced.]

    [Above: Plastic German toy soldier using the MP 3008 (or inspired by).]