The ideas behind Mourning the Ancient were born in the Autumn of 1995. Originally our photography was done to accompany a paper music magazine, which never saw fruition. Later, in the spring of 1998, it would debut on the website version of our planned music magazine. Almost three years after we had first begun.

      Back in October of 1995 we began our first attempts at photography for the 'zine. Armed with only an instant camera, no experience or props to dress up the images, our first attempts were very crude (some of these can be viewed in our photo gallery). As the vision unfolded the coming winter, the symbol of our doings, the 'Expansion Rune' (the five pointed star with four points reaching outward) was born. We designed this using two ancient runes. The 'pentagram' and the 'expansion points.' While both can be found in a number of ancient cultures, the five pointed star was known in some as a 'symbol of truth.' The two runes combined can be defined as 'the expansion of truth.'

     That winter a very important league in our journey had been embarked upon. We began making our first props for the photography, the Expansion Rune finding its place on the majority of them, and began a more professional approach with an old 35mm camera. This would create problems in itself. As we had anticipated we experienced problems with the local film developers. The content of our pictures and accompanied by the Expansion Rune (which is wrongfully draped in superstition as being a symbol of Satanism) just weren't the kind of pictures the sheep-hearted developers were used to. To our disgust many of them told us never to return.

     Unbeaten by this, we turned to the camcorder for the next year or so of photographs. After filming various poses, etc., we took stills from video and transferred them to computer. Not only would there be no more middle man in the picture-taking process, but it would be much more cost effective. Although the downside to this was that a lot of the quality was lost from camcorder to PC. After hundreds of hours of video, we would eventually invest in professional lighting equipment, which improved our results ten-fold. Yet, the clarity of the images did not yet meet our expectations. Eventually, a digital camera combined with two years experience would save us from the problems that plagued us in the past.

     Our photography, to us, represents many different thoughts and emotions, but primarily, anger and sorrow. It is those two emotions that have fueled us since day one. An anger and burning contempt for the lies paraded as truth in this tired world, and a bitter sorrow for the seemingly powerless position all of us stand. We believe, at this time more than any other, the truth is of dire importance for us to recognize and understand. Truth is the ultimate power, the ultimate weapon. Perhaps this is why there is such a scarcity of it. In the past it was beneficial to the slave-masters to keep the slave uneducated and ignorant, even more so, it was instrumental to their power. It is no different today. We are the modern day slaves of yesterday. Our chains however are locking up our minds. They make us feel helpless. Hopeless. That the battle for freedom is already lost. That the enemy is all-powerful. Of course, these are all lies. Lies forged by the enemies of this world. After all, if they were so sure of their victory, then why do they still hide? Why do they invest so much endless time, money and energy in their brainwashing us and other subterfuge? Because they fear us. In WWII they nearly lost everything. Centuries and centuries of their bloodthirsty evil dreams. All nearly ended, and by a painter, at that. But not simply any painter! No, he painted us a picture of a world with truth. With honor. Courage. And beauty. But that's another story. Back to our simple one.

     'Light' has always been seen as symbolic of truth, life and guidance. In this reckless age all three are reaching their points of extinction. Therefore, the name Starvation of Light was chosen as the title of our productions. Mourning the Ancient is rather self-explanatory. We long for the simple truths and freedoms of yesterday. Which is why our photography usually centers on a more natural, antique themes.

      One year after our debut on the web our first photo CD was released, on June 27th 1999. It contained many hundreds of photos in twenty different sets. This CD contains glimpses of some of our first experimentation with photography back in 1995 and up to late 1999. After a lot of work, we took the finished product on CD-R to get it pressed, only to be told the company couldn't do it. They're explanation was the nudity, although this was a weak lie since we had informed them previously that the CD would contain partial nudity, which they assured us wouldn't be a problem. We moved on to a handful of other businesses, some out of state, which gave us similar responses, one even going as far as to say they couldn't do it because of the controversy which the Columbine shootings earlier that year in Colorado had caused!

      It was obvious to us, that once again, we were being censored because of what ignorant people decided what and who we were; Satanists and even mass-murderers! Obviously we were neither. But by now we were used to 'them' trying to stifle our efforts. We decided to just go ahead and release our CD on CDR instead of CD-ROM. So then there was the inlays for the CD left to be printed professionally. Another problem. Printers didn't like the cover art of the CD! Finally however, a major printing chain and the 'almighty dollar' prevailed. We were able to print our cover at least, and soon our first CD was finally done, after years of work.

      For roughly the next year we continued doing photography, and periodically did work on a short artistic movie, which we'd been slowly planning and delaying incessantly since 1995. The soundtrack of the video, already completed by a handful of international artists, ranges from classical to dark ambient. On May 25, 2000, our photo CD #2 was released. After much work and a year of photography, it was by far our most diverse and professional work to date. Not wishing to go through the same censorship as the first CD, we decided to burn this ourselves as a CDR as well.

      On May 15, 2002 our music CD Melody and Madness, under the name Primitive Supremacy, is released on Elegy Records.

      June 19, 2002, finally, our film is released after years of delays. 45 minutes long, seven years on the drawing board.

      May 2011... the years since our 2002 film release have seen a huge amount of inactivity. Sometimes a year or more went by without an update or even a whisper from us. It is very true that we grew tired of the music scene, and bored with humanity in general. We continued to do some sporadic work on Mourning the Ancient, but published very little. It is easy to see why many thought the website to be dead and gone. At many times even we weren't sure how much longer we would continue it.

     While we've met an uncountable amount of great people over the years through Mourning the Ancient, the greater mass of people trapped on this tired planet are always a continuing reason to hate and despise the whole lot.

     It's incredible and hard to imagine that we first started doing Mourning the Ancient so long ago. October of 1995 till the present. So much has changed and so much remains the same. The world is as violent and brainwashed as ever, nay, even more so. We're not the idealistic people we were in the past. Indeed, the world has its way with everything and everyone.

     Yet, despite all the passage of time, we still hold fast to our original beliefs. To the bitter yet liberating truths that have brought you and I together on this virtual plane.

     It is a far less free world than when we first began our journey. The tyrants grow ever fat on the blood of the innocent, in every country on this earth. Yet, people seem to sleepwalk through these dark days, swallowing up everything their televisions and media tell them is the truth. Exchanging their freedoms for false security. Freedoms hard won by their ancestors in conflicts all but forgotten today.

     How much more desensitized we've all become since October of 1995. In this world where cold blooded murder and torture are government policy. Where people support the indiscriminate bombing of women and children. Where sanctions block medicine to the innocent leaving millions dead. But all of these evils are nothing new. Look back to 1945 to Dresden and Hamburg or Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Who are the real monsters?

     We live in a world where more than ever lies are masqueraded as truth. Whatever the media says people blindly accept and follow without question. A world where speaking the truth could send you to prison or the cemetery. The truth isn't popular. It's almost always hard to swallow. One who searches for truth and the reasons for this decay will certainly find an incredible and insurmountable darkness. But the answers are there, and they are not found in any controlled media outlet. The Internet is both a trove of knowledge and a heap of garbage. But invaluable to those who are persistent in seeking the truth.

     Despite the overwhelming negativity of it all, people are waking up. They've grown disgusted with it all. There must be a better way. When will the tyrants realize that truth is bullet-proof. It cannot be bombed to submission. With each attack against it, stronger it grows...

     Lastly, we'd like to thank all of those bright and wondrous souls who have lent us their friendship and camaraderie over these many years. We've returned for you. Those few soldiers of Earth. Beyond country. Beyond nationality. Race or religion. Mourning the Ancient is dedicated to you!

      Lastly, enjoy our work and join us in our revelation that the truth, is indeed, a lie...

     Our souls bow in reverence and our hearts belong to those golden souls who have inspired:

Adolf Hitler (the Father of our struggle, the One)

Joseph Goebbels (a prophet of the One and a creative master without peer)

Hermann Goering (the Iron Man, many times a hero, who stuck it out until the end)

Eva Braun-Hitler (a true believer, who chose love over life)

Robert Jay Mathews (a timeless martyr whose seeds are spread to the eternal winds)

David Lane (the humble warrior poet, who inspired the world over. 14/88.)

Benito Mussolini (The Father of a New Way)

Isamu Cho (You showed the Americans the meaning of combat, and made Okinawa holy ground by your blood)

Julius Streicher (The Champion of Nuremburg, you showed your mettle even with a noose around your neck. You are invincible!)

Rudolf Hess, Sister Pia, Heinrich Himmler, Asit Krishna Mukerjhi, Reinhard Heydrich, Savitri Devi, George Lincoln Rockwell, Miguel Serrano, William Joyce, Inga Ley, Tomoyuki Yamashita, Pilar Primo de Rivera, Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, Magda Goebbels, Chandra Bose, Léon Degrelle, Jacques Doriot, Philippe Henriot, Eoin O'Duffy, Miguel Ezquerra Sanchez, Vera Oredsson, José Antonio Primo de Rivera, Hans-Ulrich Rudel, Mohammed Effendi Amin el-Husseini, Hanna Reitsch, Robert Ley, William Pierce, John Amery, Mitsuru Ushijima, Meinoud and Florentine Rost van Tonningen, Ante Pavelic, Artur Axmann, Colin Jordan, Richard Darré, Gerdy Troost, Knut Hamsen, Hans Rudel, Jurgen Stroop, Francoise Dior, Horst Wessel, Ferenc Szálasi, Alfred Rosenberg, George Mercouris, Ian Stuart, Gertrud Scholtz-Klink, Davud Monshizadeh, Winifred Wagner, Horia Sima and legions of others, waiting to rejoin the fight in the final battle...

And a special thanks to those fellow Wehrwolves who have lent us a brave and selfless hand. Comrades, you shall never be forgotten, may we one day meet in halls high, when this aching fight is but a faded memory. All of your souls are rich in spiritual gold, may it buy you a blessed eternity. You are:

Robert D., Anthony, Georg Baldursson, Oscar S., Mike and Earl, Thomas G., Marco R., Charles von L., Lance G (RIP), Nathan (RIP), Amir and Ahmed.... and so many more!

...and to all the brave souls throughout the world who have the courage to dream of a better day, Mourning the Ancient is also dedicated to you... fight on brothers and sisters of the Sunless Dawn, tomorrow belongs to us...